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Super Battle
Jessica attempts to steal an ancient artifact for Dr. Destruction with her baby along for the ride. But when Michael shows up she has to prevent him from finding out she brought their baby on a crime spree.

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Super Family
The heroes surprise Jessica and Michael with a visit and if that's not bad enough evil mastermind Dr. Destruction tasks Jessica with a new crime to commit while she has to take care of the baby.

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Super Baby
Jessica gives birth during a super-pregnancy. And she discovers how difficult it is trying to plan her next villainous crime when Michael goes to save the day and leaves her to take care of the baby all by herself.

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Super Preggers
Jessica and Michael get ready for their baby's arrival, with plenty of bumps along the way, and a super-pregnant Jessica tries to steal a powerful item from the heroes' headquarters without Michael finding out.

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Super Awkward
After being forced to move in with her superhero nemesis, pregnant super-villain Jessica James faces her greatest challenge yet: meeting her new superhero family and another fun visit from Michael's Mom!

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Super Knocked Up is an invigorating and intriguing web series that enthusiastically challenges traditional superhero and supervillain genre norms, fusing them with elements of romantic comedy. Produced by Logs Leisure Entertainment, LLC, and first aired in 2012, the show brings a fresh and unconventional approach to the superhero universe.

The compelling and accessible series centers on two main characters who come from opposite ends of the superhero spectrum. These characters are Jessica James, also known as the superheroine Darkstar, and Michael Masters, the notorious supervillain Captain Amazingly Incredible. Their seemingly mundane and stereotypical lives take an unexpected turn when a night of passion leads to an unplanned pregnancy. This unusual situation forces the pair, who are natural enemies by their definitive identities, into the uncharted territory of parenthood together.

Super Knocked Up provides an interesting exploration of the complexities presented when two polar opposite personas are thrust into a co-parenting setup. The show captures attention by combining superhero fights and feats of power with the everyday battles of relationship dramas and the challenges of impending parenthood.

Jessica James is a striking, strong-willed, and fiercely independent individual. As the story takes off, viewers witness her grappling with the reality of her pregnancy and the implications of carrying her archenemy's child. As Darkstar, she is dedicated to a mission of public safety, and her impending maternity adds intriguing layers to her character and the dilemmas she faces.

On the flip side, Michael Masters is a charmingly nefarious character. As Captain Amazingly Incredible, his villainous reputation precedes him, yet his developing perspective on fatherhood humanizes him, allowing viewers to seriously consider and empathize with his character. The dynamic between these individuals undergoing such a transformative experience together deepens as the series progresses, providing a fascinating braid of humor, tension, and unexpected tenderness.

Super Knocked Up brings a unique perspective to the superhero narrative by injecting realistic and relatable elements into an otherwise fantastical realm. It intelligently employs both the superhero and romantic comedy genres. Action-packed scenes filled with amazing stunts, high-tech gadgets, and intense combat scenarios are expertly balanced with emotionally charged moments, quirky humor, and romantic undertones. This successful genre blend complements the conflict and cooperation between the two main characters, enhancing the viewer’s engagement and emotional investment in the story.

Adding another layer to the eccentricity of the show is the fantastical world in which it is set. This world is inhabited by a multitude of different superpowered beings, both heroes and villains, each with their own unusual abilities, quirks, and intricacies. The show does an excellent job of building this extraordinary universe around its central characters, providing enough detail to intrigue, but leaving enough mystery to keep the audience’s curiosity piqued.

The series shines in its character development and dialogue, which exhibits wit, humor, and an undercurrent of real emotion, effectively portraying the subtle evolution of Jessica and Michael's relationship. The supporting cast of Super Knocked Up features a collection of vibrant personalities. Their distinctive characteristics and idiosyncrasies add depth and color to the show, augmenting the storytelling and often injecting humor in unexpected places.

Super Knocked Up seamlessly manages to depict the mundane and the extraordinary aspects of life in the same breath. The creators of the show have essentially created a charming and immersive universe where the trials and tribulations of impending parenthood and superhero quests sit comfortably side by side.

In conclusion, Super Knocked Up is a fresh, exciting, and genuinely endearing twist on the superhero genre combined with vibrant elements of romantic comedy. Its stand-out elements are its innovative premise, its rich and well-developed characters, and its successful interweaving of realistic relationship issues with superheroic exploits. This series is a treat for viewers looking to delve into a universe that challenges typical superhero conventions with humor, heart, and a fair dose of action-packed adventure.

Super Knocked Up is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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How can I watch Super Knocked Up online? Super Knocked Up is available on Logs Leisure Entertainment, LLC with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Super Knocked Up on demand at Amazon online.

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