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The House on Haunted Hill
Jeff is asked to investigate whether Merston Manor, a house which is impossible to sell, is really haunted after two previous psychics were scared off. He is looking into a jewel theft and sends Marty to the manor instead.

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Murder Ain't What It Used to Be
Ageing mobster Paul Kirstner hires Jeff to act as bodyguard to his daughter. He is followed into town by the vengeful ghost of Bugsy Spanio, another gangster, whom he killed years earlier and now wants revenge.

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Somebody Just Walked Over My Grave
Marty claims that his grave is being desecrated, and Jeff discovers a plan to kidnap the heir to a fortune.

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Just for The Record
Jeff is acting as a bodyguard to a beauty queen , Anne Soames, who wants to visit the Public Records Office. An intrigued Marty watches as she uses a special pair of glasses to cut the alarm and later a file is stolen by a man named Pargiter.

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The Smile Behind The Veil
At the funeral of his friend Caroline Seaton, Marty observes her brother Donald and his wife Cynthia, who seems to be smiling, and he deduces that they have killed Caroline. Jeff is reluctant to investigate so Marty tricks him into visiting the Seaton home, where an attempt is made to kill him.

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The Ghost Talks
Jeff has fallen from a balcony in the line of duty and is in hospital with a broken leg. He is thus a captive audience when Marty comes to visit and regales him with the details of a big case he handled whilst he was alive and Jeff was in Scotland.

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When Did you Stop Seeing Things?
Marty is confused when Jeff fails to acknowledge him and even more so when he sees Jeff kill Tully, an employee of the Towler Corporation, whose stock market leaks Jeff has been investigating. In fact it is not Jeff but an actor in a mask made to resemble him and in the pay of Laker, the Towler Corporation's general manager, out to make a killing in the market from the information supplied by the real Jeff, who will be disposed of when he has no further purpose.

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The Man From Nowhere
Jeannie is approached by a man who claims to be the reincarnation of Marty. He is very convincing and she is eventually taken in - unlike the real Marty.

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Money to Burn
A dubious old friend of Jeff, Kevin O'Malley, suggests to the cash-strapped detective that they steal old bank notes being taken on a lorry to be incinerated. The money is stolen but neither Kevin nor Jeff have got it and Jeff gets arrested as the chief suspect.

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Could You Recognise The Man Again?
Jeff recognises racketeer George Roden as being the man who killed rival gangster Jennings and Roden is duly arrested. However his mother has Jeannie abducted as a security against Jeff testifying when her son appears in court.

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Whoever Heard of A Ghost Dying?
A villain called Hellingworth uses medium Cecil Purley to prove that Marty is indeed a ghost and,posing as an insurance salesman, approaches Jeff for alleged help with robberies in the knowledge that Marty will eavesdrop on the gang and report back to Jeff. This happens but Marty is being used purely as a decoy whilst the gang rob other venues.

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Vendetta for A Dead Man
On the anniversary of his capture by the then flesh and blood Marty Hopkirk, violent criminal Eric Jansen escapes, swearing vengeance. Having discovered that Marty is now dead, he proposes to kill Jeannie as the next best thing.

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A Sentimental Journey
Sam Seymour hires Jeff to go to Glasgow and retrieve a valuable 'item'. This turns out to be his girlfriend Dandy Garrison, who has a case chained to her wrist.

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When The Spirit Moves You
Small-time con artist Calvin P. Bream attracts the attention of mobster Miklos Corri when he claims to have a large number of bearer bonds - actually sheets of newspaper.

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All Work and No Pay
Jeannie believes that Marty is trying to contact her when objects begin to move around in her house but it is a ploy by the Foster brothers, spiritualists down on their luck, who offer to pay Jeannie to send them clients anxious to hear messages from loved ones who have crossed over. Sensing a scam, Jeff sends Laura, an actress, to pose as a widow and engage the Fosters.

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Never Trust A Ghost
Marty sees James Howarth being murdered but when Jeff summons the police at Marty's behest Howarth is apparently alive and well. Marty finds out that 'Howarth' and his wife are impostors who have murdered the real James and Karen Howarth and hidden the corpses in the basement.

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For The Girl Who Has Everything
Ghost hunter James McAllister asks for Jeff's help, having been hired by wealthy American Kim Wentworth to see if her home, Crake Castle, is haunted. McAllister is killed and it looks as if Kim's husband is the murderer, trying to frighten Kim away so that he can marry girlfriend Laura but it would seem that the butler did it and the butler and Kim are the killers, anxious to run off together.

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It's Supposed to Be Thicker Than Water
Having reunited the far-flung members of the Crackan family for a gathering where patriarch Joshua will decide which one of them should be his heir, Jeff tells Marty he wants to end their partnership. However, when members of the Crackan clan start to get murdered it is Marty who saves the situation by communicating with Fay, the last survivor, as she goes into a trance assisting a stage hypnotist and getting her to call the police and Jeff is made to re-consider his hasty decision.

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But What a Sweet Little Room
After Anne Fenwick is killed by gold-digging boyfriend 'Bunny' de Crecy, her niece Julia, unaware of Anne's fate, asks Jeff to locate her, telling him that she attended a seance given by Madame Hanska every week. Jeannie poses as a recent widow wanting news of her husband but Elliot, a man who befriends her, exposes her to Madame Hanska, as Marty discovers.

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Who Killed Cock Robin?
Mr. Laverick, a solicitor, approaches Jeff with a bizarre assignment - to act as minder to an aviary of birds belonging to the late, eccentric Mrs.

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You Can Always Find a Fall Guy
A nun approaches Jeff and asks him to acquire a document from her convent which will prove that accountant Douglas Kershaw is embezzling the nuns' funds. He goes along to the building with the suspicious Marty, only to find that he has burgled a research facility on behalf of the fake nun and her accomplice, who need to get their hands on valuable documents.

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A Disturbing Case
Hearing Jeff talk to Marty, Marty's wife Jeannie believes he has snapped and he is referred to a psychiatric unit run by Dr. Conrad.

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The Ghost who Saved The Bank at Monte Carlo
Marty's eccentric old aunt, Clara, unaware of his death, comes to the agency, seeking a bodyguard to accompany her to the roulette tables of Monte Carlo where she hopes to put into practice her foolproof winning system. Jeff and Jeannie go with her and she wins a fortune but two gangs, one British, one French, are after her secret and steal her 'little red book' though this proves to be worthless as her system is in her head.

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The Trouble with Women
Once again Jeff is hired as a fall guy to take the rap for a murder. In this case the guilty parties are Susan Lang and her lover Corder.

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That's How to Murder Snowballs
The mind-reading act at the theatre goes wrong - the stooge shoots the mind-reader when a real bullet is swapped for the blank. Jeff Randall investigates, and - with the help of Marty - becomes a mind-reader himself, and in the process, clears the fall guy and finds the real villain.

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My Late Lamenated Friend and Partner
Private eyes Jeff Randall and Marty Hopkirk are gathering information to allow Fay Sorrensen to divorce her cheating husband but he murders her and makes it look like a heart attack. Marty is suspicious but is killed by a hit-and-run driver before he can prove that Sorrensen is a murderer.

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Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) is an iconic British private detective television series that aired from 1969 to 1971. With its original title referencing the unique twist of the show, it was produced by ITV Global Entertainment Ltd and starred a remarkable trio – Mike Pratt as Jeffrey Randall, Kenneth Cope as Martin Hopkirk, and Annette Andre as Jeannie Hopkirk. The series produced 26 episodes during its run, with each episode jam-packed with suspense, humour, mystery, and a pioneering blend of grit and the supernatural.

The series revolved around two private detectives who dealt with fascinating and sometimes bewildering cases. The central characters, Jeff Randall and Marty Hopkirk, were partners running a detective agency. Marty Hopkirk, played by Kenneth Cope, meets an untimely death early on in the series, turning what may have seemed like a typical detective storyline into a twisty tale of intrigue and the supernatural.

Following his death, Marty returns to the earthly realm as a ghost, visible only to his detective partner, Jeff Randall, portrayed by Mike Pratt. The gimmick offers up a multitude of unique storytelling possibilities and humorous banter between the characters. The series delicately balances humour and crime drama with a slight hint of the occult.

Jeff is the solitary living partner of the detective agency, who faces a desperate struggle to maintain the agency and its caseload after Marty's death. Attempting to come to terms with his partner's demise while dealing with the daily challenges of detective work is a constant strain for Jeff, which is eased to a degree by Marty's ethereal interventions. However, since Marty is bent on ensuring that the criminals causing his death don't go unpunished, he stays back in the mortal world, helping Jeff crack cases on many occasions. Marty's new supernatural abilities often serve as a boon to their detective efforts, adding an unconventional advantage to the narrative.

Appearing in an all-white suit, Marty often drops in to provide vital clues, assistance, and comic relief. Kenneth Cope gives a superb performance as an uneasy ghost grappling with his new, often inconvenient existence, unable to interact with anything physical, and unseen by all except Jeff.

Mike Pratt's portrayal of Jeff as an embattled yet imaginative and resourceful detective is central to the show's success. Jeffrey often finds himself in dangerous situations all while having to deal with the idiosyncrasies of his ghostly partner. Pratt's portrayal makes Jeff both a lovable underdog and a persistent investigator who refuses to yield to obstacles, whether they're mundane or supernatural in nature.

Lastly, beautiful and compassionate Jeannie Hopkirk, played by Annette Andre, is Marty's widow who has no idea that her departed husband is lingering around. Despite having to consistently deny Marty's existence, Jeff still cares for Jeannie, bringing about an uncomfortable and sometimes heartbreaking triangle between the trio.

Each episode is a standalone narrative, and the series weaves both episodic and serialized storytelling together, with the overarching storyline of Marty's premature death and the subsequent events running throughout the series. The series also maintains a consistent balance between the darker, more serious components of the crime-drama genre and the more light-hearted, comedic elements that Marty's ghostly existence engenders.

The unique charm of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) lies in its inventive premise, which gracefully combines drama, comedy, crime, and supernatural genres into one entertaining bundle. Its innovative spirit made it a standout show of its time and even laid the groundwork for several adaptations and revivals in later years.

In conclusion, Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) is a classic British television show that continues to attract viewers with its blend of mystery, traditional crime-solving elements, dark humour, and facets of the supernatural. Its unique premise, charming characters, and subtly intertwining narratives cement its valuable spot among the celebrated classics of British television.

Randall and Hopkirk is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 26 episodes, the show debuted on 1969. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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