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Breaking Through
At the turn of the millennium, Asian Americans have become the fastest growing population in the U.S.

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Generation Rising
During a time of war and social tumult, a young generation fights for equality in the fields, on campuses and in the culture, and claim a new identity: Asian Americans. The aftermath of the Vietnam War brings new immigrants and refugees.

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Good Americans
During the Cold War years, Asian Americans are simultaneously heralded as a Model Minority, and suspected as the perpetual foreigner. It is also a time of ambition, as Asian Americans aspire for the first time to national political office.

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A Question of Loyalty
An American-born generation straddles their country of birth and their familial homelands in Asia. CORRECTION: Certain errors in a previous version of this program have been corrected, including the statement that the Core Civic South Texas Family Residential Center separates children from their families, which is not the case, and the erroneous use of a photograph of a different facility.

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Breaking Ground
In an era of U.S. expansion, new immigrants arrive from China, India, Japan, the Philippines and beyond. Eventually barred by anti-Asian laws, they become America’s first “undocumented immigrants.”

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Asian Americans is a compelling docuseries, originally aired on PBS and made available on Amazon Addon in 2020. This groundbreaking series unpacks the complex history and vivid experiences of Asian Americans, one of the fastest-growing ethnic groups in the United States. Offering an in-depth examination of the diverse perspectives and myriad stories embedded within Asian American history and culture, viewers are taken on an enlightening journey that commences with the first major wave of Asian immigration during the 1850s, extending to the significant events and figures of the present-day.

Over the course of five immersive and thought-provoking episodes, this docuseries tackles the multifaceted layers of Asian American identities. Each episode is centered around key themes that delves into various moments in history that have defined the Asian American experience. From the contributions of Asian immigrants in the war efforts during World War II, to the Civil Rights Movement, to the retelling of lesser-known stories of Asian American activism and resilience against discrimination and stereotypes, this series provides an eye-opening panorama that encourages viewers to rethink the nation's past and consider its future.

Asian Americans brings to light the various triumphs and struggles endured by this multicultural community. It explores the tension between the deeply rooted traditions these immigrant groups carried with them and their aspirations to establish an identity in a foreign land that often regarded them with suspicion and hostility. Through the lens of immigration, legal battles, exclusionary policies, internment camps, advocacy for civil rights, and the ongoing struggle to be seen and recognized as being equally American, the series spotlights how these stories have shaped the cultural landscape of America. It powerfully encompasses the diversity within the Asian American community itself, showcasing the distinct experiences of Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, South Asian, Vietnamese, and many other origins.

Accompanied by a powerful narration and packed with insightful interviews and discussions, Asian Americans brings to the screen an array of lesser-known stories. By using personal narratives and historical accounts, the series engages with scholars and activists, alongside first and second-generation Asian Americans who share their real-life experiences. Thoughtfully infused with personal testimonies, historical documents, illustrations, and archival footage, each episode projects an emotional narrative that aims to deconstruct prevailing stereotypes. This balanced blend of storytelling tools used throughout each chapter of the series will leave viewers with a profound understanding of Asian American history.

In a unique spin of the traditional historical documentary format, Asian Americans offers an authentic depiction of the cultural challenges faced by this racial group, empowering viewers to acknowledge Asian Americans as an integral part of the nation's identity. This docuseries creates a channel for dialogues about race and ethnicity in contemporary society, as it exhibit the complexity of multicultural American experiences and unveils a comprehensive portrayal of the Asian American saga that has often been overlooked in American history.

Interestingly, while the series is aimed at a broad audience, it invites a particularly profound response from Asian American viewers — the series encourages them to connect with their history, to realize the depth of their community’s contributions to American life, and to find strength in the resilience of their forebears.

Asian Americans as a docuseries helps redefine our understanding of what it means to be an American. Even more, it underlines the fact that the stories of Asian Americans are not separate from American history, but are indeed interwoven into the very fabric of it. It makes clear that the experiences of Asian Americans are not ancillary to America’s story but are a central part of it.

Concisely, Asian Americans is a profound exploration into a significant part of American history that strives to reorient our understanding of the American narrative through the Asian American experience. This series is certain to educate, provoke thoughts, ignite discussions, and expand horizons—offering viewers a poignant reminder of how diversity shapes and enriches our shared history.

Asian Americans is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 5 episodes, the show debuted on 2020. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.1.

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How can I watch Asian Americans online? Asian Americans is available on Amazon Addon with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Asian Americans on demand at Amazon Prime, Kanopy, Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu online.

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