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General Patton is a 1970 biographical war film that chronicles the life and military career of the controversial and enigmatic American general, George S. Patton, during World War II. The film stars George C. Scott as Patton, Karl Malden as Gen. Omar Bradley, and Stephen Young as Capt. Chester B. Hansen.

The movie opens in 1943 as General Patton is leading the 7th Armored Division in North Africa. He is portrayed as a larger-than-life figure, a man renowned for his tactical genius and his fiery personality. However, his superiors are concerned about his reckless behavior and his controversial public remarks. When Patton slaps a shell-shocked soldier, General Dwight D. Eisenhower (played by a cameoing Richard M. Nixon) reprimands him and sends him to England, telling him that he has been relieved of command.

The movie then follows Patton's subsequent military campaigns in Sicily and in Europe, showcasing his strategic prowess as a military leader. Patton is also shown as a complex and flawed figure, who was conflicted about the moral implications of war and the price of victory. His personal life is also explored, including his relationship with his wife Beatrice (portrayed by Jeanne Bates).

Throughout the movie, Patton is portrayed as a warrior who is both revered and feared by his troops. He is shown leading his men into battle, putting himself in harm's way, and inspiring them with powerful speeches. In one of the movie's most memorable scenes, Patton addresses a group of soldiers, encouraging them to fight for victory and asserting that "Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser".

As the war progresses, Patton finds himself increasingly at odds with his fellow generals and political leaders. He clashes with British general Bernard Montgomery (portrayed by Michael Bates), who he views as a rival, and he questions the strategy of Allied leadership to divide Germany with the Soviets. His outspoken opinions, coupled with his tendency to speak his mind, eventually lead to his downfall.

The movie climaxes with Patton's role in the Battle of the Bulge, one of the largest and most consequential battles of the war. Patton is shown leading his troops into battle, using tactics that are both bold and effective. However, his success is marred by a controversial incident in which he slaps a soldier suffering from battle fatigue.

The film ends with Patton's return to the United States and his triumphant ticker-tape parade through New York City. However, even as he is celebrated as a hero, the movie acknowledges his flaws and contradictions. Patton is portrayed as a complex and fascinating figure, who is both a brilliant military strategist and a man who struggled to come to terms with the human cost of war.

Overall, General Patton is a stirring and thought-provoking film that offers a compelling portrait of one of the most significant and controversial figures of World War II. George C. Scott's performance as Patton is a tour-de-force, and the supporting cast is uniformly excellent. The movie offers a powerful exploration of the moral complexities of war and the price that must be paid for victory.

General Patton is a War, Drama, History movie released in 1960. It has a runtime of 28. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.9. It also holds a MetaScore of 86.

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