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Nothing Left to Lose
The feud between Whitfield, Banner, and the Duttons reaches the point of no return. Spencer and Alexandra encounter a different kind of peril on their passenger ship home.

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The Rule of Five Hundred
Banner Creighton is met with a surprise, as the feud with the Duttons takes an unexpected turn. Captain Shipley says his goodbyes to Spencer and Alexandra as the next leg of their journey commences.

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One Ocean Closer to Destiny
In the wake of the tugboat crash, the next step in Spencer and Alexandra's fate is revealed. Cara and McDowell begin hiring new Livestock Officers.

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Ghost of Zebrina
Spencer and Alexandra begin their long journey back to Montana. Banner and Whitfield plot their next move to control the valley.

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War and the Turquoise Tide
In the wake of the attack, Cara and the Duttons carefully plan their next move. Spencer and Alexandra enjoy the pleasures of Zanzibar, unaware of what has happened back home.

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The War Has Come Home
Jacob, Cara, and the Duttons go into town to take care of some business, and pleasure. Spencer and Alexandra decide they won't waste any time, and later find new danger.

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Nature's Empty Throne
Jacob and the Yellowstone cowboys save one of their own before deciding their next move. Teonna continues to endure at the hands of Sister Mary.

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Jacob quashes a dispute between cattle ranchers and sheep herders. Cara informs Liz of the sacrifices of marrying into the Dutton family.

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1923 is a prequel to the highly acclaimed and successful series Yellowstone. Following in the grand tradition of Western dramas, 1923 is set against the expansive backdrop of the American West. The show is another chapter in the Dutton family saga that delves into the early 20th century, exploring themes of westward expansion, the promise and peril of the American Dream, and the complexities of legacy and survival. The narrative of 1923 orbits around the Dutton family as they navigate the challenges of an era marked by pandemics, historic drought, the end of Prohibition, and the Great Depression. The time period is one of the most tumultuous in American history—rife with conflict and change—and the series does not shy away from the violence and hardships that were commonplace in these unsettled times. At the center of 1923 is the Dutton patriarch and matriarch, who must marshal their family's ranch, the largest contiguous ranch in the United States, through the manifold threats to their way of life. The ranch itself is more than just a home; it's a critical piece of the family's identity, representing not only their past and present but also their hopes for the future. While the show is grounded in a specific historical context, it is not merely a chronicle of past events. It is a cinematic portrayal of the human condition, with character-driven storytelling that delves deep into the emotional landscapes of the show's protagonists. Their struggles with nature, encroaching industrialization, and political turmoil are reflected in their personal battles and moral dilemmas. Themes of loyalty, betrayal, love, and loss are woven into the tapestry of the narrative, revealing the Dutton family's tenacity and the lengths to which they will go to protect their legacy. 1923 showcases the complexities of family dynamics within the Dutton clan. The generational torch is passed down as older members fight to keep traditions alive and preserve the ranch for future heirs, even as those heirs face their own challenges and temptations in a world that is rapidly changing. The Duttons are not just fighting for land or wealth; they are battling to uphold values and belief systems that are core to their identity in an era when such ideals seem increasingly under siege. The show's depiction of life in the American West is rich with authenticity, from the costumes and sets that meticulously recreate 1923 Montana to the intense, raw encounters with the untamed wilderness that stood as both a source of sustenance and peril. Meticulous attention to detail is apparent in every aspect of the production, from the panoramic vistas of the landscape to the grit under the characters' fingernails, bringing to life the physical and emotional realities of the time. One of the strengths of 1923 is its ensemble cast, which features seasoned actors who bring gravitas and complexity to their roles. They inhabit a world fraught with danger and imbued with the ethos of survival, giving powerful performances that anchor the show's expansive narrative. Each character has their own distinct storyline, yet their fates are intricately entwined with the family's collective journey. Moreover, 1923 does not operate in a vacuum. It builds upon the legacy of Yellowstone, adding depth and historical context to the stories viewers have come to cherish. But while it expands the family's lore, the series also stands on its own, accessible to those new to the Yellowstone universe. It provides a window into the origins of the family's power and influence, setting the stage for the events that will unfold decades later on the main series. Integral to the show's engagement is its handling of historical realism. The series doesn't shy away from the difficult truths of the period it represents, including the impact on Indigenous peoples, the exploitation of immigrants and workers, and the political and social upheavals of the day. It tackles these with a mix of nuance and raw truth-telling, adding to the show's sense of verisimilitude and providing an opportunity for reflection on America's past and present. From the high-stakes drama of intrafamily conflict to the nuanced exploration of historical events, 1923 is a layered and ambitious series. It paints a portrait of a family, and a nation, at a crossroads, blending moments of intimate human drama with sweeping narratives of change and progress. For aficionados of Westerns and historical dramas, as well as fans of the Yellowstone saga, 1923 is a vibrant addition to television that captures the imagination with its epic storytelling, multifaceted characters, and a poignant examination of the indomitable human spirit.

1923 is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2022. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.3.

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