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Changes - Part 3
There is a group in town that seems to know about the Yeerks. They even have their own website. Apparently they have some interest in Tobias and eventually he is drawn to their headquarters. Are these freed controllers? Are they Yeerks trying to lure the Andalites? Tobias is about to find out more that he bargained for!

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Changes - Part 2
The World's Weirdest Videos is about to receive an award winning tape. Someone has captured, on film, a dog turning into a boy!

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Changes - Part 1
It's the end of the school year and the prom is just around the corner. Rachel has finally convinced Cassie that she should go to the dance with Jake - even though they are just friends.

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Face Off - Part 3
The Animorphs have unlocked Elfangor's disk and Tobias is now able to appear in human morph. Meanwhile, Jake has been captured in the Yeerk Pool and learns of a new breed of Yeerk, and that Cassie and Ax are scheduled to be infested.

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Face Off - Part 2
The Yeerk's plan is revealed when Principal Chapman stops the game and announces that there is a tornado warning in town and everyone must retreat to the basement shelter for safety. The Animorphs know that there is nothing safe about this shelter - it's the Yeerk pool and the plan must be to infest everyone at the game.

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Changes: Part 3
Tobias follows a trail of hawk images to find a secret group that knows all about the Yeerks.

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Changes: Part 2
Someone has videotaped Jake morphing into a dog. Can the Animorphs stop the tape from airing?

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Changes: Part 1
While in morph, Jake is "stolen" by animal rights activists. Will he escape before he morphs back?

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The Front
Ax needs to learn the value of money and gets a job in a gadget store. But is his boss a Controller?

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My Name Is Erek
The Animorphs have a new classmate with superhuman abilities. Is he friend or foe, human or alien?

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Face Off: Part 3
Tobias, Rachel and Marco must use all their wits to battle Visser III and save Jake, Ax and Cassie.

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Animorphs is a captivating live-action science fiction television series that aired on Nickelodeon between 1998 and 2000. The series was developed from the popular middle-grade book series of the same name, penned by K.A. Applegate. The adapted TV series stars Shawn Ashmore, Brooke Nevin, Boris Cabrera, Nadia Nascimento, and Christopher Ralph, portraying a squad of ordinary teenagers thrust into extraordinary circumstances in a fight for humanity's survival. In a central American town, five teens stumble upon a crashed alien spaceship and its dying occupant. The benevolent alien, Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul, gifts the teens with a remarkable technology that permits them to morph into any animal they touch, absorbing the creature's DNA. The alien warns them of other extraterrestrial beings known as Yeerks, a parasitic species controlling human hosts, planning to invade and conquer Earth. Elfangor’s final act, gifting them this power, offers the teens the only chance to resist the Yuurkan hostile invasion, making for a story that's as much about developing the responsibility for such power as it is fighting alien invaders. The main character list introduces Jake, embodied by Shawn Ashmore, the de facto leader of the team, whose positive and proactive nature helps keep the team together in the most demanding situations. He's the one who adapts most seamlessly to their newfound abilities, setting the tone for the others. Brooke Nevin plays Rachel, Jake's cousin, resolute with a lion-hearted spirit, who never shies away from a fight. There's also Marco, enacted by Boris Cabrera, who initially resists the duty of their new roles and constantly juggles between humor and cynicism to conceal his inner fears. Nadia Nascimento portrays the role of Cassie, who possesses a deep connection with animals, greatly enhancing her morphing skills. Finally, Christopher Ralph personifies Tobias, an introverted character who prefers the quietness and freedom of his hawk form. Animorphs tells a gripping tale of the human spirit's strength and resilience against a much more advanced and loathsome adversary. It swiftly brings the characters into the crucible of a cosmic conflict that they must navigate using their limited morphing abilities. The show's uniqueness lies in its mix of science fiction tropes, adolescent development themes, and wildlife education. It goes deeper than many kids' shows, exploring the physical and psychological consequences of their circumstances —unintentionally becoming the frontline defense for humanity. The morphing process also adds a layer of intrigue and excitement to the series. It's not just about the novelty of changing into a sprawling panther or majestic eagle. The idea that they can only stay in their animal morphs for a maximum of two hours before the change becomes permanent serves as a constant tension and reminder of the stakes at hand. Subsequently, they need to make difficult choices amidst their struggle to maintain their humanity and innocence. The series has much to offer, from thrilling action sequences and mind-bending sci-fi themes to heartfelt dramatic moments. Despite boarding the sci-fi train, Animorphs narrates a coming-of-age tale revolving around relationships, companionship & teamwork, dealing with loss, and growing up quite profoundly. Each episode is a fulfilling journey that introduces a new dilemma, presenting more about the characters' individual personalities & dilemmas while propelling the overarching plot. The performances of the core ensemble cast, including Ashmore, Nevin, Cabrera, Nascimento, and Ralph, make the characters relatable and sympathetic. Watching these characters cope, evolve, and tap into their courage and resilience provides a captivating viewing experience. To sum it up, Animorphs is a thrilling amalgamation of adolescent adventure and sci-fi elements, serving as a unique entertainment offering for a broad demographic of viewers. Its ability to blend well-drawn, authentic characters with an intriguing alien invasion plot yields a memorable and enjoyable series which has stood the test of time, thanks in part to its winning ensemble headed by Ashmore, Nevins, Cabrera, Nascimento, and Ralph.

Animorphs is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 31 episodes, the show debuted on 1998. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.5.

Paulo Costanzo, John Watson, Eugene Lipinski, Aaron Ashmore, Shawn Ashmore, Tom Butler, Brooke Nevin, Jonathan Whittaker, Boris Cabrera, Bryan Thomas
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