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Screwballs is an uproarious laughter-filled film that hit cinemas in 1983 under the directorship of Rafal Zielinskiand. The Canadian comedy film revolves around five high school misfits who form an unlikely alliance in pursuit of a common cause. The misfit protagonists of the movie include Peter Keleghan, Kent Deuters, and Linda Speciale - actors who splendidly bring this light-hearted comedy to life.

The film's plot is set on the backdrop of the fictional Taft and Adams High School, circa 1965. Stripped away from the standard high school romantic comedy routine, Screwballs takes a unique, laughter-oriented twist on teenage high school life. As one would expect, the high school setting is replete with adolescent goofiness, a touch of youthful rebelliousness and of course, a mix of zany figures who amplify the comedic value of the film.

At the centre of the film are five high school boys who are as different from each other as they are alike. Rick, the jock, is aptly portrayed by Peter Keleghan who perfectly executes his comedic timing and penchant for charming the ladies. Brent, the nerd, played by Kent Deuters, delivers a hilarious take on the clichéd nerdy characters, making for some of the funniest moments in the film. Linda Speciale shines as Purity Busch, the school's prim and proper teen idol. The remaining two boys from the gang are Melvin, the preppy rich kid, and Howie - a greaser who can't seem to help his naturally clumsy persona.

Thrown together in detention due to a string of comically raunchy high-school pranks, they form an unlikely band - the 'Screwballs.' Despite their contrasting personalities, the quintet comes to form a single unit, plotting their epic endeavor to channel their adolescent energies in the hopes of 'scoring.' Their misadventures throughout the movie provide an obvious comedic escapade that is a hallmark of relatable high school life underplayed by teenage antics.

The title of the movie, Screwballs, proves apropos as the plot progresses, for the characters traverse a diverse array of playful, absurd, and bizarre antics worthy of the designation. Combined with an array of eccentric side characters, who contribute to the overall comedic air of the movie, Screwballs effectively keeps the audience entertained with continuous laughter throughout its duration.

Boasting of a brilliantly written script, the filmmakers harness the innate comedic nuances of teenage years and offer stomach-clenching laughter through a blend of witty one-liners, slapstick comedy, and well-timed comedic surprises. What sets Screwballs apart from other high school-oriented movies is its commitment to an uncensored comedic experience without digressing into excessive vulgarity. Part of its charm lies in its pleasant absurdity and lighthearted mockery of teenage stereotypes.

The production design is splendidly executed that authentically portrays the decade it represents. From the design of the Taft and Adams High School, to the costumes of the characters, to the soundtracks, the film effectively takes the audience back to the 60s.

Screwballs stands out from other 80s movies in its genre because its humor is based on cleverly crafted situational comedy rather than cheap shock value. It remains authentic with its comedic approach, capturing the natural, sincere, and raw aspects of high school comedy.

Ultimately, while Screwballs may be a goofy teenage comedy, at its core, the film carries messages about friendship, unity in diversity, and the importance of maintaining a sense of humor even in trying times. It also manages to incorporate insightful commentary on the trials and tribulations of adolescence without growing too grim or too preachy. Its rich ensemble, memorable gags, and simple charm make this a unique jewel in the realm of 80s comedies that elicits laughter from start to finish.

A film that brings the nostalgia of high school antics, coupled with unconventional comedy, Screwballs stands as a comedic cornerstone in the film industry of the 80s. It's an amusing, light and unpretentious teen comedy film that leaves viewers with a smiling reminiscence of their own adolescence. Anyone looking for a good laugh and a dose of light-hearted entertainment will undoubtedly enjoy this trip down memory lane with Screwballs.

Screwballs is a Comedy movie released in 1983. It has a runtime of 80 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.6. It also holds a MetaScore of 34.

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