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An Engagement And A Song
Love is at an all-time high during an unforgettable season finale. Tim and Ben take their final ladies to their home towns for one final date.

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Ernesto Finds Love
After introducing the women to their families last week, it is now the bachelors turn to travel to the girls' hometowns. With only three contestants left in each house, which families will give the green light to move things forward, and which will relationships prove to be doomed?

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Ernesto Finds Love
It's down to the wire, and Ernesto decides on the woman for him! Meanwhile, Ben and Tim get one step closer to finding the one.

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Ready to Meet His Parents!
Tim, Ernesto and Ben take things to the next level when they introduce the girls to their parents!

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Love in Paradise
Things heat up as Ben, Ernesto and Tim take their girls to Hawaii! Then Alba makes a shocking decision.

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Vegas, In Love And War
Tim takes his five women to his hometown of Santa Barbara, California, where he continues to connect with his ladies on a deeper level. Ernesto surprises his four women on a date to a private lake where secrets expose themselves.

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A Vineyard, A Trivia Contest, And A Food Fight Part 2
A Kiss Here, A Kiss There. - After the dramatic group trivia date, Tim chooses two of his lucky ladies to go on an exhilarating helicopter ride over Los Angeles.

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Love Connections
The guys attempt to connect with the women on a more personal level.

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Meet Ben and Ernesto
Meet bachelors Ben Patton and Ernesto Arguello as they are each introduced to twelve women handpicked specifically for them by matchmakers.

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A Rockstar Search for Love
In the series premiere, Tim Lopez of the Plain White Ts is introduced to the 12 women handpicked by matchmakers in his quest for true love.

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Meet Ernesto
Philanthropy is Ernesto's passion and he wants nothing more than to share that passion with a soul mate.

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Ready for Love is a captivating reality dating show that aired on NBC in 2013. Produced by actress Eva Longoria, it aims to explore authentic love in many dimensions to challenge the stereotypical norms with a fresh perspective. This unique matchmaking competition is highly engaging, providing audiences an inside view into the mysteriously exciting journey of love and companionship. The format of Ready for Love is one that sets it apart. It's no ordinary dating reality show; it is an earnest endeavor to discover real love. The show focuses on three eligible bachelors from varied walks of life, all successful in their respective fields, but missing that one magical element, true love. These men, each looking for authentic connections, are ready to find that one special woman to share their lives with. The contestants are three successful, good-looking men who have achieved a lot in life but are yet to find their soulmate. For each bachelor, a matchmaker has been selected who will handpick women based on their expertise and understanding of the bachelor's needs. The show hosts three world-renowned matchmakers – Amber Kelleher-Andrews, Tracy McMillan, and Matthew Hussey. Each matchmaker brings a unique expertise to the table, assuring a firm foundation upon which lasting connections can be built. Rather than just casual dating, the women selected by these matchmakers will be those who are truly ready for love, just as the men are. The matchmakers closely evaluate the life, likes, dislikes, and the type of partner that would complement the bachelor. Following such intense scrutiny, the selected women are invited to step into the fascinating journey of finding true love on this show. The unique twist in Ready for Love is that the stages of the show imitate those of a developing relationship: initial attraction, getting to know each other, meeting one another's important people in life and making it to the final stage where they need to decide if they are ready for love. This journey is shared with the viewers, who get to experience the highs and lows of the courtship, the deepening connections, and the complexity of relationships. The show comes packed with a lot of emotions and heartfelt feelings that the contestants share during their journey. It provides a very authentic take on dating and shares truths about love that aren't typically shared on dating shows. The viewers get to witness plenty of romance, drama, heartbreaks, as well as moments of pure joy and connection. Ready for Love embraces diverse perceptions of what it means to be ready for love. Packed full of humor, heartbreak, and real-life situations, this show is a heartening spectacle of love and companionship that strikes a chord with viewers. Whether you're in a relationship, single, or somewhere in-between, Ready for Love offers viewers insights into the challenges and joys of finding "the one". The show strikes a great balance between entertainment and real-life expectations of love and relationships. The involvement of professional matchmakers adds an educational element, with viewers learning about what it takes to make a relationship work, qualities to look for in a partner, and how the evolution of a relationship unfolds. Ready for Love represents not just a battle of hearts but also a battle of matchmakers, who each use their unique styles to lead a bachelor to his perfect match. The matchmakers are instrumental in creating meaningful connections and providing relationship expertise that not only helps the contestants but also educities the audience. In conclusion, Ready for Love is an intriguing and emotionally charged reality dating show that deviates from standard formats to explore the sensitive and heartwarming journey of finding true love. With its unique approach, the series provides viewers with an engaging and deeper look into relationships, revealing the challenging process of finding one's life partner, guided by experienced matchmakers. Striking a chord with audiences worldwide, Ready for Love offers a warm, genuine, and enlightening exploration of romantic connections.

Ready for Love is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 11 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a mostly poor reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 3.6.

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