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In-depth interviews with the cast and creators of "TGIF"; THS celebrate the successes and struggles behind the biggest night in TV history.

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Billionaires: Fierce, Fearless and Filthy Rich
Badass billionaires Elon Musk, Jay-Z, and Sara Blakely harnessed their ambition to make a loud mark on the world. Revealing interviews share insights on three renegade entrepreneurs who bucked the status quo to amass the worlds biggest ...

Watch E! True Hollywood Story Season 16 Episode 9 Now

Pretty Ugly: Money, Rumors and Lies
YouTube beauty influencers are the new media moguls, creating a billion-dollar industry. As the stakes and paychecks grew, friendships among top beauty gurus turned into cuthroat competition leading to epic online battles, revealing a much darker side of beauty.

Watch E! True Hollywood Story Season 16 Episode 8 Now

Hollywood Mysteries
When the rich and famous suddenly vanish under suspicious circumstances the public hunts for the truth. Interviews and footage will explore some of Hollywood's most talked about cases including Brittany Murphy, Whitney Houston and the mysteries behind them.

Watch E! True Hollywood Story Season 16 Episode 7 Now

Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret made moguls out of models, and redefined the standard of beauty for an entire generation, but behind the scenes of this mega-retailer, there existed controversies and an apparent culture of toxicity. In all new interviews, insiders discuss what really went on off the runway.

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Transgender in Hollywood
A new generation of transgender actors, writers, producers and directors including Candis Cayne, Angelica Ross, Trace Lysette and Ian Alexander speak on breaking down barriers and pushing for new industry standards in storytelling.

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Brad Pitt
A true Hollywood icon and hearthrob, Brad Pitt rose to superstar status. He battled his way to the top and faced some tough personal challenges.

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Star Sisters
Beyoncé and Solange Knowles, Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears and Miley and Noah Cyrus are three iconic sets of siblings whose dynamics, unbreakable bonds and fierce support helped them navigate the harsh scrutiny of the celebrity spotlight.

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Death of Innocence
Selena, Christina Grimmie and Rebecca Schaeffer were three rising stars poised to rule the screen and stage, but their lives ended too soon by the deadly hands of obsessed fans. Selena's husband, Chris Perez and Christina's brother, Marcus Grimmie share intimate stories.

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Cardi B
The story follows the journey of Grammy award-winning artist, Cardi B and her unprecedented rise to fame. Before she took the music industry by storm, she had to overcome adversity and health issues.

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E! True Hollywood Story is an iconic documentary show that originated on the cable network E!, debuting in 1996. Renowned for its deep dives into the lives, careers and personal struggles of some of the most famous figures in Hollywood, the show has become a staple on the E! network and became a beloved part of pop culture.

Taking a longitudinal approach, E! True Hollywood Story aims to paint a comprehensive picture of its subjects, including actors, singers, models, and others from the entertainment industry. It entirely orients on detailing their journey, from their early life to successes, trials, controversies, failures, and sometimes even their tragic ends. The whole episode usually takes the shape of a series of interviews interjected with relevant archival footage and photographs, providing a multi-faceted representation of the life of the celebrity in focus.

One of the show's trademarks is its more investigative approach to its subjects. E! True Hollywood Story doesn't shy away from examining the controversies and scandals that have clashed with the public personas of these celebrities. It gives viewers a glimpse behind the glamorous facade, often showing clips from accounts by friends, family members, industry veterans, and entertainment journalists, who provide insider perspectives on the subject.

However, it is not strictly sensational—adding to its stardom, the show justly treats the lives of its subjects with respect and empathy. It balances optimism and tragedy, fame and failure, to portray the true essence of Hollywood beyond glitter and glamour. E! True Hollywood Story provides its viewers with more than just mere profiles of stars, offering instead authentic portrayals of people who lived their lives in the public eye, thereby lending itself gravitas that many other programs in the genre often lack.

The series covers a wide range of subjects, illustrating the diversity of personalities that exist within the entertainment industry. From actors like Drew Barrymore and comedians like Chris Farley to biographical stories on infamous cults caught up in a Hollywood scandal, such as the Manson family. E! True Hollywood Story delves into controversial issues and darker times but does so with sensitivity. It elicits the reality of life in the spotlight, the pressures of fame, and the many challenges these individuals face along the way.

Every episode in the series is its own story; each encapsulates enthralling narratives about fascinating figures in Hollywood. These episodes unfold like mysteries, offering unexpected twists and turns along the course of a single individual's life. The format ensures that viewers are drawn into these stories, regardless of their familiarity with the celebrity.

Interestingly, the show does not limit itself to people but also covers popular Hollywood phenomena, hotspots, movie franchises, television series, and other essential elements central to the industry—tracing the evolution, impact, and behind-the-scenes intrigues associated with these aspects. This unique approach sets E! True Hollywood Story apart, providing viewers with a broad and encompassing perspective on Hollywood.

The presentation style certainly deserves a mention. Unlike many similar shows, this program instills a sense of intimacy. The occasionally narrated sequences, which supplement interviews with influential people from the feature's life, render these stories relatable and compelling.

Running for multiple seasons, E! True Hollywood Story has provided viewers with fascinating insights into the lives of celebrities and uncovered the paths that led them to fame (or infamy). It does not merely glorify or indict the subjects but tries to provide a realistic and balanced portrayal of their lives. This is undoubtedly the reason why the show has remained ever enduring and has carved a niche for itself in the television landscape.

In summary, E! True Hollywood Story is a compelling documentary series that unearths the intricate personalities of some of Hollywood's most notable figures, offering engaging insights and narrations of their journeys, accomplishments, challenges, and sometimes, downfalls. With its narrative style and thorough research, this show is sure to captivate any viewer with an interest in the larger-than-life wheelings and dealings of the entertainment industry. It remains one of the longest-aired programs on E! and continues to be a beacon of intriguing celebrity culture and reportage.

E! True Hollywood Story is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 16 seasons with a total of 502 episodes, the show debuted on 1996. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.5.

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