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Using Grandmother

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A reeling Marcus and Paul join forces with Mother to disarm the newly weaponized serpent before it kills Campion

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Dead Man's Caravan
Della and the family head for Wales to stay in a caravan that was owned by one of Grampy's late friends, but with Aretha and Germaine both feeling the pains of unrequited love, and Grampy unable to afford his new 4 x 4, it is far from a happy holiday.

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The Car Boot
To raise money to pay the gas bill, Della drags the family off to a car boot sale. The little ones do well by playing the sympathy card to shoppers, but Yoko and Aretha's environmentally friendly method of parking organization actually causes chaos.

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Working Girl
As Aretha enjoys college life with radical Economics lecturer, Della takes Germaine to work with her at Pound Lord to show her life in the real world. Grampy's attempt to organize a fun day for the babies ends in disaster.

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Old School
Della is shocked when Aretha declares that she wants to go to school. Unfortunately the school is chaotic and badly run and Aretha's rant against it gets her expelled-but Grampy comes to the rescue.

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Hairy Poppins
With the landlady coming to inspect the house, Della organizes a clean-up and sends the children to spend the day with their unemployed father, Sean. He takes them for a picnic in the country woodlands-property now claimed by a private company-where their exercise in civil disobedience ends in arrest.

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The Monroe Technique
Della cancels the Internet to save money, forcing the girls to go to the library where bookish Yoko and Aretha are quite at home. Germaine, on the other hand, is dangerously bored.

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Raised by Wolves is an engaging British television show that aired from 2013 to 2016 on Acorn TV. This is a comedy-drama rooted in modern-day domesticity that delves into the hilarity and challenges of being part of a large and unconventional family. It is set against the backdrop of Wolverhampton, a city in the West Midlands, England, enhancing the show's authentic British appeal.

The show is loosely created around the real-life experiences of Caitlin Moran and Caroline Moran, who also happen to be the show's creators. They recount their experiences growing up in a large, financially strained household headed by a single mother. The pair ingeniously use these elements to create a show that captivates audiences with organized chaos and the delightful unpredictability of family life.

Raised by Wolves presents viewers with a refreshing take on family dynamics. The series revolves around the Garry family, fronted by a resourceful and determined single mother, Pauline Garry. Pauline rules the roost with a unique parenting style that combines realism, wit, and the cultural and political education of her children.

Pauline's youngest and most rebellious child, Germaine, serves as the show's eccentric and vibrant narrator. Germaine is a quirky and aspirational teenage girl who navigates the world with infectious enthusiasm, unwavering self-belief, and comic naivety. Despite the setbacks she encounters as a teenager growing up in a chaotic household, she always maintains a bold, optimistic outlook on life. Matched with her intellectual and nuanced older sister Aretha, the siblings provide contrasting characters that add richness to the series.

Alongside Germaine and Aretha are younger siblings Yoko, Wyatt, Mariah, Cher and baby Britney. Each character brings their own unique traits and quirks, further adding to the riveting diversity of personalities in the Garry family. Blending a striking mix of hormonal anxiety, childlike curiosity, and the innocent chaos of growing up, the Garry children set the stage for comedy that is not just hilarious, but also heart-warming and profoundly humanistic.

Indeed, Raised by Wolves masterfully portrays the peculiarities and beauties of modern family life and unconventional parenting. It celebrates the essence of family— not just as a biological unit, but as a space for learning, adaptation, mutual development, and resilient love. With warmth and humor, the show encapsulates the chaos and charm of a large family, unencumbered by the trappings of societal norms and expectations.

The show also offers insightful social commentaries expressed through Pauline’s non-traditional methods of teaching her children about love, life, and everything in between. The Garry family's journey serves a mirror into British working-class life, complete with its struggles, triumphs, nuances, and simplicities that audiences from any walks of life can resonate with.

Despite tackling themes of class and gender, the series maintains a consistently light-hearted ambiance. The charm of Raised by Wolves lies in its ability to deliver punchy and insightful comedy while at the same time grappling with social and family issues that round out the complexity of the storytelling.

Never shying away from addressing political issues, the show blends it all with quirkiness and offbeat humor to give viewers a true perspective of life in a working-class family. It takes an unfiltered look at the typical family surviving day by day, making the best of what they have, and finding joy in the smallest moments. Raised by Wolves is truly a celebration of the typical British family in all its loud, chaotic, and charming glory.

Raised by Wolves is characterized by its brisk pacing, a brilliant script, and meritorious performances. The combination of perfectly timed humor, fascinating narrative structure, outstanding ensemble cast, and well-drawn characters make it a standout production.

In conclusion, Raised by Wolves is a show that flawlessly blends character-driven comedy with the messy charm of family life. It takes an innovative approach to the comedy genre, exploring the trials, tribulations, and dynamics of a non-traditional family through fresh, realistic, and comedic lenses. Above all, Raised by Wolves is a witty, warm, and wonderful exploration of the unique tribulations of family life and all the hilarious detours along the way.

Raised by Wolves is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 18 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.2.

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How can I watch Raised by Wolves online? Raised by Wolves is available on Acorn TV with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Raised by Wolves on demand at Apple TV online.

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