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The One Being Sung
After a climatic battle and the final pieces of Hakouro's past being revealed, Hakouro makes a very difficult decision that will forever have an impact on the future.

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Ancient Traces Of Dreams
The episode begins with the fate of Kuuya being revealed. Hakuoro rushes to Onkami Yamukai to rescue Kamyu, but all is not as it seems.

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Those That Fall Into Ruin
With the help of the rebels and Genjimaru's military command the Tusukuru empire stops Kunnekamun and soon turns the tables of the war. Inside the castle of Kuuya the final battle ensues, but there are more factions at work than just Tusukuru and Kunnekamun...

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The Heart's Whereabouts
The first heavy defeat in battle with Kuuya in the previous episode slows down the war. In the next, relatively calm, days Hakuoro remembers some of his past.

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Contract Of Mourning
As the forces of Emperor Kuuya descend upon Tusukuru's capital, Hakuoro realizes that the evacuation is going to take longer than they have, and so decides to sacrifice himself to draw their attention away. However, Aruruu isn't prepared to let this happen, and shows up riding Mukkuru.

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Large Seal
Kuuya, convinced by her bloodthirsty advisers, starts a war against every nation in order to unite the whole continent. Soon the war reaches Hakuoro's empire.

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First Battle
Kuuya talks again with Hakuoro. Later she reveals her plans of war with the other countries. Thus Hakuoro is left with the decision to help her or not. Hakuoro tries to dissuade her, but to no avail.

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Derihouri, with the aide of Hakuoro and his party and a secret from Karura's past, infiltrate the capital of Nan-tunk, only to discover that the Kenam rebellion was formed with ulterior motives.

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Released Army
Karura's younger brother Derihouri is leading a revolt in a neighboring country though his small army is no match for the force he is trying to oppose. It will take the aid of Hakuoro, Karura and the several others to overcome the emperor.

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Young Emperor
Kuuya and Hakuoro have a long talk alone about the world they live in and the state of affairs. Later, Oboro is suffering from a hangover and must take Erurū revolting medicine in order for it to pass quicker.

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The End Of The War
Hakuoro is still haunted by what Niwe said to him and has nightmares about it. Later a duel between Benawi and Oboro takes places to see how strong each is.

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The End Of The Party
A final decisive battle between Hakuoro and Niwe begins in Shikeripetim's capital.

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Ravages Of War
More helpless villages in Tusukuru are attacked by Niwe, the emperor of Shikeripetim, as he advances through the countryside. Hakuoro hatches a desperate plan in order to defend his nation.

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The Bloody War
Hakuoro's plan to defeat the Kuccha Keccha succeeds and he confronts Emperor Orikakan; the result of their encounter however, is quite unexpected.

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Kuccha Keecha turns out to be a more formidable opponent than originally anticipated, more so now that they have the support of the Evinkuruga Touka. Hakuoro tries to find another way to attain victory.

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The Eternal Promise
Kuccha Keccha attacks Erurū's former village and massacres the inhabitants. In response to continued attacks, Tusukuru is forced to declare war with them.

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A powerful mercenary is brought to the castle and held captive until she is able to show her worth as a fighter and joins Hakuoro's army.

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As the large country of Shikeripetim threatens invasion, Hakouro devises a cunning plan to hold off Shikeripetim's emperor, Niwe, and his far superior military force.

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The Arbitrator
Several Onkami come to Hakuoro's castle as arbitators and to gather more information on his new country Tusukuru.

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Advance Towards The Emperor
Finally, Hakuoro's small army reaches the castle of Emperor Inkara, to find, when they arrive, that he had already died by Benawi's blade. After this, Benawi and Kurou join Hakuoro.

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Power that gathers
Hakuoro gains more men at his command and once again has a battle involving Benawi and the men he commands.

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Daughter of the forest
Hakuoro takes over command of the station which he captures, beginning to strategically lead a large-scale rebellion. When rallying troops to rise up against the oppressive government, however, he runs into Benawi, the empire's Samurai leader.

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Road that you cannot turn back
Tusukuru is inadvertently killed and members from the village go on a mission to kill the feudal lord responsible.

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Purple Amber
Tusukuru is thought to be missing from the village though is later found offering aid to a young girl with a strange affliction.

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King of the Wasted Forest
The Queen of the forest, Mutikapa, is angered and begins killing some of the townspeople. Hakuoro works with the others to figure out a way to defeat it.

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Something Uninvited
A strange man is found by a girl and her family and nursed back to health. He appears to have lost all of his memories, and can't seem to remove a mask of bone affixed to his forehead.

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Utawarerumono is a captivating Japanese anime television series that premiered on TV Asahi in 2006. Spanning over a three-season course, the series is an enthralling amalgamation of fantasy, action, and drama genres, coupled with a sprinkle of science fiction elements. It gives the viewer a front-row seat journey into an elegant, mystic universe that is laced with romanticism, warfare, political intrigue, and peels off layers of mysterious myths and lore.

Based on the visual novel by the same name by Leaf, Utawarerumono thrusts its viewers into an illusory world reminiscent of feudal Japan, albeit inhabited by anthropomorphic creatures, which distinctively segues from the conventional tapestry of an anime backdrop. The narrative is highly ennoble, resonating with the tranquil complexities of the human spirit and thrust of destiny.

The show begins when an amnesiac man, later named Hakuoro, is rescued by a woman known as Eruruu from a rural village. Hakuoro, who cannot remember anything from his past, finds himself embroiled in a strange world where creatures possess animal-like features such as tails and ears. Even with his life turned upside down, Hakuoro slowly acclimates to his surroundings and the villagers. However, as peaceful as everything might seem at first, darkness lurks not too far off. The village is under the dominion of an oppressive ruler. Incensed by the injustice and cruelty, Hakuoro's innate leadership qualities emerge, leading him to a path of revolt and, ultimately, the seat of the emperor.

Utawarerumono offers a myriad of compelling characters who, throughout the series, advance both the plot and, intriguingly, their own individual developmental arcs, endearing them to the audiences. Hakuoro embodies the fraught journey from a humble savior to a reluctant, competent ruler, displaying depth of characterization. Eruruu epitomizes compassion, loyalty and love, serving as a heartwarming counterpoint to Hakuoro's journey. Other characters such as Aruruu, Teoro, and Tuskur, among others, add further flesh to the narrative, providing different perspectives and enhancing the dynamics of the plotline.

The series shines with its exploratory narrative as it isn't afraid to delve into facets of governance, kinship, warfare strategy, and the socio-political structure of the fictitious world. It merges the enchanting aura of fantastical elements with the stark contrast of brutal warfare, creating an intriguing dichotomy that keeps audiences thoroughly engaged.

Complementing the exquisite narrative, the anime's art and animation deserve a laudable mention. The character designs are unique, and the backgrounds are effectively detailed, infusing the world of Utawarerumono with a life-like charm that is truly immersive. Be it the serene landscapes of rural countryside or the bustling opulence of the Imperial Capital, the visual representation teases out the flavors of this mystical world considerably well. The battles scenes are animated with an impressive fluidity and bring forth the raw essence of struggle and conflict, giving it a visceral sense of conflict and uprising.

An anime is never complete without its soundtrack and sound effects, and Utawarerumono matches up in this aspect as well. From serene, subtle scores that seem to float over tranquil scenes to tense, forceful tracks during moments of strife, the music of the series forms an essential part of the narrative fabric, enhancing its impact manifold.

In essence, Utawarerumono is an intriguing blend of a character-driven narrative and a meticulously crafted fantasy world. It's a tale that commands and retains your interest with its evolving story arc and underlying mysterious ethos that pervades the narrative drive. Whether it's the shock of the unknown, the thrill of conflict, the bittersweet experiences of personal growth, or the heart-aching pangs of nuanced relationships, Utawarerumono delivers all with an engaging charm that leaves a resounding impression. It pays homage to the vibrant, multifaceted world of anime storytelling, marking its distinct place as a memorable addition to the genre.

Utawarerumono is a series categorized as a ended . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 27 episodes, the show debuted on 2006. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.0.

TV Asahi
Rikiya Koyama, Ryôka Yuzuki, John Gremillion
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