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The Survivors from 1983 is a comedy-drama directed by Michael Ritchie and starring Walter Matthau, Robin Williams, and Jerry Reed. The film follows two New Yorkers, Sonny Paluso (Matthau) and Donald Quinelle (Williams), who find themselves jobless and robbed after a brutal mugging. Desperate and hopeless, the two men decide to take up arms against society with a bumbling plot to rob a neighborhood restaurant.

The story begins with Sonny and Donald both losing their day jobs on the same day. When they hit rock bottom, they decided to end it all by travelling to a nearby mountain and killing themselves. However, as they prepare to carry out their plan, they witness a mugging in broad daylight, and the thieves run off with all of their belongings except for a shotgun. Determined to make something out of their miserable lives, Sonny and Donald decide to team up and start a vigilante group to rid the streets of crime.

Sonny and Donald call their group "The Survivors" meaning that they are survivors of the mugging that occurred on the Manhattan streets. However, they don't know how to use a gun, so they enroll in a firearm training class with a group of right-wing militia enthusiasts. The duo then finds a secluded spot in upstate New York where they practice shooting, but the results are disastrous. Meanwhile, Donald tries to charm the owner of a restaurant, Doreen (Anne Pitoniak), in order to rob her, and both men haphazardly come together with their plan to rob her diner.

The Survivors is a sharp and witty film that casts a critical eye on the societal ills of the time-period it was released. The film balances humor and drama perfectly, as Michael Ritchie takes great care to make sure that the film doesn't become too heavy-handed. The result is a movie that is both entertaining and thought-provoking, with plenty of laughs to be had.

Walter Matthau and Robin Williams carry the movie, and their comedic genius is on full display here. Matthau plays the grizzled and down-on-his-luck Sonny with ease, never failing to deliver a dry one-liner when the opportunity arises. Robin Williams' performance as the eccentric and bumbling Donald is equally sharp, and his physical comedy is a highlight of the film. The interactions between the two actors are a joy to watch, and it's clear that they enjoyed working together.

Jerry Reed plays the role of Jack Locke, the owner of a firing range, and adds a sinister edge to the film. His presence serves as a reminder that The Survivors isn't just a light-hearted comedy, but a film with important messages about society and the role of vigilantism in it.

The Survivors is a snapshot of the early 80s, a time when the divide between the haves and have-nots was growing, and society was becoming increasingly fractured. The film takes aim at these issues, but instead of lecturing the audience, it provides a comedic escape that allows viewers to reflect on the issues at hand.

In conclusion, The Survivors from 1983 is an underrated masterpiece that deserves more attention than it gets. The performances by Walter Matthau and Robin Williams are superb, and the film balances humor and drama perfectly. It's a film that speaks to the societal ills of the time-period, and its messages are still relevant today. If you're a fan of smart and witty comedies, then The Survivors is a must-see.

The Survivors is a Drama, Comedy movie released in 1983. It has a runtime of 103. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.8..

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