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Season 12 - Jeremy McGrath
Follow the seven-time AMA Supercross Champion Jeremy McGrath while he heads to the Team Honda test track to show Ashley Fiolek some riding tips.

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Season 12 - Preston Strout
As the owner of the ever-popular summer snowboard camp, High Cascade, Preston Strout must survive another chaotic season of campers, while trying to maintain an almost-professional snowboard career.

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Chad Reed
"In this episode of Firsthand, Australian born world SX Champion, Chad Reed, takes us behind-the-scenes of what it takes to stay on top. Chad claims his first National MX title before changing sponsors and heading home to Australia to catch up with his family and friends and compete in his very own Australian Supercross Series.

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Laura Hadar
"It's autumn in Salt Lake City and professional snowboarder Laura Hadar is getting ready for the upcoming snow season. First, Laura fulfills her sponsor obligation and heads to New Orleans for a Nikita photo shoot.

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Anthony Napolitan
Tag along with BMX game-changer, Anthony Napolitan, the first rider to ever land a Double Front-flip, as he travels the world in search of maximum shreddage. The adventure begins in Sao Paulo, Brazil where Anthony goes big on the Megaramp.

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Mike Mo Capaldi
"So. Cal. ripper and New Pollution Alum, Mike Mo Capaldi, stars in this episode of Firsthand. Follow Mike Mo as he skates his hometown of Simi Valley, California and visits one of his sponsor's private skateparks. Then watch as he joins Brandon Biebel and Jeron Wilson on the Matix Recession Session east coast tour that goes through Philadelphia, New York and Massachusetts."

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Alex Gray
"In this episode of Firsthand, we meet 23-year old professional surfer, Alex Gray. Alex grew up in Palos Verdes, CA, an area that exists in relative isolation despite its close proximity to the suburban sprawl of Los Angeles.

Watch Firsthand Season 11 Episode 12 Now

Craig Mast
Craig Mast steps into adulthood as he moves a 50' ramp from his family's farm in Ohio down to his new home in Greenville, NC. He pays a visit to Camp Woodward where he got his start and ends the episode with a full-blown music video for a song he wrote about his Firsthand appearance.

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Marie France Roy
Professional snowboarder, Marie-France Roy, relaxes during the off-season with a session at Camp of Champions, a surf trip to her Vancouver Island retreat, and some big wild mountain lions in the Andes.

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Brian Grubb
FUEL TV catches up with the winningest wakeskater in the world, Brian Grubb, as he spends his summer traveling and playing in-between contests. We'll meet his roommate Brandon Thomas, and wakeskate prodigy Chris Kallis at their home in Orlando.

Watch Firsthand Season 11 Episode 9 Now

Ryan Nyquist
For the past 10 years, Ryan Nyquist has been a household name in BMX, and one of the most accomplished pro riders in the world. Follow his Firsthand as he takes you through his summer of '09, starting in his hometown of San Jose, CA.

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Will Tant
While New York may not be on most pro surfers trip list, follow Will Tant as he explains how modeling brought him there and the dedication it takes to surf in the middle of winter. Next he's off to Nicaragua with fellow pro Jesse Hines and musician Braddigan as they work in a landfill that is home to over 1,500 people, take orphans surfing, and catch a huge south swell at the outer reef.

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Torey Pudwill
Nineteen-year-old professional skateboarder Torey Pudwill is on a mission. That mission is quite simple, skateboard as much as possible and make sure someone is there to document it.

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Keala Kennelly
Keala Kennelly is one of the premiere Big Wave women surfers in the world and proves this every time she goes out to surf. Hailing from the north shore of Kauai, Keala spends some time at home with the family and entertaining friends that are on vacation on the island.

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Kerry Getz
Kerry Getz is not just one of the top professional skateboarders in the world, he's also the proud owner of Nocturnal Skateboards. This skate shop in downtown Philadelphia has just turned nine years old, and Kerry celebrates the milestone by hosting a block party.

Watch Firsthand Season 11 Episode 4 Now

Damien Hobgood
We've got the goods on this one. Damien Hobgood that is... Wonder twin number two, the younger brother of CJ, lets us into his life in this episode of "First Hand". Visit Teahupoo in Tahiti and Jeffery's Bay South Africa as we follow Damo to two of the most spectacular surfing destinations in existence. See what tour life is like for the traveling professional surfer. Fittingly, it all wraps up back at home in California for the pro surfing veteran as this family man welcomes a new addition to the Hobgood clan, all this and more in this episode of Firsthand.

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Mat Rebeaud
When people think of FMX they generally think of Switzerland. At least they might once they hang out with Swiss freestyle rider Mat Rebeaud.

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Lance Mountain
In this episode of First Hand we meet up with legendary Pro Skateboarder Lance Mountain. At 45 he has been pro for 28 years and he is still going strong.

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Firsthand premiered on Fuel TV in 2003, quickly becoming a fan favorite. Known for casting a unique and unfettered light on the world of action sports, Firsthand followed the lives of professionals to capture the intersection of sports with culture and lifestyle.

The series was intensely dedicated to showcasing the intimate aspect of each athlete's life, going beyond mere competition and training. Firsthand was not simply about scoring points or winning matches. It aimed to broaden viewer's perception of what it meant to be a professional athlete in the action sports arena, which included snowboarding, surfing, BMX, wakeboarding, motocross, and skateboarding. Each episode was savvy in imbuing knowledge of these sports into the viewers, breaking down technical jargon with ease while also pulling back the curtain on some of the most exciting and visually stunning sports in existence today.

The show adopted a bold narrative format that eschewed traditional commentary in favor of allowing the athletes to speak directly to the audience. This "firsthand" perspective provided viewers with an authentic and often unpredictable look at the sporting world: the lifestyles, the accolades, the practice sessions, the challenges, the victories, and defeats. Audiences were granted raw and unfiltered access to the athletes, making the experiences on screen feel personal and tangible.

Each episode focused on a single athlete, following them through their daily routines and disciplines to major tournaments and events worldwide. It offered an exploration of their singular journeys, from the initial spark of passion that ignited their career to their current standing in the world of extreme sports. These narratives were supplemented with vivid, high-impact sequences of each athlete doing what they do best, be it a breathtaking downhill ski run, an awe-inspiring leap on a BMX bike or a nerve-wracking motocross race. Firsthand didn't shy away from highlighting the often underappreciated elements of their sports, such as the intensive training schedules and the risk of injuries.

Remarkably, Firsthand didn't just dwell on the physical aspects of the sports. It also delved into the psychological dimensions of pushing one's body to its extreme limits, routinely underscoring the mental strength, dedication, and resilience required to succeed in such a demanding field.

Furthermore, Firsthand was also notable for its exploration of the cultural impacts and significance of these sports. It revealed how the athletes were not just competitors but ambassadors for a profound and influential cultural movement, born from the urban and suburban landscapes worldwide. In underscoring their roles in shaping fashion, music, and youth culture, Firsthand transformed these athletes into figures of multidimensional interest, transcending their sports.

Shot with cinematic flair, each episode was a spectacle that pushed the boundaries of sports broadcasting, capturing the dynamic and high-octane nature of these sports. The camera work and editing were incredibly inventive, bringing viewers closer to the action than ever before with energetic follow shots and rarely seen perspectives. This visual dynamism heightened the palpable sense of adrenaline that's synonymous with these sports, making for an edge-of-the-seat viewing experience.

A show like Firsthand was made possible largely thanks to a highly skilled production team who were completely at home in the unfamiliar environments in which the athletes trained and competed. Rain or shine, snow or dust, they were in the thick of the action, capturing the raw energy and excitement without missing a beat.

Firsthand stands as a captivating documentary series, offering more than just the sweat and grit of sports. The show is an illuminating insight into sportsmen and sportswomen as individuals off the tracks and stadiums, revealing their passions, aspirations, and struggles. It showcases the diverse personalities within each sport while educating and entertaining its audience in equal measure. Its unique approach to sports broadcasting deserves applause, providing a comprehensive and engaging view of action sports that would be hard to find elsewhere.

Firsthand is a series categorized as a returning series . Spanning 12 seasons with a total of 181 episodes, the show debuted on 2004. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.4.

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