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Norwich State Hospital
Dakota Laden saves the darkest, bleakest location for the last stop of one twisted road trip. This infamous psychiatric hospital in rural Connecticut is so diseased with dark history and demonic energy that it may be the final nail in the coffin for the "Destination Fear" team.

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Mid-Orange Correctional Facility
The team falls deeper into the darkness at a deteriorating juvenile detention center near a quiet New York village. Dakota Laden is eager to establish a close bond with the youthful spirits, but quickly discovers to be careful what you wish for in this nightmarish facility.

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Ashmore Estates
Alex Schroeder has a big surprise in store for Dakota Laden, Chelsea Laden and Tanner Wiseman when he takes them back to a decrepit Illinois poorhouse so scary that they swore never to return. But will tragic new information about this location force the team to re-evaluate the haunting?

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Winchester Mystery House
Chelsea Laden pulls the team out of the darkness and into the California sunshine ... but only for a minute as she plunges them into the haunted madness of a legendary mansion.

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Old Historic Harriman Hospital
Tanner Wiseman may have found the G.O.A.T. of all haunted locations when he picks out a deserted Tennessee hospital for the next stop. Rumors of bizarre hauntings swirl around this eerie, unexplored facility, but nobody can explain why. Can the team unlock its disturbing secrets?

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Defiance Jr. High School
The team learns the true meaning of "school spirit" at a vacant junior high school in Ohio. From jangling keys luring them to a killer custodian's lair to a mind-boggling encounter in the gym, Dakota Laden and crew are the victims of a non-stop haunted hazing.

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Cresson Sanatorium and Prison, Part Two
Dakota Laden's diabolical dive into darkness continues when he blindsides the team with a double dose of terror at an abandoned Pennsylvania sanatorium. Can they handle a night in the cell block where one of America's most horrific serial killers was housed?

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Cresson Sanatorium and Prison, Part One
The team faces a trifecta of terror at a decaying sanatorium in rural Pennsylvania. If a ghostly mimic and child spirits aren't enough to shake up the crew, Dakota Laden has a dark and twisted experiment up his sleeve to amp up the fear at this foreboding facility.

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Destination Fear is a thrilling documentary series on the Travel Channel, which began airing in 2019 and continued until 2023. The show set itself apart with a uniquely novel and unsettling twist on the traditional ghost hunting ethos. While most shows of the genre typically showcase professional paranormal investigators seeking evidence of the supernatural, Destination Fear updates this template by following ordinary people who are pushed into exploring a series of the most haunted locations across the United States. The unusual aspect is that they are not professionals or paranormal experts, but regular individuals who have to conquer their inherent fears and anxieties to explore these chilling locations.

The kindred group helming the series include Dakota Laden, a filmmaker who is passionate about the paranormal, his older sister Chelsea Laden, a registered nurse, and their best friend Tanner Wiseman. Later on, Cameron Trautman joins the group, further intensifying group dynamics and adding his distinctive perspective on the hauntings. The relationship and camaraderie among the group add a distinctive touch to the series, making it as much about their personal journey and evolution as it is about the supernatural investigations.

Each episode of Destination Fear portrays a unique setting and story, with a multitude of eerie locations such as abandoned asylums, deserted prisons, forgotten towns, and locations soaked in tragic history. The vivid cinematography takes viewers inside these dark and troubling places, instilling an atmospheric, chilling aura that translates some of the fears and apprehensions that the team members feel.

A defining aspect of the show is the night spent at each haunted location, where the members separate to spend the night alone, armed with just their camera gear. This approach heightens the tension and fear factor of the show, amplifying the scares and the sense of loneliness that permeates these desolate sites. As the group wrestles with their fear, viewers travel with them on their emotionally stirring journey, experiencing the terror, uncertainty, and the eventual triumph or resolution.

The essence of Destination Fear is to confront fear head-on and prove the existence of the unexplained. This approach forms a balance that both triggers terror and refutes skepticism. The fright factor is quite evident, with unnerving noises, spectral figures, and inexplicable events pushing the fear levels to a high point. However, the resolution is not always about validating spirits or paranormal phenomena, but often about the importance of courage and resilience in the face of terror.

Perhaps another aspect that makes Destination Fear unique is its authenticity, gone are the dramatic embellishments that typify such shows. The harshness of their experiences causes real reactions that make the viewer feel the grip of fear experienced by the team. The show has no scripted scares, no overdramatized reactions. Every feeling portrayed by the team is a genuine response to their chilling experiances.

Yet, as much as Destination Fear relishes its spine-chilling, fear-inducing moments, it also carries a serious historical undertone. As the team adventures into reportedly haunted sites, they also explore the history and tragedies these places have witnessed. Laden and his team give audiences not just a tour of paranormal experiences, but also a journey into the past that includes run-ins with the remnants of America's tragic history, such as the Civil War, slave trade, atrocities of the prison system, and the harsh conditions of asylums.

Ultimately, Destination Fear is a driving passion project of Dakota Laden that continuously tests the boundaries of fear through a mixture of paranormal exploration and experiential cinema. It's a risky, daring, and chilling adventure series that combines fear with friendship, history with horror, and resounding doses of raw courage. The show effectively balances suspense, humor, and camaraderie to prove that dealing with and understanding the unknown is as much about human connection as it is about specters, apparitions, and hauntings.

While Destination Fear might not be the most conventional ghost hunting show available, it offers an authentic, novel, and profoundly terrifying viewing experience with its unique mix of fear, friendship, and history. The show’s mix of raw emotion, heart-stopping scares, and historical insight make it a must-watch series for followers of the supernatural.

Destination Fear is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 47 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.1.

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