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The crew heads to Plantation, Fla., to bring Costa Rica to a young family's home. Lucas builds the ultimate jungle backyard that includes a beach volleyball court, a huge swim-in grotto and a spa, complete with a giant water wall and a rain curtain.

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Rocks Of Love
Lucas is tasked with creating a Mediterranean backyard resort with a Caribbean twist for a client's wedding anniversary. The team builds a paradise dream complete with a 30-person infinity edge spa, more than 10 fire features and his first ever outdoor gym.

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Small Yard, Big Dreams
A caregiver gets her lifelong wish of having her own pool; Lucas faces a pressure of building a dream pool in a small backyard; and the team transforms the family's yard into a little oasis with big potential.

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Sliding Into Neverland
Lucas creates a sports area, a sun shelf and his first covered slide; and golfer J.B. Holmes says he never wants to grow up, but his wife wants relaxation.

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Top Of The Mountain
Lucas heads west to Bountiful, Utah, to build a dream backyard on the side of a mountain. Faced with many challenges, he creates a Tuscan-theme pool complete with a spa, the biggest linear fire wall he's ever built and a grotto with a 23,000-lb.

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Dream Mulligan
Lucas is tasked with repairing and remodeling an unusable pool for a famous golfing family. He creates an ocean-themed pool with fire features, an infinity edge, and his first water couch.

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PiÑa Pool-ada
Lucas collaborates for the first time with a local design team. He creates a tropical oasis complete with an island, one of the largest grotto rocks he has ever used, and a tiki-themed cabana.

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What's Up Dock?
Lucas builds a giant pool for a friend turned client. He then creates a dream backyard complete with a dock, large cascading waterfalls, firepit, and an audio/visual entertainment swim-up bar.

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Giant Grotto & Tranquil Temple
Lucas and the team are tasked to build two very different pools for two very different clients. While one wants a giant grotto and waterfall, another wants a tranquil backyard retreat.

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Waterpark Pool Party
Lucas and the team are called up to build two pools that maximize the fun! One will be a waterpark inspired pool party, while the other will take inspiration from a relaxing resort atmosphere.

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Ultimate Backyard Paradises
Lucas leaves his comfort zone to build a pool fit for a Roman palace on the Gulf of Mexico.

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From Mild to Wild
Lucas heads to Tampa to take on his most epic backyard pool to date.

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Rockin' Pools
The best of the best 'natural' rock pools, some of pool artist Lucas Congdons top work, are revealed.

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Insane Pools: Off the Deep End is an enthralling show that first aired on Animal Planet in 2015. The primary protagonist of the series is Lucas Congdon, a masterful and innovative pool designer who goes beyond the basics to create extravagant, aesthetically striking as well as functional custom-made pools. Transcending the boundaries of traditional pool design, Congdon and his team, composed of the best in the business, works hard to revolutionize backyards into recreational paradise, no matter the size or shape.

The premise of the show is dramatic yet straightforward. Every week, Congdon and his team encounter a new challenge posed by their clients, ranging from natural pool settings to luxurious pool resorts equipped with opulent waterfalls, grottos, swim-up bars, and state-of-the-art facilities. Regardless of the project's complexity, they consistently come up with a mesmerizing piece of aquatic art.

Congdon, the visionary designer based in Florida and the owner of Lucas Lagoons Inc., is renowned for his expertise in building award-winning 'natural pools.' Natural pools, contrary to conventional ones, mimic nature and aim to create a piece of the wilderness in one's backyard. They’re specifically designed to blend in seamlessly with the natural environment, and Congdon is a maestro at crafting this illusion of the wild.

Congdon's approach takes him deep into the elements of not just designing the pools, but also crafting a complete aquatic ecosystem that complements the lifestyle of his clientele. The show offers a heady mix of artistic flair and practical know-how, providing viewers with a blend of design aesthetics, engineering, and landscaping. It isn't just about transforming a backyard space with a pool but creating a personal oasis that truly resonates with the clients' dreams and desires - a place they may never want to leave.

Supporting Congdon throughout this mission are his mother, Jane Werley, the accounts manager; spectacular stone mason, John 'Old Man' Messner; spectacularly eccentric designer and artist, Matt 'Sunshine' Schuler; and rookie, Chris 'Crash' Warren. Each episode showcases the unique dynamics and chemistry of this tight-knit group, their camaraderie, their conflicts, the problem-solving, and the collective vision - all adding to the overall charm and engaging nature of the series.

The show's charm lies in its unpredictability. Each episode unfolds a unique demands set by the clients, which necessitates a new and refreshing approach. As a result, every project becomes a case study in innovation, keen design, and resilience, providing not only riveting entertainment but also an insight into the world of unique and luxurious pool design.

A typical episode starts with a basic outline where Congdon and his team meet with the client to discuss their needs, wants, and dreams for their ultimate backyard oasis. We then see the design and planning process where ideas are brainstormed, alongside technical layouts and strategies to execute the plan. The show does an excellent job of explaining the design process, giving viewers an understanding of the complexities involved in each project.

Next, it's time for the on-field work where excavation, construction, artistic detailing, etc., take place. All the while, Congdon guides his team and the viewers through the process, narrating his design philosophy and engineering secrets. The grand climax is undoubtedly the final big reveal when the clients see their dream backyard come to life.

The show's magic is in the ‘wow’ factor of the transformation; from ordinary backyard into aquatic paradises that one typically finds in opulent resorts or exotic locations. The moment when the clients first lay their eyes upon the completed work, filled with joy, amazement, and sometimes, even disbelief, is a visual treat indeed.

Insane Pools: Off the Deep End offers an escape into a world where dreams and reality merge beautifully. It's not just about pools; it’s about the craftsmanship, the talent, the dedication, the realization of a dream, and the journey in between. Whether you're a fan of home improvement, interested in design, or simply looking for an engaging show, this series will definitely captivate your imagination.

Insane Pools: Off the Deep End is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 33 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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