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The Father is a 2020 drama film directed by Florian Zeller, based on his own play "Le Père." It stars Anthony Hopkins as an elderly man named Anthony, who is suffering from dementia. Olivia Colman plays his daughter, Anne, who is struggling to find the best way to care for him. Mark Gatiss also stars in the film as Anne's husband. The film takes place primarily in Anthony's apartment, where he lives alone after Anne has moved out to be with her partner. The audience is introduced to Anthony through his interactions with his daughter and the people who come in and out of his life, including his caretaker Laura (Imogen Poots) and Anne's new beau, Paul (Rufus Sewell). However, as Anthony's mental state continues to deteriorate, the audience is forced to question what is real and what is imagined. What makes The Father stand out is its unusual narrative structure. Throughout the film, the audience is never quite sure what is happening. Scenes repeat themselves with different actors, locations, and dialogue, making it difficult to distinguish between what is real and what is simply happening in Anthony's mind. The film uses elements of psychological horror to create a sense of confusion and disorientation, effectively putting the audience in Anthony's shoes. At the heart of The Father is a powerful performance by Anthony Hopkins. The legendary actor delivers a stunning portrayal of a man struggling with dementia. He effortlessly switches between moods, conveying both fear and confusion, as well as moments of humor and tenderness. It is Hopkins' performance that anchors the film and makes it a must-see. Olivia Colman is also fantastic as Anne. She is able to convey the frustration and sadness of caring for someone with dementia, while also showing a deep love and affection for her father. Colman provides a sense of emotional grounding for the film, which is important given the film's nonlinear structure. Mark Gatiss brings a great deal of humor to the film as Anne's husband, Paul. He is the only character who remains consistent throughout the film, providing a sense of stability amidst the chaos. Gatiss also manages to bring a depth to his character, revealing some of the complexities of caring for someone with dementia. The Father is a heartbreaking and thought-provoking film about a difficult subject. It offers a unique look at the experience of dementia, and how it can affect not only the person suffering from it but also their loved ones. The nonlinear structure can be disorienting at times, but it ultimately adds to the emotional impact of the film. Hopkins' performance is a standout, and the film as a whole is a powerful meditation on aging and mental decline. Overall, The Father is a must-see film for anyone interested in powerful performances and emotional storytelling. It offers a unique perspective on dementia that is both compassionate and honest, and it will leave a lasting impact on its viewers.

The Father is a Drama movie released in 2020. It has a runtime of 97 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly positive reviews, with an IMDb score of 8.2. It also holds a MetaScore of 88.

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Florian Zeller
Anthony Hopkins, Olivia Colman, Olivia Williams, Rufus Sewell, Imogen Poots, Mark Gatiss
Also directed by Florian Zeller
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