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Sgt. Bilko is a 1996 slapstick comedy film based on the 1950s television series, "The Phil Silvers Show". The movie, under the adept direction of Jonathan Lynn, stars comedic heavyweights Steve Martin, Dan Aykroyd, and the late Phil Hartman.

In this nostalgic adaptation, Steve Martin brings to life the lead character, Sergeant Ernest G. Bilko, a fast-talking and scheming motor pool supervisor for a United States Army base. Bilko is a con artist who, instead of running a disciplined and orderly motor pool, uses his position and the resources at his disposal to run an array of scams, engaging in illegal gambling and organizing get-rich-quick schemes with his ragtag bunch of soldiers. An eternal optimist, he shows an uncanny ability to wriggle out of a bind using sheer wit and audacious charm, which he has honed over his military career.

Dan Aykroyd takes on the role of Colonel Hall, the unsuspecting base commander who appreciates Bilko's apparent dedication but remains clueless about the latter's misadventures. The soft-hearted Colonel complements the conniving Bilko and supplies many of the comedic situations and misunderstandings.

Meanwhile, Phil Hartman steps into the shoes of Major Thorn, a by-the-book officer and Bilko’s old nemesis. Thorn harbors a deep-seated grudge against Bilko due to a bitterly remembered past. With a resolute intent to expose and bring down Bilko, Thorn's arrival at Fort Baxter sets up the conflict which drives much of the story.

Alongside these three characters are a host of hilarious supporting roles, creating a chaotic but captivating ensemble. There is Private Doberman, one of Bilko's men, who is often the target of his jokes, as well as Bilko’s love interest - his long-suffering fiancé Rita, portrayed by lovely Glenne Headly, who yearns for a peaceful non-military life away from the high jinks of the base.

The movie is filled with many humorous scenarios. From attempting to modernize an obsolete tank, to hosting boxing matches and horse races, Bilko and his crew manage to transform the military base into a playground of schemes and chaos. But when Major Thorn's determination to expose Bilko grows, the lovable rogue must use his quick wit and cunning to retain his rein over his paradise, while also winning over his increasingly disillusioned fiancée. The movie culminates in an outrageous finale that is sure to keep spectators on the edge of their seats.

What sets Sgt. Bilko apart is the performance of Steve Martin, who is at his comedic best. He fully embraces his character, delivering his lines with a unique brand of charm and cheekiness, perfectly capturing the spirit of Bilko. The chemistry between Martin, Aykroyd, and Hartman shines through, making for some enjoyable comedic sequences.

Sgt. Bilko is a light-hearted comedy that delivers consistent laughs with its smart and comical situations, without straying into the realm of vulgarity. It hilariously portrays the world of small-time military con-men, providing an alternate and humorous perspective on military life. The film is also a warm tribute to the original television franchise, introducing its humor and timeless characters to a new generation of viewers.

The movie, with its enjoyable performances and throwback humor, also carries a timeless message about loyalty, camaraderie, and the lengths one person will go to protect their patch of happiness. This makes Sgt. Bilko an ageless classic, enjoyable to comedy lovers of all ages. It’s a film that, provided with a bowl of popcorn, makes for a perfect family movie night.

In conclusion, Sgt. Bilko is a popcorn-filled fun experience giving the audience a healthy dosage of comic relief. It's a unique twist on the army themed films genre, with amazing performances by the cast and lots of humor. In this quirky military mash-up, audiences are treated to a film in which the biggest battles are fought not with tanks and troops, but with sharp wit, hilarious pranks, and a whole lot of charm.

Sgt. Bilko is a Comedy movie released in 1996. It has a runtime of 93 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.8. It also holds a MetaScore of 47.

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