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Jane Eyre Episode 11
St. John makes Jane a proposition. He has a missionary's job in the Cape, and wants her to go with him - as his wife. Jane is shocked. She knows St. John does not love her, but he is relentless. He argues Jane has relinquished any desire of finding love. In which case, she must use her life to find salvation through God's work. Deeply torn, Jane goes up to the moors, where she hears Rochester's voice calling her name. She knows she must go to him. Jane returns to find Thornfield a blackened ruin. A year earlier, in the middle of the night, Bertha escaped the North Tower and set Thornfield ablaze. Rochester followed her to the roof, but Bertha plunged to her death before he could save her. Jane finds Rochester at Ferndean Manor, blind and still gravely injured. He recognizes Jane instantly, and is overwhelmed by her return to him. But Rochester wants a wife, not a nursemaid.

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Jane Eyre Episode 10
On a walk across the moors, Jane meets the beautiful, wealthy Rosamond Oliver. She is clearly in love with St.

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Jane Eyre Episode 9
Jane wanders the moors, penniless and starving. Utterly exhausted, she lies down in a final act of surrender to the elements.

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Jane Eyre Episode 8
Two nights before the wedding, Jane has a nightmare and wakes with a start to a yet more terrifying vision of a strange woman in her bedroom. She wants to believe Rochester's explanation that it was part of her dream, but the results are scarily real - Jane's wedding veil has been ripped in two.

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Jane Eyre Episode 7
Jane receives a visit from Bessie, the maid at the Reed house. She brings bad tidings: Mrs. Reed is dying and asking for Jane. As Jane drives away, she sees Rochester and Blanche out riding together and worries what might happen in her absence. Jane returns to Gateshead Hall, the scene of her childhood misery. Mrs. Reed is on her deathbed, following her son John's excessive debauchery and subsequent death. Her cousins, Eliza and Georgiana, treat Jane with great condescension. Georgiana has become extremely vain, whilst Eliza claims she will wash her hands of Georgiana after her mother's funeral and spend the rest of her life in a convent. Mrs. Reed raves in her delirium about Jane Eyre being a nightmare child. But in a more lucid moment, her true feeling of guilt about Jane becomes far clearer. Three years earlier, Mrs. Reed received a letter from Jane's uncle, John Eyre.

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Jane Eyre Episode 6
Rochester returns with a house party. The guests cover a cross-section of high-society, among them the Ingram family, including the opinionated, aristocratic Lady Ingram and her striking daughter Blanche.

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Jane Eyre Episode 5
Although he is taciturn, and often moody, Rochester is impressed by Jane's spirit. Increasingly drawn to her, he begins to engage her in long, intimate conversations.

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Jane Eyre Episode 4
Thornfield is a vast estate, forbidding at first with its endless corridors and different wings. But Jane soon settles in, after a warm welcome from the jolly housekeeper Mrs.

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Jane Eyre Episode 3
The whole school suffers an epidemic of typhus that kills a large proportion of the students. Brocklehurst is deposed, and conditions finally improve.

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Jane Eyre Episode 2
The school is freezing; the conditions unbearably austere. Jane hates her time there, particularly the attempts by Brocklehurst to kill her spirit and individuality.

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Jane Eyre Episode 1
Orphaned as a child, Jane Eyre is brought up in the cruel and loveless household of her aunt, Mrs. Reed, at Gateshead Hall.

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Jane Eyre is a captivating British television drama series, developed by the renowned BBC network, first broadcast in 2006. It is adapted from Charlotte Bronte’s classic novel of the same name. This thrilling four-part mini-series boasts an impressive ensemble cast led by Ruth Wilson, Toby Stephens, Georgie Henley, Tara Fitzgerald, Pam Ferris, Claudia Coulter and Christina Cole.

Ruth Wilson flawlessly embraces the role of Jane Eyre, the young orphaned protagonist, brilliantly embodying the character’s independent spirit, keen intelligence and strong moral conscience. Starting from her tough childhood experiences in Gateshead and progressing towards her maturation into a strong-willed young woman, Wilson’s portrayal helps viewers to understand the trials any tribulations that shape and define Jane's identity.

Toby Stephens plays Edward Rochester, the mysterious yet charismatic master of Thornfield with an equally compelling allure. His layered interpretation of the complex character swings between a charmingly enigmatic exterior to a vulnerable interior, thus echoing Rochester’s multilayered persona in the novel. The dynamic and palpable chemistry between Wilson and Stephens lends itself to creating a captivating viewing experience.

The reprisal of Jane’s younger self by the talented Georgie Henley breathes authenticity into the narrative by introducing viewers to the experiences that shape Jane’s formidable character traits in her later life. Coupled with Tara Fitzgerald’s frigid portrayal of Jane's cruel aunt, Mrs Reed, the scenes of Jane's early life are imbued with a tragic aura that set the tone for her later resilience.

Pam Ferris appears as Mrs. Fairfax, the kindly housekeeper at Thornfield who provides comfort and companionship to Jane. Ferris excellently captures Mrs Fairfax’s caring nature and quiet apprehension, thereby adding an element of warmth and contrast to the enigmatic and oppressive air of Thornfield Hall.

Towards the supporting cast, Claudia Coulter and Christina Cole depict Blanche Ingram and Rosamund Oliver, respectively; both characters' interactions with Jane add intrigue and suspense to the plotline. Their performances reflect the social dynamics and class distinctions of Victorian England, while simultaneously offering insight into the respective characters' personalities.

The 2006 adaptation of Jane Eyre maintains an unerring fidelity to the source material, bringing the Victorian era to life through sumptuously decorated set pieces, atmospheric landscapes and authentic, epoch-appropriate costumes. The series beautifully weaves elements of romance, suspense and gothic horror, to mirror the intricacies of the original novel. Themes such as social class, morality, the nature of true love, and women’s independence are portrayed with sensitivity and depth. The characters' complex emotions and interactions create an absorbing landscape of intrigue, emotion, and suspense that keeps the audience engaged throughout the series.

With artfully composed scenes and impeccable performances embodying the timeless characters, this dramatisation of Jane Eyre beautifully enlivens the nuanced narrative and intricate relationships from Bronte’s magnum opus. Moreover, the emotional depth explored and the indomitable spirit of Jane, brought to life by Ruth Wilson’s remarkable performance, makes the viewers resonate with the story on a humanistic level, far beyond the barriers of the historical context.

The soundtrack composed by Rob Lane is a distinct highlight, adroitly capturing the spirited essence and the dramatic shifts in the storyline. The music complements the acting performances seamlessly and is integral to the overall emotive storytelling of the series.

Directed by Susanna White, and beautifully written by Sandy Welch, the series adheres closely to Bronte's original while simultaneously making it accessible for a modern audience. The experience is heightened by Adriano Goldman's superb cinematography which vividly captures the series' stark, yet beautiful landscapes, the hauntingly gothic Thornfield Estate, thus encapsulating the novel's juxtaposition of grandeur and austerity, horror and beauty - an imagery that harmoniously engross all viewers.

In conclusion, BBC’s take on Jane Eyre is a compelling coming-of-age narrative set against the backdrop of 19th century England, a story which explores societal norms, and critiques class disparities, morality and gender roles. It is a must-watch for fans of period dramas, classic literature, and exceptional cinematic storytelling.

Jane Eyre is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 11 episodes, the show debuted on 1983. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.3.

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