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Battle in the Big Easy
In Louisiana, four teams of amateur pickers compete in a winner-take-all elimination, hoping to turn $100 into valuable objects and a $10,000 grand prize. Antique experts, the Merrill brothers, judge the market value of items.

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Firemen to the Rescue
In Mississippi, four teams of amateur pickers compete in a winner-take-all elimination, hoping to turn $100 into valuable objects and a $10,000 grand prize.

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Radio Fight
In Alabama, four teams of amateur pickers compete in a winner-take-all elimination, hoping to turn $100 into valuable objects and a $10,000 grand prize.

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Outside the Box
A 13-foot alligator gives one couple a big lead. At a Pensacola yard sale, a team of New Yorkers leverage their charm while two bickering friends think outside the box to sweeten their bid.

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What the Early Bird Catches
At a Pensacola estate sale, one team is arrogant about their stash while another team focuses on an understated mid-century showpiece. Two brothers plan to trade up while the competition learns that looks can be deceiving.

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Cagey Strategy
The series kicks off at a flea market and a warehouse in Louisiana which features teams that compete to collect valuable items with only $100 to spend. Antique experts, the Merrill brothers, judge the market value of items.

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Sneak Peak
Following in the footsteps of American Pickers, timing and swift decision-making skills are key in this dynamic HISTORY series hosted by former NFL player Keith Neubert. Starting with one hour and $100 in their pockets, four teams compete in three challenges, testing their treasure-digging talents to see who gets Picked Off and who remains.

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Launched by the History Channel in 2012, Picked Off is an engrossing reality television series that takes viewers on a compelling journey through America's backroads and heartland. This treasure-hunting series' primary focus is not on the treasure itself, but on the thrill of the hunt and the stories behind the objects found – a framework that breathes new life into the genre. Picked Off is set in the suspense-filled world of competitive treasure hunting, where various contestants travel across historical regions and towns of America, combing through attics, backyards, flea markets, and barns for distinctive items with historical, collectible and pop culture value. What sets Picked Off apart is its unique game format – it's more than a hunt; it's a race against time and a competition against other seasoned 'pickers.' In each episode, a group of four teams of two persons each – all set determined by their passion for treasure hunting and ability to unearth valuable items– participate in a high-stakes, adrenaline pumping treasure hunting competition. The expert pickers are tasked with finding valuable items, but the challenge doesn't end there. They are also required to exhibit their negotiation and selling skills, as whatever they pick must be sold off for maximum profit. Guiding the series and making decisions are the knowledgeable judges, known for their role as antique dealers. Their extensive background in antique trading and historical artifacts provides the foundation upon which each episode's suspense is mounted. They appraise the items discovered by the teams, providing interesting narratives around each artifact, and ultimately deciding which team managed to make the biggest profit off their picks. As a History channel show, the series explores the historical significance of the found treasures, offering invaluable educational insights to viewers. The narrative’s historical aspect presents a captivating storyline while giving artifacts life and relevance in present-day America. This approach takes audiences on an educational journey, painting vivid pictures of America's rich cultural and historical heritage. But the show is not just about the past; it’s about suspense, cunning, and strategy. Each episode presents differing dynamics depending on the location, the nature of the artifacts discovered, the bargaining, and resale techniques. It's a delicate balance of knowledge, instinct, and savoir-faire. Viewers are drawn into the action as they, along with the contestants, delve into the narrative surrounding each treasure found. The entirety of Picked Off, from the initial hunt to identifying, pricing, selling, and profiting from the finds, provides enriching entertainment that simultaneously educates and intrigues. The series also delves into the personal dynamics of each team, displaying their passion for antiques, their explorative spirit, their research acumen, their competitive nature, and their negotiation skills. The featured pickers are individuals from diverse backgrounds, with rich experiences in this unique American tradition of treasure hunting. Thus, Picked Off becomes more than just a show about finding old items; it is about the people who find a living narrative in inanimate objects. As the contest progresses, the stakes get higher - the team with the least-valued pick is eliminated in each episode, creating a thrilling atmosphere of competition until the last two teams face off, and the one with the most valuable pick walks away with a whopping cash prize. Exceptionally well-crafted, Picked Off uniquely combines the thrill of a competitive reality show with a fascinating journey through American history, a journey presented through artifacts. It ingenuously plunges viewers into a rush of adrenaline and feeds their curiosity, making the show not just a treasure hunt, but a treasure in itself. In conclusion, Picked Off offers a first-class seat on an audacious expedition through America’s antiquities, engaging its audience with a blend of discovery, knowledge, suspense, and strategy. It brilliantly highlights the transformative capability of the collective quest for treasure, making it an exciting watch for not just history buffs and antiques enthusiasts, but for anyone who wishes to uncover parts of America’s rich history in an exciting, competitive setting.

Picked Off is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 7 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.2.

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How can I watch Picked Off online? Picked Off is available on History with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Picked Off on demand at Apple TV, Amazon online.

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