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The movie "Popeye" from 1980 is a musical comedy-adventure film based on the famous comic strip character created by E.C. Segar. Directed by Robert Altman, the film stars Robin Williams as Popeye, Shelly Duvall as Olive Oyl, and Ray Walston as Poopdeck Pappy.

The story takes place in the fictional town of Sweethaven, where Popeye arrives in his bright red sailboat in search of his long-lost father. He soon meets Olive Oyl, the daughter of the town's wealthy founder, and falls in love with her. However, Olive is already engaged to the brutish Bluto, the town bully who sees Popeye as a threat.

Popeye is not just any sailor; he is a tough, spinach-loving sailor with incredible strength. He is constantly in search of a can of spinach, which he needs to fuel his muscles to take on Bluto and other enemies. His quirky and lovable personality makes him a hit with the town's eccentric residents, such as Wimpy, the hamburger-loving mooch, and Swee'Pea, a sweet baby that Popeye takes under his wing.

The film's plot revolves around Popeye's attempts to win over Olive's heart, reunite with his father, and take on Bluto in a series of hilarious and action-filled adventures. The movie combines elements of comedy, adventure, romance, and drama, making it a family-friendly film that appeals to audiences of all ages.

One of the film's biggest strengths is its impeccable casting. Robin Williams perfectly embodies the character of Popeye, bringing his signature energy, humor, and physicality to the role. His performance is complemented by Shelley Duvall, who is charming and endearing as Olive Oyl. Ray Walston is a standout as Poopdeck Pappy, Popeye's salty old father who is both hilarious and moving in his role.

The film's soundtrack is also a highlight, featuring original songs and music by legendary songwriter Harry Nilsson. The catchy tunes, including the iconic "I Yam What I Yam" and "He Needs Me," add to the film's whimsical and upbeat vibe.

Although the film was not a critical or commercial success upon its release, it has since garnered a cult following and become a beloved classic. The film's absurdity and charm make it a perfect family film, and it is sure to tickle the funny bone of viewers of all ages.

Overall, "Popeye" is a charming and entertaining film that brings the beloved comic strip character to life in a unique and delightful way. The dynamic performances, catchy music, and quirky humor make it a timeless classic that is sure to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Popeye is a Action, Adventure, Comedy, Kids & Family movie released in 1980. It has a runtime of 114 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.4. It also holds a MetaScore of 64.

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