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Marry Me, Baby
During an interview with Larry King, President Gilchrist poses suspicions about the legitimacy of his marriage.

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Bursting the Bubble
Princess Abigail of Andorra is scheduled to attend the annual peace gala at the White House and shocks everyone when she requests Skip to be her escort.

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Dinner, Bath, Puzzle
After a meeting with the French President and his wife, President Gilchrist and Emily decide to go on an unconventional date night to spice up their relationship.

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The Short Happy Life of Reba Cadbury
After learning Skip only needs to complete one more assignment to graduate college, Emily decides to take it upon herself to make sure he gets it done. When Becca's ideas fall flat at a committee meeting, she decides to be heard differently.

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Game Theory
When Skip announces his big date with Stacey, Emily decides to make sure the date goes perfectly. Meanwhile, Dale and Xander face off in a heated game of Risk.

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Live from the Lincoln Bedroom
Despite Marshall's disapproval, Skip hosts an official podcast of the Gilchrist White House. In the meantime, he makes an unexpected discovery that may impact his relationship with his father.

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To The Ranch
President Dale Gilchrist fails to decide who to nominate to the Supreme Court, so the family heads to their ranch so he can clear his head.

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Skip the Tour
Skip offers his own special tour of the White House after witnessing one from an official tour guide.

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President Dale Gilchrist must clean up after Skip's involvement with a group of angry protestors. Emily tries to form a closer relationship with Xander, by helping him campaign for student body President.

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Meet The Parent
Dale exercises his presidential authority to locate someone that could affect his family forever.

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So You Don't Want To Dance?
A presidential ball is derailed momentarily when Skip brings a date.

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The Skiplantic Ocean
When the media gets a hold of Becca's surprising news, Skip tries to distract her. Meanwhile President Gilchrist has a group therapy session with his generals.

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Putting Out Fires (Pilot)
In the series premiere, meet America's first family, who never have a dull moment.

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1600 Penn was an American sitcom which aired on NBC from 2012 to 2013 and featured the comedic talents of Josh Gad. The show places the first family of the United States in a regular household scenario, giving a glimpse into what life might be like if the White House were just another suburban home. This twist allows viewers to involve themselves in a fresh take on both family and political dynamics amidst the humor of everyday life in the White House. The main plot revolves around the fictitious Gilchrist family, headed by the President of the United States, Dale Gilchrist. Bill Pullman assumes this role as the Presidential patriarch, bringing an affectionate yet bewildered edge to his character. In addition, there’s a bevy of fascinating family members who give a distinct real-world feel to life in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the famously known address of the White House. Josh Gad, widely known for voicing Olaf in Disney's Frozen, shines in the role of Skip, the bumbling but well-meaning eldest son who constantly finds himself as the center of various comedic incidents and misunderstandings. His character brings a majority of the comic relief, somehow managing to charm the audience with his earnest nature and good intentions despite regularly landing himself in trouble. Jenna Elfman, an integral part of the cast, plays Emily Nash Gilchrist, the stepmother of the family who is not just the First Lady, but also the president's second wife. This element adds an interesting layer to the family dynamics and introduces additional complexity and humour, especially in her interactions with the older Gilchrist children. Becca, played by Martha MacIsaac, is the eldest daughter, who finds herself dealing with adult life's challenges and responsibilities. The two youngest children, Xander and Marigold, played by Benjamin Stockham and Amara Miller respectively, also contribute to the comedy with their mischievous antics and contrasting personalities. The show’s setup provides the perfect platform for comic situations with a political backdrop. It plays upon the juxtaposition of public responsibilities with private domestic drama and leisure, presenting amusing scenarios that often comprise a mix of traditional sitcom humor, timely internecine squabbles, and the occasional national crisis. These situations illuminate the everyday quirks of the family in an offbeat way, all the while demonstrating the veneer between their public and private lives. "1600 Penn" requires the characters to navigate the narrow line between their public and private lives, making for engrossing viewing as the family deals with normal issues in an abnormal setting. The show's writers effectively utilize the inherent contradiction of the setting in favor of comedic situations, yet there is also a surprising amount of heart and emotional depth infused within the characters and their relationships. Apart from their familial bond, there is a marked focus on the relationship dynamics between various family members. There is the father and president, dealing with the nation’s issues, while simultaneously wrestling with family problems. Becca’s evolution as an adult, Skip’s intent of fitting in while goofing up, Emily’s effort to embrace her responsibilities as the First Lady and foster a motherly bond with the kids are all stimulating aspects of this show. The unique blend of comedy, politics, and narrative storytelling that "1600 Penn" offers is sure to appeal to those who enjoy light-hearted sitcoms with an unconventional twist. Every episode presents a hilarious new crisis that the First Family must tackle - showcasing that even the White House isn't exempt from the joys and tribulations of family life. The show, though short-lived, was widely praised, particularly for the performances of the ensemble cast that, alongside Gad, Pullman, and Elfman, encapsulates the dynamic nature of an eclectic family living under the most famous roof in America. Though the backdrop is grand and the circumstances often exaggerated for comedic effect, the soul of "1600 Penn" centers around its portray of a loving, albeit unconventional, family as they navigate through life's obstacles, making it an enjoyable watch for audiences in search of light-hearted humor and heartfelt familial relationships.

1600 Penn is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.7.

Bill Pullman, Jenna Elfman, Josh Gad, Martha MacIsaac, Benjamin Stockham, Andre Holland, Susan Park, Amara Miller, Robbie Amell, Adam Shapiro, Eric Newnham
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