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A Dream of Christmas is a heartwarming holiday story that definitely leaves viewers with some feel-good vibes and a sweet dose of Christmas spirit. Set in the backdrop of the holiday season and filled with Christmas magic, this film was released in 2016 as part of the popular Countdown to Christmas series on the Hallmark Channel and directed by Gary Yates. Boasting a cast including fan favorites Andrew W. Walker, Nikki Deloach, and Lisa Durupt, A Dream of Christmas showcases a narrative that combines family values, romance, and a sprinkling of fantasy elements.

Nikki Deloach embodies the character of Penny, a young and ambitious married woman who feels that her life might perhaps be more enjoyable if she wasn't wed. Once an aspiring photographer, Penny now feels stunted professionally due to her committed relationship and domestic responsibilities. Andrew W. Walker portrays Penny's loving and understanding husband, Stuart, who is a little oblivious to his wife's internal struggles. To complicate matters, Penny's free-spirited yet intrusive younger sister, Nicky, portrayed by Lisa Durupt, adds spice and tension to the plot with her unpredictable antics. Nicky brings in a unique blend of comic relief and sisterly bond that is both intriguing and entertaining.

As the narrative unfolds, Penny finds an old Christmas ornament that magically grants her wish of being single again. Fans of the fantasy genre will appreciate this aspect of the story, becoming engrossed as Penny wakes up the next morning to find her world transformed. She has the career she’s always wanted; she's more successful than ever, relishing her regained independence. However, as she explores this altered realm, she discovers that life without Stuart is vastly different from what she’d imagined. Penny learns that there is an important balance in life, a lesson that the viewers may also resonate with.

Within this parallel universe narrative, A Dream of Christmas presents a very modern take on Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”. It relates an essential moral tale, emphasizing that one should be careful what they wish for because they might just get it. This mystical and festive rollercoaster allows Penny to have a deeper insight into her life and appreciate what she took for granted. A Dream of Christmas thus speaks to viewers about valuing people and relationships over career ambitions or materialistic possessions.

The interaction between the characters effectively brings out the essence of the relationships. In terms of performance, Nikki Deloach brilliantly encapsulates Penny's range of emotions, drawing a vivid portrayal of the character's transformation from a dissatisfied wife to someone who learns her lesson. Andrew W. Walker, as Stuart, complements her adequately, enhancing their chemistry on-screen. Lisa Durupt’s portrayal of a charming yet meddling younger sister adds more depth and fun to the plot.

Further enhancing the movie's appeal are the visually striking Christmas decorations that adorn every scene, complete with twinkling lights and decked up Christmas trees. The locations used in the film, particularly during the Christmas holidays, give it a picturesque quality, adding to the overall ambiance of cheer and warmth. The background score is also praiseworthy for its ability to imbue the scenes with an additional layer of emotion while maintaining the festive spirit.

In conclusion, A Dream of Christmas, with its Christmas magic and stirring storytelling, weaves a romantic and inspiring tale. This movie is a delight for those who enjoy heartening stories with a twinge of fantasy. Accompanied by strong performances, an engaging narrative, enchanting music, and festive folklore, A Dream of Christmas offers viewers a perfect blend of holiday enjoyment and life-changing realizations. This movie is certain to be a must-watch for anyone looking for a warm, wholesome, and magical holiday experience.

A Dream Of Christmas is a Drama, Romance, TV Movie movie released in 2016. It has a runtime of 84 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.7..

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