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To Catch a Cheat
Sexy Russian co-ed, Irina Zadornov falls for an aspiring lawyer, but she doesn't know he's still hot for an old flame. And later, when a Texas heartthrob, with a rotating slate of lovers, goes missing, investigators are left with no shortage of questions.

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Drowned by Love
In New Jersey, Kimberly Tetz has it all, but all good things come to an end when someone ends up on the losing end of a deadly ultimatum. And later, pianist Tom Whitney finally meets the love of his life, but this true love story will end on a sour note.

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Runaway Murder
A businessman with a family in California and a mistress in China thinks he has it all, but this international dalliance has deadly consequences. Then, in central Louisiana, an unlikely co-ed love triangle ends in murder, but there is more to this story.

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Three to Tango
A couple participates in a risky game of roulette while a man discovers his wife is cheating on him.

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Runaway Murder
A California businessman has a mistress in China. A deadly love triangle in Louisiana develops.

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Virtual Lust
A lonely man in Florida has a whirlwind romance with a flight attendant, but her secrets will soon lead him down a path of betrayal and murder...Then, in suburban Seattle, the real truth about a picture perfect family is revealed when someone vanishes.

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The Art of Murder
The residents of a small Kentucky town are puzzled when a rural home is the scene of a shootout.

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Playing with Hearts
In Sioux Falls' deaf community, Darlene Vander Giesen finds the perfect romance until a jealous friend severs the bond. Later, pilot Lance Anderson makes flight attendant, Kathi, his wife.

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Bound and Determined
The Tyburskis live a stormy suburban life right up to the day Dorothy Tyburski disappears. Will her daughter unlock the secret to what happened?

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Blood Ties
Examining the 2006 murder of Nevada controller Kathy Augustine and the 2012 death of her daughter.

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Burned by Desire
A marriage between two marines is threatened by another servicemember. Meanwhile, absence makes the heart wander.

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Swan Song
Love is in bloom for a young marine and his wife, until a musician gets involved. Later a belly-dancing temptress makes a deadly decision.

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Lies and betrayal ruin Mirinda and Sam's relationship.

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Deadly Affairs is a captivating television series that aired on Investigation Discovery in 2012. From the mind of acclaimed actress and producer, Susan Lucci, who is infamously known as the queen of daytime television for her role as Erica Kane in "All My Children," comes this entrancing anthology. A true marriage of soap opera drama and true-crime suspense, this series shines a revealing spotlight on the dark underbelly of love, lust, and passion.

Deadly Affairs is a true-crime show that looks into real-life instances of relationships gone tragically wrong. It isn't your typical romantic tale of love turned sour; instead, it's a deep dive into the lives of couples where love shifts markedly into violence, where trust gives way to betrayal, and infidelity converts into fatal encounters.

Each episode of the anthology series unfolds a different narrative primarily involving romantic relationships that commenced like any other love story but ended in unthinkable crimes. Cases featured in the series transgress the predictable premise of quarrels between lovers, taking viewers on an unpredictable journey of passionate affairs that take fatal turns.

The stories depicted on Deadly Affairs are characterized by their shocking and jaw-dropping outcomes. These tales of amorous relationships show how the seemingly perfect person could shroud a much darker reality underneath the charming surface. Here, love doesn't just hurt; it kills.

Susan Lucci serves as the narrator of the series, adding her signature charm and wit to the proceedings. Her dramatic delivery and unique flair enhance the ominous ambiance. The viewers will appreciate her prowess in narrating these harrowing tales of love gone wrong, enhancing the experience of suspense and intrigue. The blend of Lucci's compelling narration style and the stark reality of the instances portrayed generates an atmosphere of a suspense thriller, keeping the viewers on their pins and needles throughout the journey.

Deadly Affairs uses a variety of storytelling techniques entirely engrossed within the reprehensible reality of human behavior and romantic politics. With the help of reenactments, firsthand accounts from investigators, friends, families, and in some cases, even the victims themselves, the series reconstructs the path that led from passionate affairs to deadly conclusions.

The narratives are not limited to the traditional framework of a romantic couple. They extend to all types of dangerous liaisons, affairs between close friends, stories of obsession, murder foreplay covered under the blanket of love, thereby brutally exposing the grim and ruthless side of passion. The series shows how someone could get so caught up in their desires and jealousy that they commit the unthinkable.

As the series progresses, Deadly Affairs continues to delve deeper into these dark affairs, revealing the chilling connection between passion and crime that drives people to deadly extremes. The audience is taken through a vast array of cases – from unfaithful spouses with double lives, to backstabbing friends with hidden motives, to secretive lovers with murderous plans, keeping viewers engrossed in the heart-pounding drama until the very end.

However, even with its dark and chilling narrative tone, the series often manages to inject some light-heartedness through Susan Lucci's insightful and occasionally cheeky commentaries. These serve as a break from the intensity of the crime-based storylines and offer welcome relief to the viewers.

Deadly Affairs stands out amidst an abundance of crime shows precisely for its distinctive presentation of love-fuelled crimes. It effectively juxtaposes the glamorous world of desire, passion and romance with the grim reality of treachery, deceit, and murder.

In conclusion, Deadly Affairs is a thrilling journey that sits at the unholy junction of love and crime, one that reminds of us the bleak reality that sometimes, affairs of the heart can prove to be deadly. Every twist and turn in this suspenseful storyline keeps viewers at the edge of their seats, forever guessing who's the lover, who's the cheater, and ultimately, who's the killer. If you are intrigued by the darker side of love and the chilling tales of passion turned lethal, then Deadly Affairs is a series you wouldn't want to miss.

Deadly Affairs is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 36 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.9.

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