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A entrega
Rita and Nando open up after the attempted prison break. Old friends and loved ones reconcile, and sacrifices are made.

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A high-risk plan to get Scheyla out of prison may cost Nando -- and Rita -- everything. Doni looks out for fresh new hip-hop talent for VA Records.

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Cachorro louco
While Cleyton struggles as a delivery driver, Doni finds a new career path after a rap battle. Rita, Laura and the kids visit Scheyla on Mother's Day.

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As ideias finais
Doni moves back to Vila ?urea and reconnects with Nando, who makes a dangerous -- but crucial -- life decision.

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Pris?o feminina
After visiting Scheyla in prison, Rita gets a life-changing proposal. Nando tries to learn who's behind the raid, and Doni finds a way to pay his bills.

Watch Sintonia Season 4 Episode 4 Now

Scheyla faces the outcome of Nando's frustrated plans. Rita and Heloisa work together on a project. Doni is haunted by his unpaid hospital bills.

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A xerox
Rita enrolls in Law school, and Nando's plan to get his wife back is set in motion. Doni's comeback to the stage doesn't go as planned.

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Salva meu irm?o
After the raid, Nando is forced to lay low for a while. Doni leaves the hospital and struggles to fully recover.

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Sintonia is a Brazilian television drama series that premiered on Netflix in 2019. This groundbreaking show sets a unique tone as it delves into the multifaceted narrative of the youth growing up in São Paulo's vibrant, energetic favelas. A compelling exploration of the intersections between music, crime, and religion in Brazil's largest city, the series is co-created by KondZilla, Guilherme Quintella, and Felipe Braga, with KondZilla also serving as the director.

At its core, Sintonia revolves around the interconnected stories of three childhood friends, each pursuing their ambitions and dreams within São Paulo's favela communities. The trio consists of Doni, Nando, and Rita, who navigate the complexities of life in these urban landscapes, framed against the backdrop of funk music, crime, and evangelical religion, the trio's paths intertwine and diverge as they seek to define their identities in environments rendered challenging by socioeconomic inequalities.

Doni, who is deeply passionate about music and dreams of becoming a funk artist, spends his time crafting songs and seeking opportunities in São Paulo's vibrant music scene. Nando, on the other hand, finds himself entwined with the city's criminal underworld, wrestling with the dangers and moral compromises that come with life in the law's shadow. Rita, meanwhile, grapples with her fervor for the evangelical religion while maintaining resilience amidst the chaos of her surroundings.

Sintonia showcases a stellar ensemble of young, talented actors who bring incredible depth and authenticity to their roles. It is co-produced by Losbragas and Netflix, and it's worth noting that Sintonia was the highest viewed first season of a Brazilian series on Netflix, attesting to its commercial success and widespread appeal.

Sintonia is firmly rooted in the realities of the São Paulo favelas, presenting an unflinching portrayal of the challenges its residents face daily. It provides viewers with a deeply immersive experience, offering a sharp contrast to the glossed-over depictions of the city found in conventional media. The script is slick and engaging, loaded with local slang, giving viewers an authentic taste of the local lingo, and the cinematography beautifully captures São Paulo's vibrant street culture and pulsating music scene.

The series' narrative structure stands out as one of its main strengths, with the three main characters' arcs concurrently unfolding and interweaving. Instead of being purely episodic or linear, the story comes across as a multilayered reality that the characters traverse through, each one impacting the other's journey indirectly or directly.

Yet, despite its gritty and dramatic themes, Sintonia is balanced with moments of humor and warmth, providing an enriching and entrancing viewing experience. The friendships, rivalries, loves, dreams, and conflicts all come alive in a world bursting with color and energy, complete with infectious musical numbers and adrenaline-pumping action sequences.

One of the series' notable features is the prominence given to Funk ostentação, a genre of music heavily accented with lyrics depicting wealth and extravagance, popular in São Paulo favelas. This artistic choice enriches the narrative by providing an authentic soundtrack that resonantly communicates the aspirations and struggles of young people residing in these neighborhoods.

Sintonia is a hallmark of contemporary Brazilian television that successfully touches upon pressing socioeconomic issues while also celebrating the unique culture of São Paulo's favelas. Grounded in realism yet beautifully dramatic, this series paints a vivid picture of a world rarely seen on mainstream television. With its honest narrative and compelling characters, Sintonia offers a viewing experience bound to resonate with a global audience. It is a cinematic journey into São Paulo's heart, a compelling narrative about dreams, friendships, and survival in a city of stark contrasts. This series signifies a vital inflection point for storytelling in Brazil, giving a voice to communities that often remain marginalized in mainstream media discourse. It serves as a testament to the potential richness and diversity of storytelling that emerges when narratives are sourced from often overlooked spaces.

Sintonia is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 26 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

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