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Maximum Venom
The Spider Team tracks down the missing Dr. Connors, who has undergone another transformation into the Lizard after learning from the Dark Goblin that the cure for the lizard serum he had been working for never existed.

Watch Marvel's Spider-Man Season 3 Episode 6 Now

When Spider-Man discovers a vial of jackal serum at Horizon High, he and Ghost-Spider track down Jackal's secret lab in an attempt to destroy the villain's evil.

Watch Marvel's Spider-Man Season 3 Episode 5 Now

Spider-Man Unmasked
After Spider-Man's friend is turned back into the rampaging Rhino by Swarm, Spidey is forced to battle for his life in the Underground Monster League contest.

Watch Marvel's Spider-Man Season 3 Episode 4 Now

Vengeance of Venom
In the midst of a Klyntar attack on New York, Spider-Man must convince Marc Spector, a survivalist who has recently given up his secret hero identity as Moon Knight, to help him defend the city.

Watch Marvel's Spider-Man Season 3 Episode 3 Now

Amazing Friends
When Toddler Groot lands on Earth to deliver an urgent warning, Spider-Man must decode the message and keep him out of the evil clutches of A.I.

Watch Marvel's Spider-Man Season 3 Episode 2 Now

Web of Venom
When Spider-Man and Max Modell experiment on a sample of Venom symbiote, it escapes and unleashes a weapon of unknown purpose.

Watch Marvel's Spider-Man Season 3 Episode 1 Now

Web of Venom - Part One
A new Horizon High student accidentally unleashes a technology-eating monstrosity called the Technovore. Spider-Man risks using a new and dangerous V-252 Symbiote to defeat it!

Watch Marvel's Spider-Man Season 3 Episode 101 Now

Amazing Friends - Part Two
Spider-Man and Ironheart must team-up with Amadeus in order to save Toddler Groot from AIM Island.

Watch Marvel's Spider-Man Season 3 Episode 104 Now

Vengeance of Venom
Symbiotes from space send an advanced hunting party to Earth to take out all superheroes! Spider-Man must find a way to stop them before they clear the planet for a Venom Invasion!

Watch Marvel's Spider-Man Season 3 Episode 105 Now

Spider-Man Unmasked - Part One
Spider-Man discovers his friend Aleksei has been turned back into the rampaging Rhino. Then, Spidey finds himself involved in underground experiments led by the villain Swarm!

Watch Marvel's Spider-Man Season 3 Episode 107 Now

Spider-Man Unmasked - Part Two
Spider-Man's friend is turned back into the rampaging Rhino by the super-villain Swarm! Spidey is then forced to battle for his life in the Underground Monster League contest!

Watch Marvel's Spider-Man Season 3 Episode 108 Now

Marvel's Spider-Man is an animated television series that graced the screens on Disney XD from 2017 to 2020. Developed by the esteemed Marvel Television, the show is anchored on the exploits and experiences of one of Marvel's most beloved characters, Spider-Man. True to its comic book roots, the series adapts the spirit, dynamism, and essence of the original Spider-Man universe into an animated format to engage younger audiences and please longtime fans of the character.

The series is set in present-day New York City and predominantly revolves around the day-to-day adventures and endeavors of Peter Parker, a high school student who doubles as the superhero Spider-Man. Akin to the traditional Spider-Man mythos, the narrative introduces Peter as a science prodigy who attains superhuman abilities after a spider genetically enhanced with a special serum bites him.

Inside the classroom, Peter grapples with adolescence, homework, and social interactions. Outside, he learns the ropes of heroism, from defeating colorful villains to detangling moral dilemmas. However, the series distinguishes itself from other iterations of Spider-Man by focusing more on Peter’s scientific knowledge. As a testament to this, much of the show is based at Horizon High, a high school for gifted scholars in the field of science.

The empowering theme of with great power comes great responsibility was the ever-present core of every Spider-Man story, and this series is no exception. It showcases the evolution of Peter Parker from an enthusiastic rookie into a responsible and mature hero. Consequently, the theme pervades each episode, underscoring Peter's simultaneous navigation of his double life and his journey of self-discovery, creating a blend of heart, humor, action and character development.

Peter is not alone in his adventures, as the series introduces a diverse roster of characters from the Spider-Man universe. Familiar faces come to life in animated form, including mentor figures, antagonists, and even other peers sharing their knowledge at Horizon High. These characters aren't just coat-tailing sidekicks or faceless villains — each one radiates with personality, backstory, and motivation. As such, they function as complements to Peter's narrative, fostering a sense of continuity and cohesiveness within the series.

Marvel's Spider-Man also does a commendable job of reimagining Spider-Man's iconic villains. Classic antagonists are retooled in contemporary contexts, making them as refreshingly updated as they are nostalgically comforting. This paved the way for dynamic confrontations and thrilling action sequences that ignite a sense of spectacle yet retain the comic’s spirit.

The show’s art style is modern yet comic-like, matching the texturing, dynamism, and lines of the Spider-Man comics. Its aesthetics display an appealing blend of both detailed and simple designs, which are known properties of comic book graphics. In terms of animation, the movements are sharp and sleek, making every action scene satisfying and convincing. The industrious use of color is striking; bringing to life the series' urban landscape and the expressive costuming of its hero and villains.

Furthermore, the voice-acting deserves a praise for bringing these beloved characters to life. From the earnest and youthful delivery of Peter Parker's / Spider-Man's lines to the versatile portrayal of the motley of villains he faces, the series' voice cast enhances the sensory experience of the show. Coupled with the engaging sound design and the iconic Spider-Man theme, the show delivers a wholesome treat to both ears and eyes.

Marvel’s Spider-Man does a remarkable job introducing the science-focused, morally-grounded world of Peter Parker to newer audiences, while also giving long-time Spider-Man fans a fresh yet familiar narrative to appreciate. It effectively combines the requisite elements of adventure, adolescence, and responsibility, served with an assortment of compelling characters and comic book nostalgia. Marvel’s Spider-Man, thus, stands as a tribute to Spider-Man’s rich history as well as a testament to his universal appeal, longevity, and adaptability to changing times.

All in all, Marvel's Spider-Man from Disney XD is a visually engaging and emotionally palpable animated series. It perfectly encapsulates the essence of the Spider-Man persona, all while offering insight into the responsibilities and choices that come with great power; and thus, serves as a fitting tribute to one of Marvel's most iconic characters. It's a must-watch for enthusiasts of the superhero, and for those seeking a balance of action, story, and character development in an animated format.

Marvel's Spider-Man is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 62 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.2.

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How can I watch Marvel's Spider-Man online? Marvel's Spider-Man is available on Disney XD with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Marvel's Spider-Man on demand at Disney+, Apple TV, Vudu online.

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