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Snowden, released in 2016, is a political thriller film directed by the eminent filmmaker Oliver Stone, known for his unflinching exploration of contemporary American political and historical issues. The film follows the life of Edward Snowden, played remarkably by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, offering a gripping account of his transformation from an eager patriot to an international whistleblower.

The film begins by establishing Snowden's life before his decision to leak classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA). We see him as a young man initially motivated by a strong sense of patriotism and duty towards his country, pursuing various roles in the American intelligence community, starting from his time in the military to his eventual employment with the NSA.

The excellently defined character of Edward Snowden is brought to life by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, known for his extensive versatility in roles. Gordon-Levitt successfully conjures the spirit of Snowden – a man laden with complexities, often stoic yet visibly burdened by the weight of his knowledge and the implications of his actions.

As the narrative of the film unfolds, we watch as Snowden's belief in the system slowly erodes as he uncovers the extent of the government's surveillance capabilities, shocking to an extent that erodes his belief in his countries actions. Balancing his work life with his personal life, we get glimpses of Snowden's relationship with his girlfriend Lindsay Mills, played generously by Shailene Woodley. The film features their relationship in a fashion that presents Mills not just as a lover but also as an emotional anchor for Snowden.

Within the narrative, Melissa Leo takes on the role of documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras, whose film Citizenfour directly involved Snowden's disclosures and won an Academy Award. She embodies her character with journalistic resolve and objective fascination, bringing an extra layer of tension and urgency.

Snowden offers a dramatic juxtaposition of the personal and political. It raises fundamental questions about privacy, freedom, and the role of government in the digital age. Director Oliver Stone, known best for his political films, once again doesn't fail to challenge the audience's perspective on these critical issues. He presents a powerful narrative that simultaneously humanizes Snowden and forces us to grapple with the implications of the massive surveillance state that he exposed.

One of the film's remarkable qualities is its handling of the intricate technical details. It manages to present the complexities of the world of cyber-surveillance and espionage without alienating the audience who may find these topics overwhelming. The film takes on the challenge of making a character who spends most of his time behind a computer screen interesting and succeeds in it, thanks to Stone's skilled storytelling and Gordon-Levitt's powerful performance.

With an excellent support cast comprising of Zachary Quinto, Tom Wilkinson and Nicolas Cage among others, Snowden is an intriguing portrayal of one of the most polarizing figures of the 21st century. The film manages to thrill and educate simultaneously while allowing the viewers to form their own opinions about the man at the center of it all.

In conclusion, Snowden is, at its heart, a biographical political thriller that swings between Snowden's personal life and the secret political machinations that prompted his actions. Its strength lies in its ability to portray the complexity of Snowden’s situation without tipping the scales in the favor of either side. A compelling watch, Snowden serves not only as a dramatic retelling of Edward Snowden's journey but also as a crucial critique of our increasingly digital world and the challenges it presents to individual rights and privacy. The film not only entertains but also opens up dialogues about the perils and paradoxes of the digital age.

Snowden is a Drama, History, Crime, Thriller movie released in 2016. It has a runtime of 134 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.3. It also holds a MetaScore of 58.

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