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In the film Wild Target, directed by Jonathan Lynn and released in 2010, Bill Nighy plays Victor Maynard, a middle-aged, uptight professional hitman who has never failed a job. Emily Blunt portrays Rose, a young con artist who steals a Rembrandt painting from one of Victor's clients. Rupert Grint plays Tony, a small-time thief who Rose enlists to help her sell the painting. Victor is hired to kill Rose, but after several mishaps, he finds himself protecting her instead.

The movie is a dark comedy, with a lot of witty banter and physical humor. It plays with the conventions of the hitman genre, with Victor being a more reluctant and empathetic character than the typical ruthless assassin. He is a man of routines and rules, and has a dry, deadpan sense of humor. He lives with his mother (played by Eileen Atkins), who thinks he is a travel agent.

Rose is a charming, manipulative, and impulsive woman who is used to getting what she wants. She is on the run from a gangster (played by Rupert Everett) who she swindled in the past. She uses her feminine wiles to get Victor to help her, and the two form an unlikely partnership. Tony is a bumbling but endearing character, who is in over his head when he gets involved with Rose's schemes.

The movie is set in London, and it has a distinct British tone and sensibility. The cinematography is bright and colorful, and the music is upbeat and whimsical. The movie uses a lot of visual gags and slapstick humor, but it also has a lot of clever dialogue and subversive humor. It pokes fun at the conventions of the hitman genre, but it also has a lot of heart and likable characters.

The plot of the movie is relatively simple, but it is executed with a lot of style and panache. The story is driven by the characters and their relationships, rather than by action or suspense. The humor is sometimes dark and twisted, but it is always lighthearted and playful. The movie is not overly violent or graphic, but it does have some moments of tension and danger.

Overall, Wild Target is an enjoyable and entertaining movie that blends humor, action, and romance in a unique and refreshing way. It features strong performances from its talented cast, who bring their characters to life with charm and charisma. The movie is a fun and light-hearted romp that is sure to make audiences laugh and smile.

Wild Target is a Action, Comedy movie released in 2010. It has a runtime of 98 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.7. It also holds a MetaScore of 41.

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