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Acute Crisis (Episode 7 of 7)
Benjamin stumbles upon an international wine scheme. Directed by Marc Riviere, 2017.

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The New Wine Won't Be Coming (Episode 6 of 7)
A pushy businessman ropes Mathilde and Benjamin into doing a vineyard assessment. Directed by Franck Mancuso, 2017.

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Return to Nantes (Episode 5 of 7)
Benjamin feels responsible when a friend's daughter gets injured in a shark attack. Directed by Klaus Biedermann, 2017.

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Don't Shoot the Wine Merchant! (Episode 4 of 7)
At his new vodka launch, someone shoots Benjamin's friend with a harpoon. Directed by Aruna Villiers, 2016.

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For Whom the Bell Rings (Episode 3 of 7)
Two thugs steal Benjamin's notebook and knock him into a two-day coma. Directed by Rene Manzor, 2016.

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Prescription Wine (Episode 2 of 7)
Benjamin befriends alcohol rehab patients while investigating a murder. Directed by Rene Manzor, 2016.

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A Rose that Packs a Punch (Episode 1 of 7)
A widow refuses a tycoon's campaign to buy her estate. Directed by Regis Musset, 2016.

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"Blood of The Vine" is a remarkable French mystery television series that graced the screens in 2011 on MHz Worldview. Rendering a beautiful blend of drama, mystery, and suspense, the series has made a mark to be a much-enjoyed series by crime fiction enthusiasts. Originally named "Le Sang de la vigne," this classic promises viewers an intriguing journey through the wine regions of France.

The storyline treats viewers to a unique sight into the world of wine production, providing a rich backdrop against which the mystery unfolds. It follows the intriguing vignettes of Benjamin Lebel, a world-renowned oenologist who unearths secrets and solves mysteries while analyzing wines and diving into the rich world of viticulture.

Portrayed by Pierre Arditi, an accomplished French actor, Benjamin Lebel commands a robust portrayal of the character and manages to captivate and mesmerize the audience. Arditi's brilliant performance pivots the storyline with his exceptional understanding of virtues of wine and his masterful deduction skills. More than a wine expert, Lebel metamorphoses into an amateur detective, possessing a unique specialty in solving crimes in the vineyards. His sidekick, Silvère, provides the humor and wit that beautifully complements Pierre Arditi’s serious and diligent character.

A captivating feature of "Blood of The Vine" is how it commingles investigations with the intricate complexities of wine production. Viewers get a closer look into the wine creation process, exploring various types of wine, from Bordeaux in the south-west to Champagne in the north, Côte du Rhone, Burgundy, and even cognac distilleries.

The drama bristles with wine-related murders and mysteries immersed in family rivalries, love, and treachery that stump local authorities. It’s here that Benjamin Lebel's wine expertise helps to decipher clues that lead to unexpected conclusions. The series ingeniously uses the vineyard as a central character, not just a backdrop, allowing each episode to breathe in its own distinctive flavor.

"Blood of The Vine" integrates different plotlines that keep audiences guessing. There is an array of characters weaved in throughout the series. From untrustworthy individuals to passionate wine lovers, the series colorfully illustrates a range of human traits that contribute towards the richness of the storyline and make each episode, essentially, a standalone story.

The cinematographic quality and artistic direction of the series are worth mentioning. Set amongst the spectacular vineyards of France, the camera lovingly traverses each sun-soaked hill and plunges viewers into a visually stunning, immersive experience. This scenic beauty, combined with the delightful musical notes, forms an engaging atmosphere for viewers, making it not just a mystery series but a sensory experience.

The dialogues are brimming with excellent humor, and there is a refreshing dose of wine trivia and wine appreciation tips throughout the series' run. It's a true delight to both new and seasoned wine connoisseurs who find a deeper, more nuanced exploration of the world of wine.

"Blood of the Vine" also sinks deep into human intricacies and the darker aspects of the wine industry, burgeoning disputes over inheritance, and aspects of economic crimes, giving it a realistic touch. However, it doesn’t forget its ultimate agenda of mystery and suspense. The unexpected twists, along with Lebel’s insightful forensics and discerning palate, keep the mystery alive and viewers nourished by its intoxicating mix.

In conclusion, "Blood of The Vine" is not only a crime series that propels its lead caught unawares into a world of murder and mystery but also a vibrant and colorful exploration of the artistry and skill that bring a bottle of wine from a vineyard to the table. The series acts as an expansive lens on the French wine industry while balancing suspenseful storytelling, layered characters, and unique plots. It leaves one fascinated by the world of wine plantations and savouring a taste of suspenseful drama poured generously into each episode. This French mystery series is indeed a tantalizing experience for both fans of crime thrillers and lovers of wine.

Blood of the Vine is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 23 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.1.

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How can I watch Blood of the Vine online? Blood of the Vine is available on MHz Worldview with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Blood of the Vine on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Apple TV Channels online.

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