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The Proposal, Pt. 2
Upon her discovery, Jenny freaks out. When Mansfield takes a dislike to his soon-to-be son-in-law, Brody must save the day.

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The Proposal, Pt. 1
Mansfield's daughter is getting married and he's on the hunt for the perfect location. Meanwhile, Jenny discovers something in Brody's suitcase.

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The Mansfield Who Came to Dinner
Brody is concerned after Jenny invites Mansfield to dinner. The tension between Harvard and Lindsay boils over.

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Wicked Wedding
Mansfield weasels his way out of planning his daughter's wedding by pawning his wife off on Threepeat. Derrick tells Harvard he's taking things too fast with Lindsay.

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Love & Basketball
Brody is back where he belongs, and it's just in time for Mansfield's annual basketball tournament! He and Threepeat are excited, until Jenny decides she has something to prove and signs the ground floor up to play too.

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Brody is thrilled about his first day of his new job with his new boss until he gets his first assignment...

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The Break-Ups
A rival attracts some of Mansfield's top people, giving Brody hope that he'll get his job back. Meanwhile, Derrick and Jenny try to help Harvard move on and pursue new women, especially Lindsay.

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Space Invader
Brody is speechless when he gets his first ground floor paycheck. In an effort to downsize, he gives up his apartment and crashes with Jenny.

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Baked & Toasted
Brody is determined to get back to the top and tries to to get noticed by Mansfield. But the only people who seem to notice the extra effort are Derrick and Harvard who are worried that they may be put out of a job by him.

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In the second season premiere, Brody and Jenny return from Paris and Brody must own up to abandoning Mansfield, while Jenny has to deal with a spurned Harvard who has fired almost everyone on the ground floor.

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Ground Floor is a commendable sitcom that aired on TBS from 2013, co-created by Emmy Award winners Bill Lawrence and Greg Malins. The show features rising star Skylar Astin, fresh from his acclaimed performance in the box-office hit "Pitch Perfect". Ground Floor delivers a fresh twist to the traditional sitcom setup by cleverly playing on the universal theme of unlikely romance and harnessing the comedic potential of the class divide and office culture. The show revolves around Brody Moyer, played by Skylar Astin. Brody is a young, ambitious banker who has painstakingly climbed the ranks of Remington Trust, a leading financial firm. He is firmly part of the upstairs world, where he negotiates high-pressure deals in glass-walled offices. He appears to have it all, including a comfortable relationship with his stern boss, Remington Stewart Mansfield, and an education from an Ivy League school, which makes him detached from blue-collar problems. The twist comes when Brodney meets Jenny Miller (perfectly enacted by Briga Heelan), a charming and hardworking maintenance supervisor who exists in the 'downstairs' world of Remington Trust. Seemingly opposites, they share an unexpected night of passion which leads to a complicated relationship. Being on the ground floor, Jenny represents the unrecognized cogs in the wheel that keep the corporate machine running — the janitors, maintenance staff, and support teams. Jenny's crew includes tough-guy Harvard, naive Threepeat, deceptively tough and sassy Mansfield's assistant Tori, and gruff handyman Derrick, all vividly portrayed by an ensemble cast of talented actors. As Brody and Jenny negotiate the ups and downs of their unusual coupling, they traverse the comedic pitfalls of corporate culture, class divide, and the enormous gulf between their worlds. Skylar Astin and Briga Heelan showcase a delightful chemistry which beautifully encapsulates the joyous absurdity at the heart of this show. What sets Ground Floor apart is its warm-hearted perspective on the gap between the executive suite and the ground floor. It’s an insightful sitcom that points out the class disparities between corporate bigwigs and the workforce that literally keeps the lights on. It uses wit and humor to show that even in the corporate world, there's a human being with a heart and emotions behind every suit. Plus, the series also looks at how people can navigate romantic relationships that blur the line between personal and professional life. The show masterfully employs physical comedy, situational humor, and witty dialogues to highlight the absurdities often found within workplace dynamics. It's also a beautifully blend of traditional multi-camera sitcoms with a live audience and single-camera filming style, offering a much-needed breath of fresh air to the television comedy landscape. John C. McGinley, who collaborates with Bill Lawrence again after their successful stint in "Scrubs", offers a standout performance as the archetypical corporate boss — intimidating yet vulnerable, imperious yet endearing. As Remington Stewart Mansfield, he provides an intriguing blend of thought-provoking humor and stern authority. The palpable camaraderie of the ensemble cast benefits the overall dynamics of the show, making it all the more enjoyable. Ground Floor is, at its core, a smartly written and engaging commentary about navigating through the different levels of social and economic class within an American corporate setting. The show uses a lighthearted comedic approach to address these issues, making it an insightful and entertaining watch for a wide range of audiences. Every episode leaves the audience entertained, and often with a thought or two about the disparities of our societies. In spite of it being a sitcom, Ground Floor holds deeper meanings that reverberate with reality. Through the relationship between Brody and Jenny, we are introduced to the significant class differences that exist not only in corporate America, but in our everyday lives. This seemingly unlikely relationship also symbolizes that love, respect, and understanding can surpass any social or economic boundary, a message well worth watching for. With its unique blend of sharp comedy, relatable characters, and insightful themes, Ground Floor delivers a slice of relatable and thought-provoking television comedy. Not many shows balance entertainment and depth as seamlessly as Ground Floor does and that’s what makes it a standout sitcom.

Ground Floor is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 20 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

Briga Heelan, Skylar Astin, John C. McGinley, Rory Scovel, Rene Gube, Alexis Knapp, James Earl, Emily Heller
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