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The Conclusion
As survivors and victims' families seek closure, they face frustrating law enforcement bureaucracy and a legislative fight with their archdiocese.

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The Web
As Catherine's younger sister joins the cause, the group tries to get straight answers from authorities and additional potential suspects.

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The Suspects
A tip line yields compelling stories that point the group's investigation to two more men who might have been involved in Sister Catherine's murder.

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The Burial
In 1994, two former students file charges against the accused priest, but they face intimidation and powerful resistance from their archdiocese.

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The Revelation
In 1992, one survivor finds the strength to face the abuse she suffered and to disclose an appalling threat that frightened her into silence.

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The School
Now grown, survivors describe sexual abuse at the hands of a predatory priest and how his actions may have led to Sister Catherine's murder.

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The Murder
Two former students launch a dogged investigation into the cold case of Sister Catherine Cesnik, a nun who was slain in Baltimore in 1969.

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The Keepers is a compelling Netflix documentary series that debuted in 2017. It navigates the mysterious circumstances surrounding the unsolved murder of Sister Catherine Cesnik, a popular young nun from Baltimore, Maryland. Sister Cathy, as she was affectionately known, taught English and Drama at Archbishop Keough High School during the late 1960s. Her quaint, charming persona and affection for her students made her a beloved figure, but her sudden disappearance on a chilly night in November 1969, and the subsequent discovery of her lifeless body, threw the community into a tumultuous chase for answers.

Over a span of seven episodes, The Keepers explores the complexity of this nearly half-century old cold case, unveiling a web of intrigue that extends beyond a single, tragic act of violence and dives into distressing allegations of sexual abuse, systemized corruption within the Catholic Church and local legal system, and a possible high-level cover-up.

Director Ryan White takes a detailed, deliberate approach to telling this unsettled story. The narrative unfolds through a combination of archival footage, personal photos, re-enactments and a series of interviews, thus contrasting the innocence of the past against the conflicted, uneasy present. The series does not merely dwell on the murder mystery genre but expands into scrutinizing the societal and institutional dynamics that allowed such a crime to be concealed and remain unsolved for decades.

A remarkable aspect of The Keepers is the dedication and tenacity of the individuals seeking justice for Sister Cathy. Among them are Gemma Hoskins and Abbie Schaub, two retired women, and former Archbishop Keough High School students, who have dedicated their golden years to uncovering the truth about their favorite teacher's murder. With the advent of social media, these amateur detectives sift through old files, hunt leads, connect with potential witnesses, and share their findings in an online forum, thus keeping Sister Cathy's case alive and vivid.

The sexual abuse allegations that surface during their investigation are a focal point in the series. Their connection to the murder case unfolds gradually as the narrative seamlessly toggles between the past and the present. Viewers get an intimate look at the tragic stories of survivors, particularly the harrowing experience of Jean Hargadon Wehner, a former student at Archbishop Keough High School. The series does not shy away from confronting these disturbing instances of abuse, carefully handling the survivors' stories with the sensitivity they deserve.

The series also delves into the legal complexities of the case and explores how the powers that be may have facilitated the cover-up. A number of figures, from local law enforcement officials to the Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore, come under scrutiny as new information comes to light, painting a potentially incriminating picture. The Keepers leaves no stone unturned in investigating potential mishandlings, misconducts, and exterior influences that may have led to the obstruction of justice.

The Keepers is heart-wrenchingly personal in its depiction of the survivors, their families, and the community where these unsettling events and secrets unfolded. Yet, it also effectively takes a broad look at the structures of power and silence that can pervasively enable abuse and cover-ups.

Though Sister Cathy's murder remains an unsolved mystery, The Keepers goes beyond just an exploration of a cold case, offering a sobering commentary on systemic failure and the consequent cost to humanity. With its methodical storytelling, the series draws attention to the courage of the survivors, the tenacity of those seeking justice, and the urgent need for institutional accountability. The Keepers is weighty, deeply moving and at times distressing, but it is a hugely significant piece of docuseries that spotlights the human quest to expose truth in the face of adversity.

The Keepers is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 7 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.0.

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