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Fort McCoy is a 2011 historical drama film directed by Michael Worth and co-written and co-produced by Michael Worth and Kate Connor. The movie features a talented ensemble cast, including Eric Stoltz, Kate Connor, Lyndsy Fonseca, Andy Hirsch, and Camryn Manheim. Based on the true story of co-writer and lead actress Kate Connor's family, Fort McCoy serves as a poignant exploration of the World War II period, providing an intimate look at the impact of the war on the home front.

Set in the year 1944, Fort McCoy tells the story of the Stirn family, who are not sent overseas to fight in the war, but rather live next to a prisoner-of-war camp in Wisconsin. Eric Stoltz plays the role of Frank Stirn, a barber who moves with his family to Fort McCoy to work as a civilian barber for the American soldiers stationed there. Kate Connor portrays Frank's wife, Ruby, while Lyndsy Fonseca stars as her sister, Anna.

As the narrative unfolds, the film showcases the challenging circumstances these characters face on a daily basis, providing a detailed exploration of the war's effect on American soil. Frank, not being enlisted, grapples with his masculinity amidst the courageous soldiers and prisoners, while Ruby – a beacon of kindness – starts to teach English to the German POWs, discovering the shared humanity beneath the enemy's uniform.

Parallel to this, the film follows the life of the beautiful Anna who faces the age-old conflict between duty and desire, as her fiancé is deployed overseas while she finds herself drawn towards Sam, a courageous Jewish-American soldier played by Andy Hirsch.

The movie is layered with a series of subplots and character studies that blend into a central narrative. Camryn Manheim artfully portrays the role of Mrs. Mitchell, a camp laundress and neighbor to the Stirns who also deals with her own conflicts and emotions as the war rages on.

Directors Worth and Connor employ a delicate touch to the material, adopting a slow and steady narrative pace that allows the character dynamics and moral complexities to take center stage. Authentic production design and meticulous costume details transport audiences back to the 1940s, with vivid scenery of the Midwestern wilderness, beautiful landscapes, and the grim backdrop of the POW camp.

One of the notable features of Fort McCoy is its evocative cinematography, capturing the wartime atmosphere with a mix of rustic warmth and cold undertones. The simple yet heartfelt script injects the film with emotional resonance, finding a striking balance between drama, romance, and historical authenticity.

Stoltz and Connor deliver powerfully nuanced performances as Frank and Ruby. Stoltz is commendable in his role, effectively capturing his character's inner struggles and his yearning to feel significant in the face of a worldwide conflict. Connor, too, adds complexity and sensitivity to her character, embodying Ruby's compassionate spirit and her unrest in the moral ambiguities of war. Fonseca, in her role as Anna, depicts a strong yet torn figure, giving a voice to the women left behind during the war, while Hirsch manages to inject his role with a determined intensity, showcasing his abilities as an actor.

Overall, Fort McCoy masterfully highlights the difficulty of living alongside a POW camp and insightfully explores the emotional and psychological repercussions of wartime on civilians and soldiers alike. It presents a remarkable tableau of the lesser-known aspects of World War II, offering a different perspective of the war's impact on everyday Americans.

While Fort McCoy has the outward appearance of a war film, it delves deeper into the moral conflicts and personal experiences of individuals during this tumultuous period. Offering a unique and emotionally charged look into World War II, Fort McCoy is a compelling film that invites viewers to reflect on the personal battles and triumphs of its characters, standing as a thought-provoking cinematic piece that beautifully connects the personal and historical aspects of war.

Fort McCoy is a War, Drama, History movie released in 2014. It has a runtime of 101 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.8. It also holds a MetaScore of 47.

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