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Wild Mountain Thyme is an enchanting romantic drama directed by John Patrick Shanley, released in 2020. It stars well-loved and known actors Emily Blunt, Jamie Dornan and Jon Hamm whose remarkably captivating performances set this film apart from other romantic dramas.

The movie is a riveting adaptation of Shanley's own 2014 Broadway play 'Outside Mullingar.' Set in beautiful rural Ireland, the film stands out with its lush and serene cinematography, which becomes a character in itself, influencing the mood and atmosphere of the plot. Delightful to behold, Wild Mountain Thyme is truly a visual reprieve from the fast and furious pace of typical urban life.

The film introduces us to a complicated but richly layered love story between the two main characters, Rosemary Muldoon (Emily Blunt) and Anthony Reilly (Jamie Dornan). Rosemary, a headstrong, independent woman, has been secretly in love with her quirky and introverted neighbor, Anthony, ever since they were children. Anthony, on the other hand, is oblivious, struggling with both his father's diminishing health and the farm he's set to inherit.

Emily Blunt delivers a vivacious and tenacious performance as Rosemary, a woman who is marked by her resilience, hope, and unshakable love. Blunt fits in seamlessly into the role, making the audience root for her character with every passing scene. Jamie Dornan’s portrayal of the shy and strange Anthony is equally notable. He brings depth and an enigmatic charm to his role that makes it hard to not sympathize with him. The pair share an endearing chemistry that sets the tone for the entire film.

Joining them in the ensemble cast is Jon Hamm, the charming American cousin who plays Adam Kelly. Adam’s entry complicates the dynamics as he tries to win over Rosemary, while also contemplating taking over the family farm from Anthony, thereby setting off a tangle of emotions, conflict, and comedy. Hamm’s portrayal of Adam as the confident, slick outsider who contrasts starkly with the local characters adds an interesting dimension that further underscores the Irish-American cultural gap.

The movie thrives on themes of love, family, identity, and tradition. It weaves these elements together into a tapestry of folklore, romance, and the quintessential Irish charm. The dense dialect and eccentric behaviors, though a bit confusing at times, enrich the narrative. The brilliant writing teems with poetic flare and whimsical dialogues interspersed with metaphysical musings about love and life that further develop the characters.

These dialogues are masterfully delivered by the talented cast. They successfully make us laugh, cry, and cheer for them. The film is occasionally serenaded by folk tunes, including the titular song, Wild Mountain Thyme which is played at key moments, adding a nostalgic element that ties back to traditional Irish culture.

Finally, the film delivers with an unpredictably heartwarming conclusion. It will take the viewers on an emotional roller coaster ride, exploring the depths of unrequited love and familial bonds, making it a feel-good romantic drama that is both poignant and therapeutic to watch.

Wild Mountain Thyme’s underlying brilliance exists in its relatability, heartfelt performance by its leads, impressive cinematography, and poetically engaging dialogue. It beautifully showcases the simple, rustic life of the Irish countryside, making it a refreshing change from other mainstream rom-coms. It’s a perfect movie for someone interested in a unique love story that merges romance with family drama while providing a delightful look at rural Irish life.

In conclusion, there's an old-world charm to Wild Mountain Thyme that is rather mesmerizing and elusive, making it a must-watch for fans of heartwarming romantic dramas. Through the simplicity of its setting and the complexity of its characters, John Patrick Shanley's Wild Mountain Thyme is a film that leaves its audience yearning for more.

Wild Mountain Thyme is a Romance, Drama movie released in 2020. It has a runtime of . Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.7. It also holds a MetaScore of 42.

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