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Living is a poignant and reflective drama set in the 1950s London, following the story of Mr. Williams, a senior bureaucrat played by the renowned Bill Nighy. Directed by Oliver Hermanus and written by Nobel Prize-winning novelist Kazuo Ishiguro, the film serves as a reimagining of Akira Kurosawa's classic, Ikiru. The movie's narrative is deeply introspective and emotional, exploring the existential themes of life, death, and the human capacity for change against the backdrop of post-war Britain's societal structures.

Bill Nighy's portrayal of Mr. Williams is one of restrained emotion and refined subtlety. His character is a veteran civil servant who, entrenched in the monotonous routine of his managerial role at the County Hall, has spent years maintaining the status quo rather than championing progress and innovation. His life consists of paper-pushing, managing a group of similarly disenchanted employees, and upholding the bureaucratic machinery with a kind of quiet dedication.

Everything shifts for Mr. Williams when a life-altering medical diagnosis confronts him with the transience of his existence. This revelation acts as a catalyst for an internal awakening and compels him to examine the path he has taken. He starts to reflect on what he might want his legacy to be and contemplates how he can infuse his remaining time with genuine meaning and purpose. It's a journey inward, as he grapples with the contemplation of his mortality and the realization that he has not fully lived.

Serving as emotional counterpoints to Mr. Williams' character are Aimee Lou Wood and Alex Sharp, who play youthful, vigorous figures in his life. Aimee Lou Wood portrays Miss Harris, a cheerful and empathetic office worker who brings a touch of warmth and humanity to the drabness of the government office environment. With her presence, she inadvertently stirs something in Mr. Williams, reminding him of the vitality and connection he's been denying himself.

Meanwhile, Alex Sharp's character is Peter Wakeling, a passionate newcomer to the bureaucracy, full of ideas and intent on making a difference. His interaction with Mr. Williams injects a fresh perspective into the protagonist's life, nudging him to confront the realization that he may have become complacent in his work and personal life. Their engagement is a key element in propelling Mr. Williams to ponder the legacy he will leave behind.

Living excels in presenting a narrative that unfolds with deliberate pacing, in which dialogue and silence are used equally effectively to convey profound emotional undercurrents. The cinematography captures the grey tones and austere aesthetics of the 1950s, mirroring the internal state of Mr. Williams' life before his transformative journey. The film's production design and costume elements meticulously recreate the era, providing an authentic backdrop that enhances the story's immersive quality.

Oliver Hermanus's direction balances the film's more contemplative aspects with moments of subtle humor, preventing the movie from succumbing to bleakness despite its heavy themes. The screenplay by Ishiguro is intelligently constructed, allowing the audience to piece together Mr. Williams' internal changes through his interactions and gradually altering behavior. It invites viewers to share in his reflections on a life lived in service to a system that rarely acknowledges the individual behind the role.

The movie is underpinned by a moving score that accentuates the narrative's emotional beats without overwhelming them. The music complements the film's tone, using period-appropriate motifs to underscore the cultural context while also resonating with the universal human emotions at play.

As a story of redemption, self-discovery, and the quest to find a spark of joy and significance in one's life, Living resonates not only with those facing the autumn of their lives but also with anyone who has ever questioned the meaning of their daily existence. Bill Nighy's Mr. Williams embodies a universal archetype—a person at the crossroads of their life, searching for a way to leave a mark before it's too late.

Living delivers a narrative of quiet revolution, of how the most profound changes often occur not in the public eye but within the depths of a person's soul. It is about reclaiming life even as it slips away and illuminating the enduring truth that it is never too late to begin truly living. With its superb performances, elegant storytelling, and evocative setting, the film offers a meditation on life's fleeting nature and the beauty found in seizing the day with newfound purpose.

Living is a Drama movie released in 2022. It has a runtime of 102 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.2. It also holds a MetaScore of 81.

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