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Where Are All the Birds Going? How Can I Be the Best Big Sister?
One cold Winter's day in Cara Park, Jessy, Nessy and Ducky see all the birds leaving -flying, on trains, on planes. Ducky wants to know where they're going, and WHY?

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How Can We Save Cloudsmas?
Today is a very special day in Cara Park -it's Cloudsmas! But no-one can find the clouds, and you can't celebrate Cloudsmas without them.

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Where's That Spooky Halloween Mist Coming From? Why are Things Changing Color?
It's Halloween, but Jessy and Nessy are distracted from their trick or treating by a very stinky mist. Unless they can figure out where this stink is coming from, it's going to ruin Halloween!

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How Can We Help Block and Knock Get Along? How Can We Build a Playhouse Big Enough for Everyone?
Jessy and Nessy are enjoying looking at a rainbow when they hear Knock and Block arguing. They decide to try and help them make up, but no matter what they do, they keep arguing!

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Where Did Your Toy Go? How Do We Get More Ideas for Our Play?
Jessy and Nessy are playing with Nessy's train in the park, when it suddenly disappears. Where did it go?

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How Do We Get the Lights Back On? Why Are Flies So Buzzy?
All the lights in town have stopped working; Jessy's nightlight, the light in the library, even Mr. Lampowicz.

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How Can We Make LATER... NOW? Why Is the Sea So Wavy Today?
Jessy, Nessy, Squiggles and Dollop are waiting for Later, because that's when Great Grandmonster is going to bring them to the beach. But when will it be Later?

Watch Jessy & Nessy Season 1 Episode 14 Now

How Will My Tooth Fall Out? How Can I Grow Fast?
Jessy and Nessy are playing Follow the Leader when they realise Nessy's tooth is loose. They want to find out how and when it's gonna fall out.

Watch Jessy & Nessy Season 1 Episode 13 Now

What is MY Dance? What Makes Something Bouncy?
Nessy forgot that today was the day of the Dance Off, and he doesn't have a dance. He and Jessy go in search of inspiration.

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Why Won't Doodle Play With Us? How Do We Stop Your Angry Feelings From Ruining Your Fun?
Jessy and the gang are playing, when Squiggles arrives with her pal, Doodle. But no matter what they try, Doodle just won't join in.

Watch Jessy & Nessy Season 1 Episode 11 Now

Why, Oh Why, Do Messes Happen? How Can I Make My Wish Come True?
When Jessy and Nessy start looking for Nessy's pirate hat, they accidentally make a Mess. When Muriel and Knock add to the Mess, making it bigger, it turns into a sea of Mess, a ship heading straight for Hazel and Birch!

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Does My Reflection Always Do What I Do? Where Do Shadows Go When the Light Is Off?
Jessy wonders if her reflection always does everything she does. Herself and Nessy find different ways to see their reflections.

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How Can We Stop YAWN-ing? Why Does Someone Snore?
Nessy has set up a movie night in the park to watch Duckie's favourite film -but no-one can concentrate because everyone keeps yawning. It takes some effort, but they finally figure out how to stop (making a new friend in the process).

Watch Jessy & Nessy Season 1 Episode 8 Now

Does Everything Fall Down? How Can I Balance on My Bike Without My Training Wheels?
When Nessy keeps dropping his ice-cream, repeatedly, Jessy is Curious - Does everything falls down? Nessy is Curious too, but in the opposite way - do some things fall up?

Watch Jessy & Nessy Season 1 Episode 7 Now

How Do You Get the Hiccups? How Do You Stop an Itch?
Nessy wants to show Jessy his big magic trick but his hiccups keep getting in the way. Jessy is Curious - How do you get the hiccups?

Watch Jessy & Nessy Season 1 Episode 6 Now

Where Could Squiggles' Blankie Have Gone? Where Else Can We Find Echoes?
Squiggles' favourite Blankie has gone missing and she's upset. Jessy is Curious - Where could her Blankie have gone?

Watch Jessy & Nessy Season 1 Episode 5 Now

How Do We Cheer Our Friends Up? How Do Airplanes Stay Up in the Sky?
Dotty and the Dotlets are upset when they can't play basketball anymore. Jessy is Curious - How can they cheer their friends up?

Watch Jessy & Nessy Season 1 Episode 4 Now

How Did My Hair Get Like This? How Can We Make Fog Go Away?
It's the day of the Cara Park Picnic, but Jessy has woken up with Helmet Hair! Jessy is Curious - How can she get her hair back to its usual messiness for the Picnic Picture?

Watch Jessy & Nessy Season 1 Episode 3 Now

How Can I Help You So You're Not Afraid of Thunder and Lightning? Why Is the Moon Out During the Day?
Nessy is running his first ever race! But when he realises a storm is coming, he gets too scared to run.

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Why Is It So Windy Today? Where Can We Find Quiet?
Nessy has found a red ribbon, when, uh-oh, the ribbon blows away! Poor Nessy! Jessy is Curious - Why is it so windy today? Maybe if they find out, they'll find Nessy's ribbon? Jessy's trying to write a song but there are too many noisy distractions. Together with Nessy, she goes in search of Quiet. Jessy is Curious - Where is Quiet? And if she finds it, will she be able to finish her song in time?

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Jessy & Nessy is a refreshing, innocence-laden, and captivating animation series on Prime Video released in the year 2020. The backbone of this series revolves around the fascinating, symbiotic relationship between two adorable characters whose daily adventures strike a perfect balance between educating the young audience and holding their attention with mesmerizing storytelling. Children from around the globe have been delighted by the show's ingenuity, charm, and impartation of important life lessons crafted in an age-appropriate narrative.

Jessy, the star of this series, is a fun-loving, adventurous little girl with an innate curiosity, boundless enthusiasm, and a perpetual thirst for learning about the world around her. She has a special pair of magical glasses that she calls her "Inspectacles." These aren't your usual pair of spectacles; these are imbued with magical properties that allow Jessy to see and interact with a previously unseen world, teeming with intriguing and innovative elements designed to pique the curiosity of youngsters. This unseen world—which exists alongside our own—is filled with extraordinary creatures, magical scenarios, and endless possibilities, opening up a realm of exploration limited only by one's imagination.

Standing by Jessy's side in all her adventures is Nessy, her best friend and confidante. Nessy is an adorable, playful sea monster residing in the liquids around the globe—be it the sea, a water fountain, or even a small pet's water bowl. Nessy's character is fashioned to complement Jessy's personality, often lending a calming, placid demeanor to Jessy’s energetic, fiery presence. This agreeable dynamic between the two forms the basis of their interactions and their journey of discovery.

As the vivacious duo explores this secret world together, they navigate through various challenges, embark on exciting quests, and learn valuable lessons. Jessy & Nessy does not teach lessons in the traditional sense; instead, it encourages problem-solving, curiosity-driven exploration, resilience, and friendship. Their adventures also ignite discussions on more profound themes like empathy, tolerance, and respect for diversity, thereby promoting social, emotional, and cognitive development.

The secret world of Jessy and Nessy often involves enigmatic situations and puzzles that need to be solved. These puzzles stimulate critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and learning by immersion. The fact that these situations are embedded in an entertaining narrative only enhances the educational experience offered by the series.

The animation style of Jessy & Nessy is bold, bright, and appealing. The use of vibrant and playful colors is a visual treat that simultaneously stimulates mood and creativity. Each episode effortlessly manages to immerse the young audience in a world that straddles the delicate line between fantasy and reality. The illustrations are kept simple, enabling children to focus on the story and its inherent lessons. The silly humor injected into the narrative keeps the atmosphere light and enjoyable.

The distinctive characteristic of Jessy & Nessy is its ability to fuse education and entertainment seamlessly. The intellect of the child is respected and nourished by offering smart, engaging content that aims to foster their overall development. Character interactions reinforce values like teamwork, respect, compassion, and determination, while simultaneously teaching children to be observant and to question the world around them.

In sum, Jessy & Nessy is a heartwarming tale of friendship, exploration, and discovery. Its uniqueness lies in the subtle and skillful blend of education, critical thinking skills, character development, and entertainment, making it an ideal pick for children who love to learn new things. The endearing chemistry between Jessy and Nessy, combined with their thrilling, enlightening adventures, leaves viewers eager to join in on their next exploration. The inclusive and accepting world of Jessy & Nessy brings learning to life in the most magical way possible, transforming the viewing experience into an exciting educational journey. Whether it's a new lesson or just simple fun, Jessy and Nessy are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Jessy & Nessy is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 20 episodes, the show debuted on 2020. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.6.

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How can I watch Jessy & Nessy online? Jessy & Nessy is available on Prime Video with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Jessy & Nessy on demand at Amazon Prime online.

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