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Salvador faces the biggest decision of his life as he hopes to save his daughter and restore peace to the Sons of Indra.

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Salvador must team up with Askar as the last chance he has to save his daughter.

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30 Pieces of Silver
Salvador works hard to help get Areta out, but Askar is not willing to help.

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The Snake in the Garden
Salvador and his followers start to plan a daring heist. Areta's identity is no longer a secret.

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The Prodigal Son
Areta decides to risk everything to save her father. Salvador must join with Dante one more time.

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The Catacombs
Salvador finds that he must become friends with the most powerful drug dealer so that he can survive his prison time.

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The Holy Grail
Askar decides he needs more control over his community. Salvador does some reorganization for his team and sees that his tactics must include politics.

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The Flock
When a woman from the Indra community comes to Salvador for help in searching for her lost son, all he finds is the heartbreaking truth.

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Dante has decided that in order to compete with Askar he must set up his own center to lure followers.

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The Wrath of Indra
Salvador finds out some details that could stop the Sons of Indra from registering as a religion.

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Lifting the Veil
Salvador decides to search out the truth behind Askar Hyrum and vows to expose him. His greatest task is now to win back his family.

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The Cave
Salvador Pereyra has returned from a 10 year journey in the Middle East searching for God. As he returns from Mexico, he finds that someone has plagiarized his work and his family has thought he was dead.

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Dios Inc., an original series from HBO in 2016, is a captivating and thought-provoking drama filled with intrigue, suspense, and plenty of supernatural phenomena. The show, which was made in Latin America and is primarily in Spanish, is a perfect blend of the supernatural, intrigue, and politics, serving as an intriguing commentary on today's complex socio-political climate. The 10-episodes series boasts of its creative narrative structure, standout performances, and innovative take on the long-debated interplay between faith, spirituality, and technological advancement.

The driving narrative strand revolves around the protagonist, Salvador Pereyra, played by acclaimed actor Rafael Sánchez Navarro, a skeptical and veteran investigative journalist. Pereyra stumbles across a series of inexplicable and allegedly divine miracles taking place in a desolate, isolated Mexican town. These extraordinary phenomena, capturing considerable public attention, gives rise to a new religion that begins to transform the region's socio-political milieu.

Salvador dives head-first into scrutinizing these miracles, aiming to expose the truth behind these unexplained events that are captivating the masses. He is determined to reveal through his investigations whether these are truly divine miracles, acts of science, or simply skillfully orchestrated scams meant to manipulate the believing masses. The search for truth becomes a dangerous and intense quest as he navigates a series of obstructions from the powerful and forces that don't want him to reveal the truth.

The plot of Dios Inc. thickens when entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, promptly noticing the growing impact of these miracles, decide to invest in the new religion, intending to turn it into a lucrative global brand. Consequently, the show poses complex ethical and moral questions about the commodification of faith, the stark boundaries between religion and business, and the manipulation of belief and hope for monetary gain.

Dios Inc. does not shy away from exploring tenuous dynamics between religious fanaticism, financial gain, and the ever-present human craving for the inexplicable and divine. It showcases an excellent ensemble cast, led by Navarro, making the characters come alive, further intensifying the intriguing narrative. The characters range from corrupt politicians and charismatic religious leaders to ambitious entrepreneurs and hopeful devotees, providing a plurality of viewpoints towards the central narrative.

The series is equally acclaimed for its top-notch production value. It offers some breathtaking cinematography, capturing both natural landscapes and claustrophic urban chaos, which further adds to the show's atmosphere of mystery and uncertainty. Additionally, the original score beautifully complements the storytelling, enhancing the series's inherent suspense and drama.

Created and written by Sergio Sánchez Suárez and Pepe Rapazote, Dios Inc. sees Suárez also serving as a director. The series is bolstered by the exceptional performances of an array of actors including Rafael Sánchez Navarro, Dalilah Polanco, and Erik Hayser, ensuring a compelling viewing for the audiences.

Though a product of fiction, Dios Inc. boldly steps into the real-world issues, closely inspecting the intersection of faith, skepticism, and capitalism. It poses pertinent questions challenging the viewer’s perspective towards faith and the lengths people will go to exploit it for personal gain. In its essence, it deals with gray shades of morality, providing viewers with material for thought and introspection, something that definitely sets it apart from conventional television dramas.

In conclusion, Dios Inc. is a unique and thrilling journey full of mystery, intrigue, and plenty of drama. The series transcends mere entertainment, offering viewers a profound exploration of socio-political and spiritual themes. It is a must-watch for those who like unraveling mysteries, contemplating deep existential questions, and are intrigued by the questions concerning faith, miracles, and the machinations thereof.

Dios Inc. is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.3.

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