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Rustic Room Gets City Redo
Matt Muenster puts a chic spin on a ski lodge-style living room in Utah by combining industrial accents with natural materials.

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Nature Lover's Lounge
Bryan Baeumler turns a lackluster backyard into a lush outdoor lounge. Bryan's transformation includes lavish lounge and dining areas, a massive koi fish pond, a cozy fire pit area, an artist studio and a waterfall!

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Chic Rustic Retreat in Rockies
Robert and Cortney Novogratz transform a dated '80s living room into a chic, modern lounge. With a panoramic view of the Salt Lake City Valley as the centerpiece, they redo the fireplace, bring in a vintage pool table and more.

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Antonio Ballatore Transforms '50s Kitchen & Living Room into Modern Great Room With '60s Twist
HGTV'd joins forces with talented designer Antonio Ballatore in scenic Salt Lake City to help engaged couple, Ana and Todd transform their 1950s living room and kitchen into an updated kitchen with a great room.

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HGTV'd is a popular home improvement show that graced the screens of HGTV viewers in 2011. The eye-catching premise of the program is built around transformational design and redecoration. In the exciting world of HGTV'd, the channel's most well-known and loved designers and contractors get to show off their skills across America, turning unsightly spaces into exquisite marvels!

Each episode of HGTV'd is a unique thrill-ride where, to the homeowner's surprise, a design expert from HGTV turns up at their doorstep. These experts are the cream of the crop, each a charismatic and knowledgeable professional in their field. The show hosts a star-studded lineup including popular names, such as Taniya Nayak, Vern Yip, Jamie Durie, and more. Each one brings a fresh perspective and a unique design style to revamp the spaces on the show.

The series captures the stylistic transformation of a given space, be it a patio, living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even an entire house. At this point, the designers, along with architects, builders, and remodelers, roll up their sleeves and start recreating these spaces. This process is also a learning curve for viewers, as it entails the meticulous crafting of visual narratives, skillful demonstrations of design planning and execution, continuous before-and-after narratives and the unveiling of bright, stylish, sophisticated, and eye-pleasing spaces.

One of the most captivating elements of HGTV'd is the surprise factor. Homeowners are typically aware that a design transformation is about to take place at their house but unaware of which HGTV star will be undertaking the task or what their vision would entail. Viewers share in the excitement as they accompany the homeowners on this emotional roller-coaster ride filled with anticipation, anxiety, and, ultimately, immense satisfaction!

Blended with this, riveting human stories of the homeowners make the series more personable and relatable. Their background, lifestyle, aspirations, and specific needs are key in shaping the designs. This results in creative, unique, and functional designs suitable for a wide variety of homeowners. Whether it is making a space toddler-friendly, creating a home office, revitalising an outdated living room or maximising the utility of a limited patio space, the experts customise their projects to meet the individual needs of the homeowners.

Run-time for each episode of HGTV'd is approximately an hour, but the time seems to fly as viewers are taken on a creative journey covering brainstorming sessions, sourcing materials, dealing with unexpected problems, the construction and design process, and the final glamorous reveal.

But the allure of HGTV'd extends beyond the television screen, as it simultaneously maintains an online presence. Viewers can access additional home decor tips, behind-the-scenes footage, and homeowners' reaction videos. This interactive experience forms a part of the series' clever strategy to keep its audience glued to not just the television, but also their smartphones and computers.

That said, HGTV'd is not just about aesthetics; it is also about practicality. The show spreads awareness about going green and the necessity of sustainable designs. Several episodes emphasise the use of recycled materials, energy-efficient appliances, and water-conserving fixtures. By encompassing these components, HGTV heroes prove that stylish spaces and ecological responsibility can coexist, nudging viewers towards more sustainable choices at home.

In conclusion, HGTV'd is a wholesome package that brings together heart-warming stories, spectacular transformations, and unquestionable design inspiration. It is a delightfully engaging TV program that not only reinvents physical spaces but also connects with viewers on a deeper emotional and educational level. For fans of home improvement and design fantasy, HGTV'd is must-watch television. A real cliffhanger comes when a fresh episode begins and viewers are left wondering, "Whose home will be HGTV'd next?"

HGTV'd is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 17 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers..

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How can I watch HGTV'd online? HGTV'd is available on HGTV with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch HGTV'd on demand at Amazon Prime, Discovery+, HGTV, Philo, Sling online.

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