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Episode 6
Finally a resolution but not before chaos, surprising disclosures, police and guns come into play.

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Episode 5
A middle-class husband and wife put their lives in jeopardy carrying out a dangerous assignment.

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Episode 4
Romantic alliances fray and conflict in the suburban home reaches a boiling point.

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Episode 3
Because of an armed intruder, after a home invasion, a married couple€™s life is turned upside-down.

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Episode 2
An unwelcome intruder causes terrible panic and tension in a usually placid household.

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Episode 1
A middle-class suburban home- all seems well until a dangerous intruder enters in the dead of night.

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Crisis in Six Scenes is an American television miniseries, exclusively aired on Amazon Studios in 2016. Created, written, and directed by the iconic Woody Allen, the show stands as Allen's first and only television series to date. The entire season, containing only six episodes, is set in the turbulent America of the 1960s, a time of significant political and social change.

The narrative unfolds in a comedic, yet insightful, exploration of the era and its numerous crises. Its title, "Crisis in Six Scenes," reiterated in the six-episode structure of this miniseries, indicates that each episode contributes a unique, interconnected, vital part to the overarching story. Going beyond its aesthetical and narrative originality, it holds valuable parallels with the contemporary sociopolitical climate, thereby adding an element of relevance and intrigue to the plot.

The drama revolves around a middle-class suburban family residing in New York. The primary protagonists, Sid and Kay Munsinger, are portrayed by Allen himself and Elaine May, respectively. Sid, a successful, semi-retired writer, and his wife, Kay, a marriage counsellor, live a life of peaceful routine and relative comfort. Their balanced, predictable, and distinctly 60's suburban lifestyle is disrupted, however, by the explosive force that is Lennie Dale, played by Miley Cyrus. A radical activist on the run from the law, Lennie indulges in a mixture of intellectual and radical dialectics to justify her controversial actions.

Lennie's unanticipated intrusion into the Munsingers' lives leads to a series of amusing, awkward, and teachable moments where personalities clash and ideologies conflict. As Sid and Kay's home transforms into a temporary sanctuary for Lennie, viewers observe the curious intersection of conventional suburban life and the fervor-fuelled era in which the story is set.

Sid, the quintessential Allen character, exudes neurotic charm, witty dialogue, and an endearing awkwardness, inspiring both laughter and empathy among viewers. On the other hand, Kay, though appearing as the voice of reason in the face of Sid's sundry anxieties, finds her perception of the world transforming as she interacts more with Lennie. The young, vivacious Miley Cyrus, however, steals the show with her exceptional performance as the spirited Lennie. Her activist ideologies, coupled with a dose of naivety and rashness, challenges the Munsingers to question their own beliefs, actions, and contribution (or lack thereof) to the societal changes around them.

The script is compellingly adorned by Woody Allen's signature humor style—slapstick, farcical, and occasionally lofty humor—with each joke landing at just right moment, making it a delight to lovers of Allen’s unique comedic style. Expanding beyond its comedic surface, the series subtly digs into deeper issues of personal identity, activism, societal pressures, and generational ethics. The scripts are imbued with provocative dialogue and defense of counterculture, ventilated with humour, making 'Crisis in Six Scenes' both funny and thought-provoking simultaneously.

The atmosphere and set decorations mirror the time period in which the series is set, contributing a sense of quaint nostalgia with its tangible 60's touch. From period-appropriate costumes to picturesque settings, the viewer is truly transported to a time when society stood on the brink of massive transformation. Despite its historical setting, the storyline resonates with modern viewers as it parallels current societal debates, thereby establishing a connection across generations.

"Crisis in Six Scenes," though concise in its storytelling, delivers varied chuckles, numerous debates, and a range of intriguing characters, all within the confines of its six half-hour episodes. It illustrates a captivating snapshot of the past from which the audience can draw parallels with the present, ultimately reaffirming Woody Allen’s timeless ability to straddle both comedy and profound social commentary. Offering both amusement and food for thought, Crisis in Six Scenes is a must-watch for those seeking a combination of comedy, social discourse, and historical perspective.

As a brief foray into television from one of the cinema’s most accomplished storytellers, Crisis in Six Scenes reveals a new dimension of Allen's storytelling prowess, skillfully mixing character specifics, theme-driven elements, and period mood to build a colorful, engaging television series. Ultimately, Crisis in Six Scenes uses the medium of television to deliver a message that is both entertainment and commentary on the social dynamics of a bygone era and their relevance today.

Crisis in Six Scenes is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.6.

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