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Family Tree / Unguarded
Bill just wants Tilly to come down from a tree. When Remy tells Vasquez he no longer needs his protection, Vasquez speaks with a therapist.

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Internetted / Guiding Gregly
Tilly goes down an internet rabbit hole to figure out what happened to her favorite ice cream treat. Cricket tries to teach Gregly how to make friends.

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Iced / Chipped Off
Gramma butts heads with Nick when he crashes her special family hockey outing. Chip Whistler recounts what happened to him since "Chipocalypse Now.

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Handshaken / Coffee Mates
After being mocked for his handshake, Cricket trains for a Western-style handshake duel. Gloria combines her work-life and social-life by hiring her friends as employees.

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Bad Dad / Junk Junkie
Cricket and Tilly get to know their grandpa while Nancy scrambles to find him a job; Desperate to ensure his family's future security, Bill becomes a hoarder.

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Stand Up Bill /Green Trial
Bill discovers his favorite comedian, Fred the Farmer, may not be who he claims to be. Tilly defends Cricket at a family trial after he's accused of stealing an entire cake.

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Truck Stopped / Jingled
Tilly and Cricket wrestle with decision-making at a truck stop between Big City and the country. Tilly rises through the ranks as a Big City jingle writer.

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Big City Greens is a fun-filled, energetic animated series that first premiered on Disney Channel on June 18, 2018. The sitcom-like kids show, which has a colorful suburban setting, is created by Chris and Shane Houghton. The Houghton brothers based the series on their own childhood experiences in St. Johns, Michigan, a small rural town, and this real-life inspiration is felt throughout Big City Greens, contributing to its unique blend of authenticity and humor. The show revolves around Cricket Green, an enthusiastic and adventurous 10-year-old country boy with a contagious energy. Cricket is characterized by his boundless enthusiasm and a curious spirit that often lands him in hilarious and quirky situations. His love for adventures, exploring, and romping around in his new surroundings makes it hard for him to stay put, highlighting the universal theme of childhood curiosity and excitement. Cricket's personality is wonderfully balanced by his younger sister, Tilly Green, who is charmingly quirky with an uncannily mature perspective on life. However, the premise of Big City Greens isn't purely focused on Cricket and Tilly. The series gives equal emphasis on their family dynamic. The Green family, consisting of their hardworking father Bill and their larger-than-life grandmother Alice, move from their country home to the lively Big City, hence the show's title. This ensemble adds wonderfully diverse dynamics to the show, from the assurance of parental figures to a grandmother’s traditional upbringing clashing with modern trends. The central theme of Big City Greens is the Green family adapting to their new lives in the big city while maintaining their country manners and values. This theme offers a rich backdrop for various humorous situations that are appealing to kids and adults alike. The plot weaves in the contrast between rural and urban life, highlighting their differences in a comically exaggerated manner. However, Big City Greens takes it a layer deeper by demonstrating how, despite these differences, the heart of family and friendship remains the same. Visually, Big City Greens has a bright and appealing animation style. The art displays a careful and interesting mix of traditional hand-drawn animation with modern digital techniques. The show’s creators take their homage to traditional animation even further by utilizing an aspect ratio that mirrors older, classically-drawn cartoons. Each episode of Big City Greens offers standalone stories that hold their individual charm. The subplots in every episode are engaging and offer a moral or lesson without being too preachy. The diverse character set, with its ensemble of peripheral yet entertaining supporting characters like the Green’s eccentric city neighbors and the various city folk, are also well-executed, adding depth and flavor to the overall narrative arc. The show has a specific target audience in mind— young viewers between the ages of 6 to 14 years old. Yet, it doesn’t fail to entertain adults with its hearty humor and timeless narrative themes. Parents will enjoy watching the series with their children, as the dialogues, characters, and plot are designed to amuse audiences of all ages. From an adventurous young boy finding his place in a new city to a family upholding their love and unity amid changes and challenges, Big City Greens manages to be both lively and heartwarming. It’s not just about the comedic mishaps Cricket gets into or the family's often hilarious clashes with city life, it's about the bond between family, the process of adapting to change, and the compelling message that no matter where one goes, they bring their home with them. Furthermore, the voicing talents in Big City Greens – featuring Chris Houghton (Cricket Green), Marieve Herington (Tilly Green), Bob Joles (Bill Green), and Artemis Pebdani (Alice Green) – are impressive, bringing each character to life vibrantly and enthusiastically. In essence, Big City Greens is a delightful blend of comedy, family values, and exploratory adventures that is presented through a stunning animation style. The show makes a strong point about the importance of family, friendship, and adaptability to change, all while delivering a generous serving of light-hearted humor and charming characters.

Big City Greens is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 7 seasons with a total of 118 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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