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Escape from Death Valley
California's Death Valley is one of the toughest places to survive on the planet. Andy heads into this desolate landscape hoping his tech will keep him alive in a place where few things can survive.

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Deadly Glacier
Andy is stuck on a remote glacier in Alaska, a dangerous landscape almost completely devoid of life and resources. To escape back to civilization, he will need to hack his tech gear to battle the snow and cold that makes this place so deadly.

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Desert Island Castaway
Andy is stranded alone on an island in the Pacific Ocean, and with a tropical storm looming, he must use his tech to find food and stay alive.

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Alaskan Ice Forest
Andy braves a remote forest in Alaska, a terrain that's rugged, wet, and cold. To make it back to civilization, he must use his tech to devise his tech to stay warm, stay dry, and stay alive.

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Curse of the Jungle
Andy tries to survive a remote tropical jungle, one of the most rain-soaked and challenging places on earth. Making his electronic equipment work in this environment will push his hacking skills to the limit, but he'll have to do it to make it back home.

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The Black Bayou
Andy braves the Louisiana swamp, a deadly place packed with alligators, snacks, and dangerous predators. Andy rigs his bag of tech to create fresh water, gather food, and escape back to civilization.

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Hacking the Wild is an engrossing survival-themed television series that aired on Science Channel in 2017. This show smartly combines science, nature, and technology, offering a new perspective on survival skills. It mirrors humanity’s age-old struggle against the forces of nature, imbued with a modern technological twist.

The show is led by Andy Quitmeyer, an adventurous and energetic host with a background in digital technology and biology. He is a unique mix of explorer, adventurer, inventor, and hacker who showcases his capabilities across various challenging environments throughout the series. Quitmeyer, a former research scientist at Georgia Tech University, utilizes his deep understanding of technology and biology to devise creative strategies for survival.

In each episode of Hacking the Wild, viewers see Quitmeyer in a new, remote location fraught with environmental dangers and survival challenges. The locations range from forests and deserts to mountains, mangroves, and even frozen tundras. These areas are notorious for their unpredictable weather, treacherous landscapes, and diverse wildlife.

Unlike other survival-themed shows, Hacking the Wild deals less with brute strength or extreme survival tactics and more with science and technology-oriented solutions. Quitmeyer, armed with nothing but a few electronic waste and his knowledge, demonstrates how anyone can survive in the wilderness through resourcefulness and smart techniques. Throughout the series, he outlines different ways to find food, water, shelter, and navigation aids, leveraging the bare minimum resources and transforming them into crucial survival tools with his hacking skills.

In the process, Quitmeyer puts together makeshift communication devices, creates survival aids from discarded pieces of electronics, and sets up emergency signal systems, unraveling surprising survival strategies in each episode. His hacking and survival tactics are beautifully juxtaposed with his survival journeys' inherent hardships, creating an emotional resonance that captivates viewers.

The show is particularly focused on exploring the cutting-edge field of digital survival, where Quitmeyer demonstrates how common digital technology can be repurposed in survival situations. For instance, he shows how patients with pacemakers can power them in the wilderness, making existing digital devices the key to survival. It is this union of high-tech ingenuity and primal survival instincts that gives Hacking the Wild its edge and relevance in a digitally dominated era.

Hacking the Wild is marked by stunning cinematography, which vividly captures the host’s quests against picturesque but fierce natural backdrops. This, combined with the dramatic storytelling style and Quitmeyer’s engaging persona, makes the series compelling and entertaining.

The series also serves an educational purpose, showcasing the practical applications of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in real-world situations. It elucidates the tremendous potential of science and technology in managing some of the world's most extreme environments. In doing so, it encourages more people, the younger generation in particular, to seek exciting, life-affirming adventures that take them out of their comfort zones.

Hacking the Wild underscores the power and beauty of technology-infused survival skills. It is more than just a TV show that talks about survival tactics. It's a powerful illustration of our interconnectedness with nature and how we can leverage technological advancements to navigate the wilderness's most challenging terrains.

In its own unique way, Hacking the Wild fosters a deeper appreciation for human ingenuity, our evolving relationship with technology, and how we can work in harmony with the natural world around us. It's an intriguing blend of adventure, innovation, and education, encapsulating how we can positively harness technology to engage with, and thrive within, nature.

Hacking the Wild is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a mostly poor reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 4.1.

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How can I watch Hacking the Wild online? Hacking the Wild is available on Science with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Hacking the Wild on demand at Amazon Prime, Science Channel, Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play online.

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