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There's No Heel Like El Eel
El Eel demands tribute from the entire undersea world by threatening to turn its inhabitants into stone using a mysterious power.

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The Piranha Plot
Jabberjaw and the Neptunes are passengers on a tanker that is suddenly snapped up by the jaws of the Pirahna's ship. They discover a giant rocket and uncover Pirahna's plan to launch it, spreading a mist over the country.

Watch Jabberjaw Season 1 Episode 15 Now

The Fast-Paced Chase Race
Evil Dr. Robek invents a microbe with a fantastic appetite for oil. He plans to smuggle his invention to Petrolaqua so he can coerce world leaders to capitulate or he will destroy undersea oil deposits.

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Malice In Aqualand
Jabberjaw and his friends travel to an underwater amusement park where they encounter Dr. Cybron and Zokon, who are planning to rule the world by kidnapping the president of the Undersea Nations Organization and replacing him with a robot.

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The Bermuda Triangle Tangle
Jabberjaw and the gang accidentally enter the domain of Sorceress Madame Sargasso and are taken prisoner. They discover the sorceress has electro-magnetic powers which must be fed by diamonds.

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The Helpin' The Sculpin'
Jabberjaw and gang encounter the sinister Sculpin, who stole an unfinished time machine from Professor Thorstein, the inventor. Sculpin orders the Professor captured so that he can complete the time machine.

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Help, Help I'ts The Phantom Kelp
The Phantom, using a high-powered growth ray, plans to raise an army of ferocious prehistoric plants, which would make the Aqua International Corporation bow to his demands.

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Ali Jabber And The Secret Thieves
Jabberjaw and the Neptunes, touring the undersea kingdom of Hydrabia, meet two henchmen of the evil Volton, who lives in a magic electrolamp. Jabberjaw buys the lamp as a souvenir and unwittingly releases the evil energy of Volton.

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Claim-Jumped Jabber
Using a powerful beam of ice, Coldfinger confiscates all the deeds to the richest mines in Aqualaska - except for Jabberjaw's gold mine.

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The Great White Shark
Hoping to capture the nation's leaders and rule the undersea lands, Commander Shark boards an ocean liner and kidnaps the Ambassador of Aquatania. Since the Neptunes were aboard the ship at the time, they are accused of the kidnapping and are ordered to return the Ambassador or go to prison.

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Hang Onto Your Hat, Jabber
The Brotherhood of Evil threatens the undersea world when it learns the Power Helmut, invented by Professor Ortega, grants its wearer's every wish. Jabberjaw accidentally runs into the Brotherhood's evil henchmen and exchanges Shelly's sombrero for the Power Helmut.

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The Sourpuss Octopus
Jabberjaw and the gang are safari-bound with archaeologist Dr. Acosta, who seeks the ancient treasure of Panaqua using Sao Mareno Museum's famous code disc.

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Run, Jabber , Run
Jabberjaw races to foil an espionage group and win the underwater Olympics.

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Atlantis Get Lost
Jabberjaw and his friends travel to Atlantis and meet Dorsal, a power-hungry prime minister and his naive queen.

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There's No Place Like Outer Space
Jabberjaw and The Neptunes run into an alien invasion as they give a concert.

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Dr. Lo Has Got To Go
Jabberjaw and his friends try to defeat Dr. Lo, who has developed a growth ray which is threatening the underwater cities.

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Jabberjaw, an American animated television series, is a distinctive blend of humor, science fiction, and underwater adventure that perfectly captures the zeitgeist of the late 70s. Produced by the well-known Hanna-Barbera Studios, this show aired on ABC from 1976 to 1978.

The 30-minute Saturday morning cartoon stands out due to its unique main character, Jabberjaw, a 15-foot anthropomorphic great white shark. Jabberjaw, though towering and physically intimidating, is actually an endearing and hilarious character. This talking shark with a hard-luck story not only can walk on his tail fins, similar to many cartoon characters that became popular during this period, but he also communicates in English, and very amusingly sounds like the famous comedian Curly Howard from The Three Stooges. The unexpected interplay of his fear-inspiring appearance and likable, comic personality is a prime example of the series' characteristic humor.

The series' backdrop is set in a futuristic underwater community in 2076 – a hundred years from the show's actual airing date. By portraying a vision of future human civilizations sheltered beneath the ocean, Jabberjaw offers an imaginative leap into an underwater world at a time when the notion of deep-sea domiciles was crossing over from pure science fiction to somewhat possible.

Jabberjaw is part of a rock band named The Neptunes, the rest of the group being teenagers: ground-breaking drummer Biff, keyboardist and band leader Clamhead, the beauties of the group, guitarist Shelly and tambourine player Bubbles. Not only are they trying to make it big musically, but they always seem to stumble into one escapade or catch the attention of some villain in each episode. Near-dystopian storylines wrap around myriad bizarre creatures and devious villains, allowing for a rich plot that combines suspense, adventure, and comedy to ensnare the viewers' attention with frenetic, fast-paced action.

In terms of artistry, Jabberjaw follows the classic style of Hanna-Barbera Studios. The animation is vibrant, complementing well with the show's oceanic settings. From the cityscapes to the band’s escapades, every episode includes notable visuals that capture the essence of the underwater world while maintaining a balance between realism and creative freedom. The funky fashion, individual character designs, and the aesthetic of the underwater cities are presented distinctly and creatively.

Equally as alluring as the visual panache is the show's catchy score. True to the essence of the 70s, the background music leans heavily into the era's pop and rock music, creating an energy-packed and groovy feel to the series. The Neptunes' band performances are embedded in the storyline, with their music giving viewers further insight into the spirit of the period.

One of the defining elements of Jabberjaw is its humor. Jabberjaw’s character, created by Joe Ruby and Ken Spears, is laden with comic-endearing frustration and exasperation, which add charm to the series. The banter between the characters, Jabberjaw's frequent one-liners, his slapstick comedy, and his unexpectedly hysterical reactions to day-to-day occurrences provide a constant source of laughs.

Jabberjaw also delved into social commentary, subtly commenting on teenage life, the dynamics of band life, and societal norms of the time. Though the humor was abundant, the lovable characters and interesting portrayals of future life under the sea offered a unique perspective that went beyond sheer entertainment.

In retrospect, Jabberjaw stands as an epitome of its era. Distinctly 70s in style yet transcendental in substance, the series is nostalgia-inducing yet novel, telling the tale of an endearingly goofy shark and his human friends as they navigate life in an intriguing undersea future world. An exceptional mix of comedy, science fiction, and rock and roll elements, Jabberjaw captured the hearts of many during its run and continues to entertain with its bold, futuristic storylines, captivating characters, and timeless humor.

Jabberjaw is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 16 episodes, the show debuted on 1976. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.9.

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