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Darkest Before The Dawn
Jordan's world is turned upside down. Veronica attempt to offer an olive branch to Gregory. Peyton turns to Dylan in a vulnerable moment. Liza and Adam to a look back at their past. A favor for a friend puts Anthony in danger. One mistake has perilous consequences for Kassandra. An unexpected opportunity comes knocking on Angelica's door.

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It Gets Better
Anthony confides a tragic truth that make the people in his life see him in a whole new light. Peyton reveals something to Adam that changes the course of his actions.

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Tell Me You Love Me
An incident brings Gregory and Veronica back together and questioning their true feelings. Courtney's sister, Tina, sweeps into town to pick up the pieces after the tragic car crash.

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Reality Strikes
Adam's decision backfires. Dylan past threats to come back and haunt him. Liza confides in Angelica a secret regret. And speaking of secrets...Gregory gains the upper hand in dealing with his divorce to Veronica and Max's actions force Angelica to deal with the ugly truth.

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Shock Value
The cast and crew of "Painted Dreams" are in mourning over the loss of one of their own. A ratings stunt brings a reality star into the show and wrecks havoc during the difficult time.

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Set in the dramatic world of daytime television, "Tainted Dreams" is a compelling 2014 series crafted by acclaimed director Sonia Blangiardo. This insightful show provides a captivating peek behind the scenes of the soap opera industry, offering a riveting fusion of "show within a show" while delving into the personal and professional lives of the cast and crew.

"Tainted Dreams" showcases the double lives of actors, producers, crew members, and executives involved in the daily production of fictitious soap opera, "Painted Dreams." Characters shoulder the dual burden of maintaining their personal lives while simultaneously managing the constant trials and tribulations of life behind the camera. It delivers drama that people behind the scenes of television manufacturing experience. The pressures and intrigues that unfold backstage are as high-stakes and riveting as the scripted drama they help produce.

The primary setting of the show is the infamous fictional studio, Soundview Studios, located in midtown Manhattan, New York. This fast-paced, glamorous, and cutthroat environment creates the perfect backdrop for the continuous whirlwind of action and emotion that occurs both on and off-set. Here, ruthlessness and deception often trump ethics and loyalty, creating a state of continuous tension and intrigue that envelopes the series.

Emmy-winning director Sonia Blangiardo, renowned for her work in hugely popular sitcoms like "All My Children," "As the World Turns," and "Days of our Lives," incorporates her profound understanding of the industry into the series. Sonia’s own reality and experiences in the soap world are thoughtfully articulated through the characters and situations that she meticulously breathes to life in "Tainted Dreams."

The series boasts an ensemble cast of veteran soap opera stars, including Alicia Minshew, Walt Willey, and Austin Peck, among others. The complexity and depth of these characters form the beating heart of the series. There’s Angelica, the smart and driven network executive constantly balancing the need for ratings with her commitment to the integrity of "Painted Dreams." Then there's Courtney, the neglected starlet married to soap opera hunk Gregory - both of whose lives are more tumultuous off-screen than on. Every character has a story to tell, a dream to chase, or a fear to face—making for a richly layered viewing experience.

"Tainted Dreams" is cinematic in its approach to storytelling. It features the delicate balance of comedy and drama that real-life offers—sometimes, the situations are profoundly serious, while at other times, they are uproariously funny. It addresses themes such as infidelity, ambition, deceit, love, addiction, and betrayal, presenting a perfect blend of professional and personal conflicts that the cast and crew members deal with in their respective lives.

In addition to the storyline, "Tainted Dreams" leaves an indelible impression on viewers with its exceptional production quality. The camera work, framing, and editing do an excellent job of capturing the emotions of the characters, adding intensity to the drama. One of the unique features of the show is its savvy blend of melodrama typical of soap operas with realistic, relatable situations.

Though steeped in the world of soap operas, the appeal of "Tainted Dreams" extends far beyond. Offering more than a regular drama, it explores the television industry's inner machinations, layers of interpersonal relationships, and the constant struggle of maintaining a career in a demanding field. For those interested in the entertainment industry, the show offers a fascinating glimpse into what happens behind the scenes of their favorite soap operas.

In terms of pacing, "Tainted Dreams" moves at an engaging speed, maintaining the intrigue and suspense that keep viewers coming back for more. It does not shy away from unexpected plot twists, and it often plays out like an unpredictable roller-coaster ride.

In conclusion, "Tainted Dreams" is a creative exploration of the contrasting dynamic between the sparkling world of television drama we see as viewers and the more intricate, complex reality that occurs off-camera. It captivates audiences with its stirring plot lines, complex characters, and deep insider look into the world of soap operas. The show is a must-watch for fans of drama, excitement, and the glamorous chaos of television production.

Tainted Dreams is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on . The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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How can I watch Tainted Dreams online? Tainted Dreams is available on Sonia Blangiardo with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Tainted Dreams on demand at Amazon, Tubi TV online.

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