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Fly Boy
Reacher finally comes face-to-face with Langston as we learn the brutal truth about Swan. An all-out war between our heroes and Langston

Watch Reacher Season 2 Episode 8 Now

The Man Goes Through
Laid low by the tragic death of an ally, Reacher and the 110th regroup, but have no time to mourn. Reacher and his team are attacked and brutalized, resulting in Reacher having to put together a desperate plan that has to work or the everyone in the 110th, including himself, will die.

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New York's Finest
As the mystery continues to unfold, Reacher and his team set a trap to even the score.

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Neagley and Dixon discover shocking information about an old friend in Denver while Reacher and O’Donnell learn more about the nefarious and mysterious A.M.

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A Night at the Symphony
Reacher and his team head to Boston to track down a political aide with insider knowledge of a top secret military-defense contract that may be the reason behind their friends’ deaths.

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Picture Says a Thousand Words
After learning some devastating news, Reacher returns to New York and forges an uneasy alliance with NYPD Detective Russo. Meanwhile, Neagley and Dixon follow up on their only lead.

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What Happens in Atlantic City
Reacher and the team bring another 110th member, Karla Dixon, onto the case and travel to Atlantic City in search of Sanchez and Orozco, two more of their missing military comrades. But Atlantic City turns out to be a city where our heroes wind up gambling with their lives as thugs are sent to take them out for good.

Watch Reacher Season 2 Episode 2 Now

Reacher and Neagley investigate the murder of a member of 110th, a group of Special investigators assembled by Reacher, only to realize the whole unit may be at risk.

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Reacher is an action-packed crime drama series released by Prime Video in 2022. Based on the compelling Jack Reacher book series by Lee Child, the TV show brings to life one of the most iconic characters in the crime thriller genre. The series offers an arresting narrative with a skillful blend of mystery, suspense, and occasional bouts of humor. Alan Ritchson plays the titular role of Jack Reacher, a drifter and former U.S. Army military police major. After leaving the military, Reacher roams across the United States, taking odd jobs and occasionally entangling himself in dangerous situations. Each new place he visits seems to hold a fresh mystery waiting to be solved or a crime begging for justice. Reacher has a knack for finding himself right in the middle of the action, using his intelligence, strength, and military training to help those in need. Ritchson's portrayal of Reacher, complete with the character's massive physical stature and quiet intensity, is noteworthy. Malcolm Goodwin stars as Chief Detective Oscar Finlay, a dedicated and tireless detective who often finds himself working alongside Jack Reacher. Goodwin's character, although initially wary of Reacher's involvement in his investigations, grows to appreciate Reacher's unique skill set and insights. Willa Fitzgerald plays Roscoe Conklin, a small-town Georgia detective who meets Reacher and gets caught up in the action. Much like Goodwin's character, she is initially skeptical of Reacher but eventually sees his value. Fitzgerald brings to life a character that is strong, resourceful, and rarely shaken, making her an ideal counterpoint to Reacher's character. The storyline of Reacher stays true to the ethos of Lee Child's novels. Each episode presents a unique mystery, but there is an overarching narrative that ties everything together. The writing is sharp and engaging, filled with clever plot twists and proliferous suspense that faithfully captures the essence of the Jack Reacher novels. The atmospheric sets, careful staging, and nuanced direction add to the series' distinctive appeal. The dynamic camerawork and richly layered visuals contribute in creating a compelling, captivating narrative landscape for the character-driven story. Each episode of Reacher immerses the viewers into distinctive environments, from quiet, unsuspecting small-town locales to the darker corners of urban cities - embodying Reacher's transient lifestyle. Reacher also takes time to delve into the psyche of its titular character and explore his past, allowing viewers glimpse into what makes him the lone wanderer that he is. As the series takes you on his nomadic journey, the elegance of Jack Reacher's character unfolds - he’s a man of few words who speaks through his actions. The fight sequences and action scenes are choreographed remarkably, paying homage to Reacher's military background, his physical prowess, and his knack for strategic thinking. Reacher's towering figure, coupled with his steady, unflappable demeanor, make even the most menacing threats seem manageable. However, beneath all the action-packed encounters and thrilling adventure, there exists a subtle critique of social inequalities, injustice, and the often-overlooked plight of small-town America, adding depth to the narrative. One of the most impressive aspects of the show is its casting and performances. Each actor, led by Ritchson, delivers a strong performance, humanizing characters who could otherwise easily fall into stereotypes. The chemistry between the cast forms a vital part of the show's appeal, making the character relations and interactions feel authentic, creating an immersive viewing experience. Reacher is a series that allows the viewer to experience Jack Reacher's world in visual form. It borrows elements from the conventional crime-thriller genre and adds a distinctive flavor through its central character, whose silent intensity, physical prowess, and astute detective skills place him in a league of his own. For fans of Lee Child’s books and new viewers alike, Reacher is perfect for a suspense-filled, action-packed viewing experience. It successfully presents a faithful and engaging representation of its source material that viewers will find hard to resist. The series will undoubtedly leave its audience eagerly anticipating the next twist in Reacher's journey.

Reacher is a series categorized as a . Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 16 episodes, the show debuted on 2022. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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