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The Candidate, which stars Diego De Paula, Ana Katz, Matias Singer, and Roberto Suarez is an intriguing political drama-comedy. The film is directed by the accomplished Daniel Hendler, who is better known for his acting career rather than from behind the camera, yet demonstrates a strong command over storytelling and character creation with this piece.

The story is centered around a convoluted business deal, where the lead character, Martín Marchand, played by Diego De Paula, presents a faux political campaign for a not yet found candidate. Marchand, a man evident of his privileged upbringing, seeks to secure a viral sensation through his faux political campaign, while raw business complexities unfold. The film is marked by its blend of realism and absurdity, forming a synergy that contributes to its strength and remarkable characters.

The deceptively simple plot unfolds in a captivating narrative, with brilliant performances delivered by De Paula, along with Ana Katz, Matias Singer, and Roberto Suarez. De Paula’s complex portrayal of his character adds depth to the narrative, as he depicts Martín’s transformation from the onset of the film till its climax.

Moreover, Ana Katz, who plays Martín's love interest, adds a significant emotional layer to the film. She delivers a sincere performance, creating a character who is at once complementary to and differing from De Paula's. Matias Singer brings a certain understated power to his role that lends an added intensity to the plot. Roberto Suarez, as the campaign manager, builds a compelling character with a definite punch.

Though on the surface, The Candidate appears to be a straight-forward story dealing with politics and business, at its core, it truly is an insightful exploration of life, ambition, and human nature. The film leverages an effective blend of humor and drama to delve into these themes, all the while keeping viewers engaged with its unique storytelling style.

The script of the film is sharp, intelligent and deft in its treatment of complex issues. The narrative is interwoven with intrigue, comedy, romance, and even elements of suspense, ensuring that it is entertaining on multiple levels.

The use of film techniques in The Candidate also deserves special mention. The cinematography is crisp and absorbing, effectively drawing the viewers into the world of the characters. The director uses carefully constructed visual sequences to trigger various emotional responses from the audience. The pacing, meanwhile, is tightly controlled, ensuring that the film never loses momentum or meanders off into unnecessary subplots.

The soundtrack, an inherent part of the film, captures the cultural fluidity and the multicultural aspects widely present in Uruguay. The music undertones work in harmony with the script, dialogues, and cinematography, enhancing the overall storytelling experience for the audience.

From the perspective of art direction and production design, the movie stands out for its simplicity and authenticity. The film successfully captures the real world in which the characters are drawn, with their environment contributing significantly to the narrative.

In conclusion, The Candidate is a riveting political dramedy that stands out due to its unique premise, compelling storytelling, and phenomenal performances. It balances humor, drama, and socio-political commentary effectively, keeping audiences engaged and entertained while providing plenty of food for thought.

The acting performances are intricately layered, and the ensemble cast brilliantly portrays the varied and richly drawn characters, each adding their own colorful brushstrokes to this vibrant cinematic canvas. The Candidate truly marks Daniel Hendler's triumph as a storyteller with its thought-provoking narrative and remarkable execution. It's a testament to great filmmaking, reflecting a comprehensive dedication to each minute element of storytelling. The Candidate is a must-watch for viewers seeking a deeply engaging film that offers laughter, intrigue, and much food for thought, all in a package wrapped up with excellent cinematography and compelling performances.

The Candidate is a Comedy, Drama movie released in 2016. It has a runtime of 83 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it no reviews, with an IMDb score of undefined..

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