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The Stalker
Ana is worried that Xavi was kidnapped when he doesn't come to a coffee gathering. Also, the cast members attempt to show off for Isaac when he creates a script for next year's show.

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Caught In The Act
Ana finds out that Xavi has a serious lover, Kelly. Xavi requests dating help from Ana and she quickly concurs to "fix" everything about him that bothered her when they were together.

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Split Personalities
Mimi's husband, Marin, is released from prison and seems to be a new improved, and better looking man. Ana attempts to keep Mimi and Martin separated by keeping her busy on a girls night out.

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Sexual Awakening
A sensuous photo of Ana is discovered beneath Mimi's son's mattress, so the cast decides to give him "the sex talk." Also, the male cast members get ready for a magazine cover without Photoshop.

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The Grand Gesture
Ana feels her relationship with James (Zachary Levi) is going too far and tries to break up with him without causing feelings. Also, a piano on the set prompts cast members to show off their musical talents.

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The Hurricane
Cast members get trapped together when a hurricane strikes Miami and Ana leads them in a search for food. Also, Isaac feels strong enough to ask Roxie out.

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The Rivals
Ana and Xavi come face to face with their rivals, Kate and Diego. The cast gets together to help Ana and Xavi finally out perform Kate and Diego while making a home for a family in need.

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The Kiss
Ana is apprehensive as she has her fist real date after her divorce. Also, the cast members are afraid that a spook is haunting the sound-stage.

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Trapped in a Well
Ana pretends to have a case of amnesia to avoid a showdown with Mimi; Rodrigo and Xavier make a connection; a series of mysterious accidents hits the set.

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Evil Twin
Ana tries to implement an open-book policy at work to get away from co-workers keeping secrets, but a surprise guest and a workplace relationship put the policy to the test.

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In the series premiere, soap opera star Ana Sofia is shocked when her ex joins the cast of her popular telenovela; Ana attempts to show him she has the upper hand.

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Telenovela is a vivacious and refreshing television series brought to NBC’s viewers for the 2015-2016 season. It's a meta comedic take on the highly dramatic and high stakes world of telenovela acting, mixed with the real life ups-and-downs and humor of off-camera life of actors. The core charm and comedic push of the show hinge on the talented ensemble cast led by Eva Longoria, who also serves as an executive producer alongside showrunner and creator Chrissy Pietrosh and Jessica Goldstein.

Set in Miami, Telenovela revolves around the scoop behind the vibrant, glitzy scenes of, you guessed it, a Spanish soap opera - “Las Leyes de Pasión”. But there is an amusing twist - the show's central character, soap opera star Ana Sofia Calderon, a role that Eva Longoria brings to life with comedic perfection, doesn't actually speak Spanish herself! This premise sets up many hilarious episodes and scenarios filled with gleefully inflated telenovela-style melodrama, missed cues, and language gaffes.

Ana Sofia is an ambitious and dedicated actress, sparkling with charisma and vanity. However, despite being lovely and somewhat naive, she frequently finds herself entangled in farcical situations both on and off set. Her glamorous lifestyle of stardom on and off the set is consistently offset by the down-to-earth silliness of the backstage comedic antics of her eclectic cast and crew.

The lively and magnetic ensemble cast also features Jencarlos Canela as Xavier Castillo, Ana Sofia's ex-husband and newly appointed co-star, which causes much of the oft-zany drama. Diana Maria Riva plays Mimi Moncada, Ana Sofia's best friend and the show's costumer, whose undeterred loyalty often pulls her into hilariously outrageous situations. There's also Jose Moreno Brooks as Gael Garnica, the soap's virtuous dreamboat, Amaury Nolasco as Rodrigo Suarez, a lovable yet dimwitted divo, and many more eccentric characters.

Telenovela artfully blends the elements of its namesake telenovelas - the exaggerated narratives, high emotional stakes, and outright lunacy – and injects additional humor, heart, and warmth. It masterfully satirizes the genre while paying homage to its beloved tropes. Each episode tends to spiral into over-the-top telenovela-worthy shenanigans, complete with clandestine affairs, biting jealousy, dashing heroes, slapstick comedy, backstabbing, and plenty of fiery confrontations.

Behind the grandeur and controlled chaos, the series relays a heartwarming narrative about camaraderie, resilience, and the strong bonds formed within an unconventional workplace family. It also delves into issues like cultural identity, self-acceptance, and navigating career challenges with grace and a sense of humor.

In light of all its spoofs and parodies, Telenovela is far more than just a comedic show. At its core, it is about love - romantic, familial, fraternal - and the lengths that people will go to protect the ones they care about, while still managing to serve up outrageous comedy and fun. It easily bridges the gap between the culture of telenovelas and American sitcoms and carries with it an irreverence that is refreshing in its approach and delivery.

With a robust combination of comedy, melodrama, and over-the-top acting, Telenovela surely offers an entertaining peek behind the scenes of a genre that has captured, and continues to capture, a broad audience worldwide. The show's lively energy, colorful setting, and show-biz shenanigans are sure to keep viewers glued to its intriguing storylines and instantly endearing characters. It successfully embodies the spirit of telenovelas while providing a humorous commentary on its traditions, resulting in a series that is entertaining, captivating, and pretty cheeky.

In a nutshell, Telenovela satirizes and celebrates a beloved television genre while also exploring universally relatable themes of friendship, ambition, and love. It may be set in a world of far-fetched scenarios and heightened emotions, but at its heart, it's a comedy about a group of friends navigating their way through life, relationships, and work - even if their 'work' tends to be a little more dramatic than most.

Telenovela is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 11 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.9.

Eva Longoria, Jencarlos Canela, Diana Maria Riva
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