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Some Kind of Wonderful is a 1987 coming-of-age film directed by Howard Deutch and written by John Hughes. The film features an ensemble cast, including Eric Stoltz, Mary Stuart Masterson, and Lea Thompson.

The movie centers around a high school student named Keith Nelson (Stoltz), who comes from a blue-collar family and is a budding artist. He has a crush on his best friend, tomboyish drummer Watts (Masterson), but is too afraid to tell her. Instead, he asks out Amanda Jones (Thompson), a popular girl in school who is dating the school's resident bully, Hardy Jenns (Craig Sheffer).

Despite his misgivings about Amanda's personality, he decides to take her to a fancy restaurant with his hard-earned money. The date goes poorly, and Amanda leaves early, but not before Keith thanks her for the evening. The following day, Hardy and his gang confront Keith and threaten him as retribution for being with Amanda.

Watts eventually learns of Keith's infatuation with Amanda and encourages him to pursue her, despite her own unrequited love for him. Meanwhile, Amanda is unsure about her feelings for Hardy and begins to develop feelings for Keith instead. As the three friends navigate their relationships and high school drama, they learn important lessons about love and friendship.

One of the strengths of Some Kind of Wonderful is its thoughtful exploration of the different types of love and how they intersect. There is the youthful, giddy infatuation that Keith feels for Amanda, the unspoken love that Watts has for Keith, and the toxic relationship between Amanda and Hardy. The film treats all of these dynamics with care and does not shy away from the complexities of adolescent romance.

Another highlight of the film is the performances by the three leads. Eric Stoltz delivers a nuanced performance as the quiet, sensitive Keith, while Mary Stuart Masterson is a standout as the tough yet vulnerable Watts. Lea Thompson, known primarily for her role in Back to the Future, offers a layered performance as Amanda, who is more complex than she initially appears.

Aside from the central relationships between the characters, Some Kind of Wonderful also features well-drawn secondary characters, including Keith's supportive and rebellious sister, Laura (Maddie Corman), and the eccentric dressmaker who becomes a mentor to Keith (John Ashton). These characters add depth and texture to the film, making it feel more fully realized.

Like many of John Hughes' movies, Some Kind of Wonderful has a killer soundtrack that captures the spirit of the time period. The film features songs by artists such as The Jesus and Mary Chain and The March Violets, contributing to the film's alternative, edgy vibe.

Overall, Some Kind of Wonderful is a well-crafted, thoughtful coming-of-age film that explores the complexities of love and friendship. Its memorable characters, solid performances, and killer soundtrack make it a beloved classic of the genre.

Some Kind of Wonderful is a Drama, Romance movie released in 1987. It has a runtime of 95 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.0. It also holds a MetaScore of 55.

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