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Lights Out
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Watch Wait 'Til Next Year Season 1 Episode 14 Now

Promise Ring
Ashley's dreams come true when Ed surprises her with a promise ring. Cody is heartbroken when he finds out Cheyene may be cheating on him.

Watch Wait 'Til Next Year Season 1 Episode 13 Now

Lights Out
Amanda and Cristian's relationship comes to a breaking point. Cody's mom come back to Lincoln Park. Ed and Ashley plan for the future.

Watch Wait 'Til Next Year Season 1 Episode 12 Now

The Promise Ring
Ed surprises Ashley with a promise ring. Cody is worried that Cheyene is cheating on him. Dakota works hard to loose the weight he needs to loose to make varsity.

Watch Wait 'Til Next Year Season 1 Episode 11 Now

The Drive
Ashley agonizes over her relationship with Ed, and challenges him to prove his love to her. Amanda grows even closer to Cody as he's suddenly left all alone.

Watch Wait 'Til Next Year Season 1 Episode 10 Now

Ashley's campaign for homecoming queen is overshadowed when she's forced to finally confront the truth about Ed. Naeem becomes enraged at the homecoming dance when Yanni steals his date, Danielle.

Watch Wait 'Til Next Year Season 1 Episode 9 Now

Breaking Records
Yanni decides to go to the dance with a boy, forcing Danielle to take drastic measures. The Railsplitters face a record breaking game.

Watch Wait 'Til Next Year Season 1 Episode 8 Now

The cheerleaders try to prove themselves to the whole school at the upcoming Pep Rally.

Watch Wait 'Til Next Year Season 1 Episode 7 Now

Ashley hears a rumor that Ed is cheating on her. Cody questions his relationship with Cheyene and confronts his mother's drug abuse.

Watch Wait 'Til Next Year Season 1 Episode 6 Now

Ed and Ashley face separation as Ed is called to court and may face jail time. Amanda is annoyed by Cristian's non-confrontational nature, leaving her wondering if he is the right boyfriend for her.

Watch Wait 'Til Next Year Season 1 Episode 5 Now

The New Girl
A quarterback change is made, creating turmoil among the players.

Watch Wait 'Til Next Year Season 1 Episode 4 Now

Naeem's bad attitude affects his leadership abilities.

Watch Wait 'Til Next Year Season 1 Episode 3 Now

Flirting at White Castle
The team play a prank on their rivals.

Watch Wait 'Til Next Year Season 1 Episode 2 Now

Meet The Railsplitters
A five-year losing streak looms large in the opener of this docudrama following a woeful high-school football team in Michigan.

Watch Wait 'Til Next Year Season 1 Episode 1 Now

Wait 'Til Next Year is an enthralling reality television show that aired on MTV in 2013. The show is essentially a coming-of-age drama series that takes audiences into the heart of a small Midwestern town in America, Lincoln Park, Michigan, which is grappling with descent into economic distress. More than the economic backdrop, however, the show brilliantly captures the common threads of teenage drama, sports enthusiasm, and community ties that weave the story together.

At the center of the show is the renowned Lincoln Park High School football team, The Railsplitters. This is a team known for its unfortunate and seemingly unending losing streak. For five long years, the team has been unable to secure a single win, painting a bleak picture of the state of sports in the town. This relentless losing streak becomes the pivot around which the drama in Wait 'Til Next Year unfolds.

The series follows the ups and downs of the team and its members as they strive and struggle to finally secure a win. The show not only revolves around the team and the town's sporting journey but also dips its toes into the interpersonal relationships and individual lives of the team members. It provides an intimate glimpse into their families, friends, and love lives, serving as a poignant reminder of the challenges and triumphs of adolescence.

The series excels in offering a microscopic view of high school life, teenage dreams, frustrations, and the power of hope within a tight-knit community. The optimism that galvanizes The Railsplitters and their conviction that they can and will secure a win is a cornerstone of the show's narrative.

The show features a diverse array of captivating characters, each of whom contributes to the unique dynamics and drama that characterize the series. Among these is Rachel Mckenzie, the girlfriend of the quarterback, striving to balance the demands of her relationship and her dreams of leaving Lincoln Park to pursue higher education. Tied together are also other richly drawn characters, including the ambitious cheerleader, the enthusiastic coach, and the fervent fans, allowing for a multifaceted exploration of midwestern American life.

Another unique aspect of Wait 'Til Next Year is its docudrama style. Infusing elements of documentary storytelling with scripted drama, the show manages to maintain an authentic feel throughout. This approach also allows the audience to deeply involve themselves in the lives and aspirations of these ordinary students who, despite all odds, do extraordinary things.

Furthermore, the show’s cinematographic quality is truly next level within the genre of reality television. With some expertly framed shots, the series beautifully captures the hauntingly vacant factories and economically depressed landscapes of Lincoln Park. Contrasted against lively high school scenes and the energetic football ground, the potent juxtaposition serves as a silent but eloquent commentary on the social realities of life in a small-town milieu.

Wait 'Til Next Year also showcases the emotional aspects of high school life, including first loves and heartbreaks. Despite the realities of teenage life being far from rosy, the narrative does not wallow in misery. Instead, it articulates a strong message of hope and resilience that permeates the lives of the students and townsfolk.

The show's theme of waiting for "next year" reflects the character's optimistic attitude towards the future and really resonates through the series. Whether it's striving for a football win, hoping to graduate and leave the town, or holding on to dwindling relationships, every character is waiting for their "next year" to come.

In summary, Wait 'Til Next Year provides a heartwarming, grit-filled chronicle of small-town America, with its youthfulness, sports culture, academic pressures, and economic hardships. If you are a fan of docudrama-style reality television or simply enjoy explorations of the realities and dreams of teenagers, this show is a must-watch. Its potent storytelling, dynamic cast, emotional nuance, and socio-economic commentary make for an enriching and impactful viewing experience.

Wait 'Til Next Year is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 14 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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