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Niagara Motel is a 2005 film directed by Gary Yates and written by George F. Walker. It features a star-studded cast including Craig Ferguson, Peter Keleghan, Damir Andrei, Kevin Pollak, and Caroline Dhavernas. The movie is a dark comedy-drama set in the Niagara Falls area where a group of strangers' lives intersect at a seedy motel.

The film begins with a woman delivering a monologue about the lure of the Niagara Falls, how its beauty and danger captivate people. We are then introduced to the characters, all of them guests at the Niagara Motel. The hotel is run by Phillie and his wife, Louise, who have their own problems. Phillie is desperate to get a loan to keep the motel afloat, whereas Louise suspects Phillie of having an affair. As the story unfolds, we see the guests' lives unraveling, each of them carrying their own burden.

Loretta is a young, single mother who is running away from her abusive boyfriend with her little son. She meets Michael, a lonely man who has been dumped by his girlfriend and is looking for a new companion. Michael has an obsession with suicide, and he constantly talks about killing himself. Loretta and Michael strike up an unlikely friendship, which provides a respite from their respective problems.

Meanwhile, Trevor, a professional hitman, checks into the Niagara Motel. He is on a mission to kill a man and uses the motel as his base. He keeps his car parked in front of the motel room and carries out his activities discreetly. However, things take an unexpected turn when he meets the innocent, lovable Denise, a TV commercial actress. Trevor starts to develop feelings for Denise, which complicates his mission.

The other notable characters staying at the motel include Henry, a washed-up alcoholic writer, and his wife, Anna, who are having communication issues. Henry is bitter about his career and takes out his frustrations on Anna, who is trying to make things work. The last guest is a prostitute named Sandy, who is aging out of the business and is trying to find a way out. She meets Boris, a Russian immigrant who works at a gas station, and they decide to leave the Niagara Falls area together.

As the guests' lives intersect, the story gets darker and more intense. There are moments of humor and tenderness mixed with disturbing glimpses into the characters' psyche. The Niagara Motel itself is a character, reflecting the seedy, decaying state of the city.

The film is shot in a moody, evocative style, with the Niagara Falls serving as a backdrop. The sound design is also impressive, immersing the audience in the ambiance of the motel and the surroundings. The performances are excellent, with every actor bringing depth and nuance to their roles.

Overall, Niagara Motel is a thought-provoking movie that delves into the complexities of the human condition. The film explores themes of desperation, loneliness, and the redemptive power of human connection. It is an intense, emotionally charged ride that will leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

Niagara Motel is a Drama movie released in 2005. It has a runtime of 88 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.7..

Gary Yates
Caroline Dhavernas, Craig Ferguson, Anna Friel
Also starring Peter Keleghan
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