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The Siamese Twins / The Mungo Mash
Two Siamese cats who are martial arts experts arrive in town and begin stealing and destroying everything in sight. / The Catillac Cats enter a dance contest and Mungo makes the finals!

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Pop's Parole / The Babysitters
Pop gets paroled from prison, but Heathcliff thinks he has escaped. / A lioness loses her baby when he accidentally falls from the circus caravan and lands in the junkyard.

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Trombone Terror / The Other Woman
Iggy is trying to master playing the trombone. / Cleo's cousin Lindsay arrives, and Riff Raff is "volunteered" to show her around town.

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Phantom of the Garbage / Junkyard Flood
When a local restaurant owner hires two guard dogs to keep Heathcliff out of the garbage, Heathcliff dresses in a cape to become "The Phantom." / Pearls are discovered in the drainage ditch swimming hole in the junkyard.

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Cat Food for Thought / Going South
Heathcliff auditions and wins a chance to be in a cat food commercial. / The cats stow away, inadvertently, to the Antarctic with a scientific expedition scheduled to last 1 to 2 years

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Sonja's Nephew / Dr. Mousetus
In order to get a date with Sonja, Heathcliff promises to baby-sit her little nephew, Eggbert, for the day. / Hector and Mungo become the guinea pigs in a mad scientist's experiment that has them changing like Dr.

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Butter Up! / Mungo gets no Respect
The boys at school bet Iggy he cant come up with a better science project than they've got. / Mungo quits the gang because the others are constantly berating him and calling him stupid.

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Bamboo Island / Super Hero Mungo
Heathcliff stows away on a cruise ship in order to go with the Nutmegs on a trip to the South Seas. / One day while listening to a radio show of a famous cat personality, Cosmic Cat, Mungo accidentally hits his head.

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Soap Box Derby / A Better Mousetrap
Mugsy and Spike challenge Iggy and Heathcliff to a soap box racer competition.

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Where there's an Ill there's a Way / Yes Sewer, That's My Baby
When Iggy is sick, he gets so much special attention from Grandma Nutmeg that Heathcliff pretends to be sick.

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Gopher Broke / A Camping We Will Go
Heathcliff declares war on a couple of gophers in the park.

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Spike's Slave / Scaredy Cats
Heathcliff suffers a nasty bang on the head, which renders the "Devil Cat" side of his personality stunned and permits the "Angel Cat" side to take over. / Riff Raff must survive one night in a haunted mansion to win a contest of bravery with arrival for Cleo's affections.

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Lard Times / The Merry Pranksters
Sonja tells Heathcliff he needs to lose a little weight, so he goes on to crash diet with the help of the Alley Cats. / Leroy gets a new assistant dog in the junkyard and announces that tougher rules will now be enforced.

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Big Top Bungling / Space Cats
Heathcliff and Sonja go to the circus to see Heathcliff's cousin, Rollo the cat-clown. / Riff Raff and the Catillac Cats sneak onto the Space Shuttle in order to carry a home-made Satellite into space and focus it toward Westfinster.

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Terrible Tammy / Games of Love
Marcy gets a new cat, Tammy, who challenges Heathcliff's position as top cat in the neighborhood. / Mungo's in love with a cute little cat named Dixie and everything is perfect, except for one thing.

Watch Heathcliff & The Catillac Cats Season 2 Episode 8 Now

Heathcliff's / Big Foot
A mind mannered cat named Henry wanders into the neighborhood who looks exactly like Heathcliff. / Riff Raff and the Catillac Cats go camping in the woods and meet Big Foot who threatens their camp.

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Pumping Iron / Mungo's Dilemma
A big, muscle-bound cat named Pecs tries to take Sonja away from Heathcliff, so he starts working out in order to beat Pecs at his own weightlifting game. / Riff Raff sees a picture of a cat that looks like Mungo in the paper for which a reward is offered.

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Snow Job / Condo Fever
Heathcliff accompanies the Nutmegs to the lake Plastered ski resort where he immediately has a tumble with Alpine, the resident St. Bernard.

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The Gang's all Here / The Meow-sic Goes Round & Round
When the local policeman warns Heathcliff that any more of his pranks will land him in jail for life, our little monster decides he'd better reform. / The Catillac Cats are practicing for a band competition at the Cat's Pajamas Club, when three hip cats steal their musical instruments.

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Kitten Smitten / Young Cat
With a Horn Heathcliff learns that playing Momma Cat is no easy task after he is adopted by a tiny kitten lost from her mother. / When the local fishing bureau announces a shortage of fish in the area, the Catillac Cats turns to Professor Flixx for help.

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Blizzard / Harem Cat
The nutmegs are snowed in and Heathcliff has cabin fever.

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Cat Burglar Heathcliff / Lucky
Heathcliff sneaks into the Van Corkingdale mansion to challenge Bruno, their ferocious guard dog, and determine who the real king of the neighborhood is. / Cousin Lucky comes to visit Riff Raff seeking help.

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Heathcliff & The Catillac Cats was a popular animated television show that aired from 1984 to 1987. Produced by DIC Entertainment, it thrilled young viewers with its lighthearted humor, engaging adventures, and anthropomorphic cats who thrived in a world predominantly populated by humans. Although it ran for just three years, its creative storytelling and charismatic characters left an indelible mark on its audience.

Heathcliff, the protagonist and namesake of the show, is a spirited, mischievous, and very smart orange tabby who often finds himself in all sorts of hilarious and exciting endeavors. Known for his street-smart attitude, he continuously pitted himself against various villains, usually to protect or sometimes just to amuse himself. Living in the suburbs with his human owners, the Nutmegs, Heathcliff's quick wit, punny humor, and love for pranks were the central theme in this part of the show.

The Catillac Cats, on the other hand, were another cat ensemble led by the suave and cool-looking Riff-Raff. Living in a junkyard, this group consisted of Riff-Raff's girlfriend Cleo, an enchanting svelte white cat, and his three buddies - Hector, Wordsworth, and Mungo. This part of the show highlighted their adventures in the urban jungle, often involving their magical transforming Cadillac and other remarkable scraps they transformed into gadgets and vehicles for their thrilling outings. Riff-Raff's charisma and street-savvy abilities served to overcome adversities and conquer the hearts of its viewers.

The show creatively balanced between two contrasted backgrounds - a suburban neighborhood and a junkyard setting, to tell the tales of Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats, keeping the viewers hooked with two very different storylines. The suburban setting focused on Heathcliff's interactions with other neighborhood cats, humans that he'd often trick, and his endless quest to outwit a local dog called Spike, whereas the urban setting of the Catillac Cats swung between friendship, romance and their attempts to make the most out of their junkyard lives.

The animation quality of the show, while reflective of the 1980s style, was visually appealing and filled with vibrant colors. The characters, apart from their distinctive physical attributes, had well-developed personalities that made them relatable and entertaining. Heathcliff was the rascal cat with an unwavering spirit; Riff-Raff was the urban hero with a heart of gold; Cleo, the love interest with a strong personality; the loyal and comical sidekicks added charm and humor in abundance.

What set "Heathcliff & The Catillac Cats" apart was not only the quality animation and storytelling but also its inspiring and educational themes. The episodes often underscored the importance of friendship, resourcefulness, courage, and humor in overcoming difficulties - all virtues that were subtly taught to a young audience. Despite the pet-to-human, or animal-to-animal conflicts that were essential plots, the show was packed with life lessons and good vibes.

The show also featured catchy music, including the iconic theme song that many still remember; "Heathcliff, Heathcliff no one should, terrify their neighborhood..." The music enhanced the storytelling, matching the pace of the show and the characters' mood, contributing to the overall entertainment value.

Upon its release, "Heathcliff & The Catillac Cats" quickly gained increasing popularity not just because of its engaging storylines and fascinating characters, but also due to its successful combination of adventure, comedy, and lessons on values. The show managed to carve a niche for itself in the history of 1980s animated television programming, immortalizing characters like Heathcliff and Riff-Raff in the minds of a generation.

Even after more than three decades since its original run, "Heathcliff & The Catillac Cats" continues to have its dedicated fan base, with its episodes available across different digital platforms for new generations to discover. Whether it's rediscovering the clever ploys of Heathcliff or reliving the thrilling escapades of the Catillac Cats, this animated series offers a timeless charm that transcends through the years.

Heathcliff & The Catillac Cats is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 80 episodes, the show debuted on 1984. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.6.

Mel Blanc, Jeannie Elias, Stan Jones, Danny Wells, Danny Mann, Derek McGrath, Peter Cullen, Marilyn Lightstone, Russi Taylor, Ted Ziegler, Donna Christie
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