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No King Is Saved - Uncensored
UNCENSORED VERSION. Saul ignores a vision of his destroyed legacy, and unites with David to fight King Achish for Israel's sake.

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Broken Teeth of the Ungodly - Uncensored
UNCENSORED VERSION. Merav believes the House of Saul will fall and the only one who can save them from their fate is David.

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Train My Hands for War - Uncensored
UNCENSORED VERSION. Eliab finds David and brings him six hundred Israelite soldiers who have defected from Saul's army.

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Honor in the Dust - Uncensored
UNCENSORED VERSION. Jonathan is dying in the dungeon while Saul refuses to help him, forcing Merav and Anihoam to rescue Jonathan with the help of Ritzpah.

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A Little Lower Than the Angels - Uncensored
UNCENSORED VERSION. On the day of David's wedding to Michal, trouble ensues. King Achish tests David's loyalty to him. The truth of David's prophecy comes to light, and King Saul takes action at the wedding ceremony.

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Beasts of the Reeds - Uncensored
UNCENSORED VERSION. David devises a plan to get King Saul's approval to marry Michal instead of Merav.

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Lest I Sleep The Sleep Of Death
King Achish has been using his fierce general, Goliath, to demoralize King Saul’s depleted and outnumbered army of soldiers. Saul sends his son Ishbaal to fight Goliath, but when that yields disastrous results, Saul offers any man who beats Goliath a bounty and the hand of his daughter in marriage.

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Let The Wicked Be Ashamed
Saul confides in David after Samuel's prophecy; Ishbaal plots to kill the prophet; as the Philistines prepare to wage war, the Israelites have a harsh realization; Ahinoam suggests a marriage between her son and the daughter of Eitan.

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Offerings of Blood
In the series premiere, King Saul offers his daughter's hand in marriage to save his kingdom.

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Of Kings and Prophets takes viewers on a captivating journey to a time of epic legends, ancient kings, and powerful prophets. Premiered in 2016 on ABC network, this historical drama retails timeless tales of faith, ambition, and betrayal. Set in the Kingdom of Israel, but filmed in the diverse landscapes of South Africa, the series creates an intriguing picture of a volatile world of mysticism, politics, and warfare — all seen through the eyes of a king, a prophet, and a young shepherd. Of Kings and Prophets stars versatile British actor, Ray Winstone, who plays the centralized role of King Saul; the first King of Israel. Winstone's unique ability to infuse both toughness and vulnerability into his character captivates viewers, as he effectively portrays a man unable to escape his own fatal prophecy. King Saul, although initially portrayed as a noble, charismatic, and capable ruler, begins to falter with the weight of his leadership and the demands of his people. Divine directives and his tragic fate lead Saul into the moral complexities of this ancient civilization. British actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers immerses herself in the role of Michal, the youngest daughter of King Saul. Her character presents a dynamic portrayal of a princess who is far from the stereotypical damsel in distress. Instead, she navigates through the politico-sensual web spun around her, questionably sacrificing her own desires for the benefit of the kingdom. Simone Kessell, a New Zealand actress, portrays Ahinoam, King Saul's first wife, and queen consort. She draws viewers in with her strategizing and manipulative nature to protect her children's rights to the throne at all costs. Jasmine Sj, an Australian actress, takes on an alarming role in the show as Rizpah, King Saul's concubine. She depicts a disheartening reality of women with limited influence and lesser rights trapped within the palace. The biblical saga introduces viewers to David, a simple shepherd who rises into a valiant warrior but is not immune from succumbing to the lustful temptations and deadly betrayals that abound in the world surrounding him. David's character adaptation expertly relates the tale of his journey from obscurity to fame, suggesting his emergence as a potential rival to King Saul. The TV series is an adaptation of the Books of Samuel, and it delves into interpreting the human aspect of these biblical figures, rather than just presenting them as lofty religious personas. Set against the gripping backdrop of a violent and treacherous ancient landscape, the characters are often riveting and just as frequently flawed, providing an engagingly realistic portrayal of the visceral human conditions that transcend time. Created by Adam Cooper and Bill Collage, Of Kings and Prophets provides a unique blend of Biblical stories and Game Of Thrones-esque narrative. The series depicts abundance in costume and production design, enhancing the aesthetics of life from the biblical era; alongside a contrasting depiction of relentless blood wars, political maneuvering, moral conflicts, and power struggles. The engrossing dialogue, rich character development, and gripping plot twists make this drama a must-watch for all historical fiction fans. The show explores the characters’ internal struggles, as they grapple with faith, power, and personal relationships within a volatile society where the divine and human regularly intersect. Through multiple plotlines, the show insightfully portrays the constant battle between the demands of the God of Abraham, the personal desires of the characters, and the political necessities that come with ruling an emerging nation. While the series was short-lived, it was a spectacle for historical and biblical drama enthusiasts, with its lush production values, intricate plotting, and strong performances. Of Kings and Prophets ultimately offers a complexity-rich, character-driven drama set against the backdrop of an ancient yet dangerously recognizable world.

Of Kings and Prophets is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 9 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.0.

Haaz Sleiman As Jonathan James Floyd As Ish-Boseth Maisie Richardson-Sellers As Michal Mohammad Bakri As Samuel Oliver Rix As David Ray Winstone As Saul Simone Kessell As Anohim Tomer Kapon As Joab
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