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The Real Drug Lords
For decades, our own government made alliances with drug lords around the world while Big Pharma's thirst for profits led to the worst drug addiction epidemic in history.

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Radical Religion
Religious radicals weaponize Christianity to gain wealth and power in America.

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Pandemic Profiteers
Billionaires see Covid profits propel them into space, while millions die. And the Pandemic reopens old wounds, revealing America's dark history of human experimentation.

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Nuke Nightmares
The Cold War is over, but we remain in greater peril than ever due to nuclear weapons. And the dark truth is, they've already used them against us.

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Toxic Wasteland
Government policy and powerful companies fuel the country's appetite for natural resources. But the average American is paying the price for their greed.

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Killing Power
When government allows big corporations to take over our energy infrastructure, deadly fires and killer blackouts will become the new normal... while they reap billions in profits.

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Food Kills
How powerful corporations, compliant government officials and corrupted science came together to build a food system that's wreaking havoc on our health and threatening the planet.

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The Game Is Rigged
How the rich and powerful rigged the tax and financial system so they always win.

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While the Rest of Us Die, a 2020 Viceland production, is a compelling and thought-provoking documentary series that unveils unsettling truths about the underbelly of American political and national security structures. At its core, the show focuses on reflecting the stark divide between the general public and the higher echelons of society, particularly in times of crises. Drawing attention to disparaging examples of inequality, it peels back the veneer of political equity, exposing the grim reality of privilege, power, and survival.

The show narrates an enlightening and, at times, shocking chronicle of the contingencies, plan, strategies, and programs that have been designed by the US government throughout its history to ensure the survival of the nation's ruling class and elite bureaucracy in situations of extreme emergencies, such as nuclear war or catastrophic natural disasters. The series is not about spreading conspiracy theories but instead delves into factual and credible history and points of discussion.

This six-part series is hosted by the versatile actor and musician Jeffrey Wright. Known for his diverse roles and distinct acting style, Wright imbues the dark narrative with his grave, compelling voice. His narration threads through hour-long episodes, each investigating a different facet of the government’s disaster preparedness and response plans, asking viewers to confront uncomfortable truths.

Each episode navigates through classified government programs, forgotten historical events, and lesser-known pieces of legislation. The makers bring hidden realities to light through a combination of detailed investigation, interviews with subject matter experts, former officials, stock footage as well as dramatized reenactments giving the viewers a chance to visualize these apocalyptic scenarios. While doing so, the series, unfortunately, highlights how often these plans neglect the welfare and protection of the everyday American citizens, thus augmenting the divide between the ruling elite and the common populace.

The first episode takes the viewers to a deep dive into the history of nuclear war and the subsequent continuation plan developed by the government during the Cold War, revealing a shocking portrayal of privilege that transcends even global catastrophe. As the series progresses, it touches upon well-known incidents such as 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, laying a spotlight on flawed decision making, hierarchies of survival, and the fallout of chaos and disaster that the general public has had to deal with, while those in power enjoyed protection.

The later episodes further bring to the fore other aspects of American society, showcasing everything from bio-warfare and pandemics preparedness to secret bunkers and hidden agendas of politicians. With each episode, the narrative peels away layers of a deeply compromised system meant to protect the American public, but instead often disregards the very people it is intended to safeguard.

While the Rest of Us Die delves into grim, yet necessary territory by unveiling an unvarnished truth that we often prefer not to acknowledge - the reality of inequality, even in crisis, and the unseen walls that separate the political elite and the common man. It does not shy away from calling out failures and disseminating unpalatable truths, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in American history, politics, or socio-economic disparities.

Despite the serious subject matter, the show manages to strike an excellent balance by mixing its heavy content with elements of humor and sarcasm, undeniably with the aim to make the narrative more approachable and engaging. Furthermore, being a product of Vice, the documentary manages to maintain a certain amount of grit and authenticity in its storytelling, making it a particularly enticing watch for the younger, more woke audiences.

An engaging, enlightening, and at times profoundly disturbing snapshot of our society's realities, While The Rest Of Us Die, is a vital piece of television that compels us to question, critique, and hopefully, seek to bridge the divide that it so starkly highlights. The series gives off a rather chilling reminder that survival, post any future disaster, might be guided by privilege rather than general welfare. With equal parts educational and chilling, this show is indeed a stark wake-up call for anyone familiar or unfamiliar with American politics.

While the Rest of Us Die is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 14 episodes, the show debuted on 2020. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.0.

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